OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | DISTRICT 7 | It’s seemingly a rite of summer in Oakland. Will long-time Oakland Councilmember Larry Reid run for re-election or not? Well, call off the retirement party. On Friday, Reid pulled papers for re-election to a sixth term on the city council.

Although Reid’s uncertainty over whether he would run or not this fall was a bit muted this cycle, sources say the murder of young man in his East Oakland neighborhood last year renewed his commitment to improving his district.

Reid is also said to be heavily involved in the city’s quiet push to build a stadium for the Oakland Raiders with the investment group led by pro football Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott. Both issues will require another term at the minimum to begin to be solved. Reid’s re-election is assumed by most to be a foregone conclusion.

With days before the Aug. 12 filing deadline,former mayoral candidate Marcie Hodge is the highest profile potential challenger. Other early filers include Olivia De Jimenez and Nehanda Imara.

Two years ago, though, Reid was clearly restless about his future on the council. He floated the idea of running for mayor in 2014, provided he received approval from a higher power. Later that same year, Reid said he was “getting bored” with the current crop of council mates. In recent years he also battled severe back problems that appeared to sap his energy. Reid was often seen at the council dais grimacing in pain.

Reid’s filing also puts to rest lingering rumors that his daughter, Treva Reid, was being groomed to take over the council seat this November. Treva Reid’s experience includes two years work in the office of former Assemblymember Nancy Skinner and experience in the private sector.

She opened a council committee in early 2015 to begin collecting campaign contributions. That account, according to the most recent campaign finance reports, shows just $11,000 in reserves. A good start, but nowhere near the amount needed when her father’s seat is, indeed, open.