Alameda council candidate Lena Tam is endorsed by three dead people

Lena Tam: The Alameda Medium?

Alameda City Council hopeful Lena Tam has people dying to support her campaign this fall.

Her campaign Web site’s endorsement list includes three people who have passed away in recent years.

The Heavenly backing for Tam’s campaign comes from former Alameda school board member Niel Tam, who passed away last year; former Alameda Councilmember Hadi Monsef;  and the recently deceased Mary C. Warrren, was serving on the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Joint Powers Authority at the time of her death earlier this month.

Tam’s Web site, up for a few weeks, pulled down the page Monday morning.

Candidates playing fast and loose with their endorsement lists, though, is an early election cycle tradition in the East Bay. Some forget to update the collection of supporters, while other claim to the error stemmed from transferring the list from a previous campaign Web site to the new one.

The inclusion of the dearly departed on Tam’s endorsement is obviously an error. However, the presence of the entire list, which appears to have been pulled from Tam’s campaign for the BART board in 2014, includes a great number of labor endorsements–support she is unlikely to receive in this upcoming Alameda council race.

The implication of the error, whether made honestly or with malice, though, runs the risk of misinforming voters. In particular, if the campaign neglects to remove false or exhausted endorsements in a timely fashion.

The most egregious case in recent years involved former Assembly candidate Joel Young, who consistently avoided editing his once lengthy endorsement list, despite pleas by his former backers, after a report of domestic violence surfaced during his 2012 primary campaign.

4 thoughts on “Alameda council candidate Lena Tam is endorsed by three dead people

  1. By MW:

    In regard to those who are deceased voting and/or making endorsements, Hillary Clinton, and who was born and raised in the Chicago area, in her younger days was a Republican.

    And one of the reasons she stayed a Republican for awhile, was she observed close up the “standards” of the Democratic Party. However agues she eventually realized that there was a lot more money to be made by pretending to be a liberal than there was in being a Republican. (For instance, just think of all the money John Edwards has made, and such as by charging over 60K per speech, by pretending to be a great liberal and a wonderful humanitarian.)

    Anyway, back in Hillary's younger days, and while she was still a Republican and strongly opposed to the Demagogue Party, she did surveys of people who were registered to vote as Democrats in Chicago, and found that many of them had been deceased for many years, and still furthermore that many of the deceased voters had addresses that were a cemetery or a vacant lot.

    However, Dianne Feinstein and the Mainstream Media “know” that there is very little vote fraud.

    Of course over the years DiFi has “known” a lot of things. For instance, she “knew” that Bill Clinton had not had sex with Monica Lewinsky, since BC had told her he had not.

    She “knew” that organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar – Arlington & Switzerland” Lawrence was a wonderful and honest person and a also a legitimate businessman, since he was a major source of election campaign fundraising for the DP. (Feinstein was far and away the most important person in the entire US Senate in regard to arranging the confirmation of the extremely organized crime connected Lawrence as the US Ambassador to Switzerland. And as to how the extremely organized crime connected Lawrence still managed to pass the FBI's “investigation” into his background, and which he needed to do before he could become the US Ambassador, we can go into that another day.)

    And Feinstein also “knew” that a certain extremely sleazy organized crime, embezzling, money laundering, and kidnapping ring that went through a light charade of pretending to be a law firm was a “real” law firm, since that sleazy organized crime ring fed her some lies “proving” it was.

    But let's get back to Hillary. Obama, and just like Hillary, was raised in the Chicago area, so if you want some more Chicago style “ethics” and “honesty” in government, then vote for Hillary.


  2. By MW:

    The last paragraph of this article refers to the fact that in a previous election contest, candidate Joel Young refused to update and make accurate his list of “endorsements,” and even after some of the people who had previously endorsed him, or at least supposedly endorsed him, made it extremely obvious they no longer were endorsing him, and even assuming they ever had.

    However Joel Young is a lawyer, in other words a member of that sleazy mafia of phonies, liars, parasites, deceit, deception, frauds, scam artists, snake oil salesmen, blood sucking leeches, embezzlers, and money launderers that pretends to be a legitimate profession.

    (NOTE: In fact everytime I get a letter requesting my presence for jury duty, I then write a letter to the judge stressing that I am neither stupid enough nor gullible enough to be suitable for jury duty, and including since I realize that: one, most lawyers are nothing more than sleazy lying scumbags; two, lawyers also have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction of any major profession; three, no one should take seriously most of the statements made by the typical lawyer; and four, if the court system was actually interested in finding out the truth and the facts, then lawyers would not even be allowed in the courtroom.)

    Still furthermore, Joel Young is also a graduate of UC Berkeley, in fact he got both his B.A. and law degree from UCB, and UCB is easily one of the “top” twenty “educational” institutions in the entire country for producing the very sleaziest of phonies, scam artists, parasites, white collar criminals, and crooked lawyers.


  3. By MW:

    To a lot of people politics is a matter of life and death. And it can also be a deadly business.

    And they used to say about a certain major city that the Democratic Party controlled, and in which engaging in massive vote fraud was standard procedure and that the deceased often were not removed from the voting rolls, that “They had afterlife in Chicago, in other words every cemetery in town voted.”


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