Report: Hayward’s police chief placed on administrative leave

HAYWARD | Hayward Police Chief Diane Stuart was placed on administrative leave, according to a report Monday.

No further information is available pending a personnel investigation, said City Manager Kelly McAdoo, according to KRON. Stuart was named Hayward’s top cop in 2011.

Hayward Capt. Mark Knoller was named acting police chief, according to McAdoo.

While the circumstances surrounding Stuart’s (formerly Urban) situation are unknown, her placement on administrative leave is the second such instance among Hayward city leaders over the past few months.

Hayward Superintendent of Schools Stan “Data” Dobbs was placed on paid administrative leave in late June while the school board investigates a number alleged wrongdoings.

In addition, school board member John Taylor admitted this month that he misused school district resources to create signage for his recent City Council campaign.

Then, in August 2015, Hayward Fire Chief Garret Contreras was suspended for drinking on the job.

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  1. By MW:

    Based on the type of characters which heavily infest the upper ranks of Bay area government, it seems that if a person is far too much of a clown to even be allowed to work for the circus, then such a character can easily find a position, and at an extremely high salary, “serving the public” at this or that government agency.


  2. The dominoes are falling…


  3. I hope more corruption starts coming to light. Hayward is way too eager and greedy for tech money and finding quick ways to eradicate poor and working class folk here that they see unfit. A 65 million dollar library that is by far one of the most expensive in the bay area. Tout that it one (bought) an award for most American City while nothing is done with our public schools, affordable housing and homicide rate going up. It's getting to expensive even for teachers. And if you're a native who was born and raised here but don't have property mom or dad might have bought when it was cheaper, you are out of luck even living here. Hope media outlets like this one opens the dorr a tad more to all this back door deals.


  4. But… are you a Hayward resident????


  5. If the Police Chief did whatever she is accused of doing and the new city manager is dumb enough to keep her, make the Chief pay for the cost of the investigation into her own wrong doings. Taxpayers should not be footing the bill for the investigation due to city staff's chronically poor choice of leadership. We don't need another incident like what went on with Contreras. So embarrassing. If Hayward really had high standards, our extremely well paid Chiefs of Police and Fire wouldn't be negative front page news.


  6. By MW:

    Related to the post of 11:24, the dominoes are not just starting to fall only in Hayward, and not even in just all over the East Bay, but even nationally.

    More specifically, the phonies, parasites, and blood sucking leeches, in other words the guys who going back to at least the 1920's have constituted most of the leadership of the Democratic Party, had a long and very successful run in their pretending to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, and as they also pretended to be deeply interested in serving the interests of the little people. However more and more of the general public is finally getting wise to the truth about those parasites and scam artists in high places, and which has such characters as Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and the Clintons afraid for the future of their extremely profitable organized crime ring that pretends to be a legitimate political party.

    And if you want an example, and totally outside of the Bay area, of a high ranking and extremely powerful parasite, scam artist, and bloodsucking leech who for a long time was very successful in pretending to be a great liberal and wonderful humanitarian, just think of New York's Sheldon Silver. In fact, Sheldon Silver would have been the perfect person to be Hillary's running mate.


  7. I hope to heck that the commenter (August 30 at 4:29) is not a Hayward teacher…


  8. All that be in Hayward most likely knew and we're ok with whatever was happening. That's how it works in Hayward. So if the police chief is guilty of anything so is the council and the city manager. The police chief and the city are owed an explication and apologies.


  9. You have to earn in excess of $200k a year to get a free pass and do as you please while working for HUSD or the city of Hayward. Other cities and school districts fire their pariah's but city council, the nayor and city manager defend and praise “their own.” I would not be surprised if another firing offense arises out of this investigation. Council, the mayor, city manager and city staff most likely allowed whatever it was to continue, so their collusion should make them responsible for paying the cost of the investigation. Time for Hayward residents to call out the mayor and council for not doing their jobs.


  10. So it took 10 days for the new city manager to issue an official press release tegarding the chief's unexpected paid vacation. Getting paid to not be at work for 3 to 6 weeks isn't exactly harsh punishment. Now the chief can work out 40 hours a week instead of 30 hours a week like she told KPIX and KTVU when she was profiled for her recent Crossfit competition. The city better tread carefully, otherwise they'll get sued again and if they want to avoid that, they meed to gag retired city manager Fran David. No doubt whatever it is that they are investigating was allowed to fester during mighty Queen Fran's reign. For an old gal, Fran is quick to dodge and duck.


  11. By MW:

    I would like to again comment in regard to the post of 11:24 and its statement that “the dominoes are falling.”

    For instance, let's start referring to Hillary as Queen Dominoes. In fact even if all of the following occurs, in other words Hillary manages to stay as the DP's candidate for president, also manages to win the election, and also manages to take the oath of office, and for instance does not suffer a major stroke or heart attack, etc, prior to Inauguration Day, still some of the comments she has made lately, and such as referring to a large segment of the population as “irredeemables,” will in the long run play a major role in sinking the Democratic Party.

    Since it will cause a lot more of the type of extremely gullible people who for decades have been suckered into believing that the top leadership of the DP is composed of great liberals and wonderful humanitarians to in the near future finally realize that most of the top leadership of the DP is actually composed of phonies, parasites, scam artists, professional pathological liars, and bloodsucking leeches, in other words creatures with ethics, integrity, honesty, and sincerity similar to that of Jim Jones and Bernard Madoff.

    NOTE: If you can find anybody who really, truly, and actually believes the story from the Clinton camp that Hillary collapsed from pneumonia and dehydration, and supposedly not from major medical conditions that the Clinton camp has been covering up, please get me that person's name, address, and phone number, since I have a bridge I would like to sell him.


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