HAYWARD | Hayward School Board Trustee Luis Reynoso says his eyesight isn’t so good in poorly-lit room, so during a candidate’s forum Wednesday night he quietly turned to an opponent seated next to him and asked if that was indeed recently fired Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs seated in the audience. School board candidate Wynn Grcich nodded yes.

Dobbs was fired with cause by the school board on Sept. 14 for a long list of transgressions included the consistently display of what a investigator determined was an “explosive temper” and inability to be held accountable for his misdeeds. Dobbs also allegedly hit a former school district employee while having an extramarital affair with the woman.

According to source who deliberately sat behind Dobbs at the hour-long candidates forum at City Hall, he another person repeatedly giggled whenever Reynoso spoke.

However, Dobbs did not stay for the entire forum, which later turned combative after candidate Joe Ramos called another candidate Robert Carlson a “knucklehead” for supporting Dobbs and slamming Daniel Goldstein for saying he “admired” the former superintendent. Goldstein later boasted, in what is likely to became a classic quip, “I can read fast.”

Meanwhile, Hayward’s zombie superintendent appears to be in no hurry to move on from his controversial tenure at the school district. On Sept. 16, less than two days after being fired, Dobbs showed up among his former peers at a monthly meeting of Alameda County superintendents in Oakland.

At the meeting, Alameda County Superintendent Karen Monroe thanked Dobbs for his efforts and gave him a ceremonial gavel to commemorate his two years as chair of the group, known as the “superintendent’s council.”