Mike Honda equates Ro Khanna to a Russian hacker

The race between Rep. Mike Honda, left, and
Ro Khanna is heating up.

Rep. Mike Honda described opponent Ro Khanna as a “Russian hacker” in his first public comments since his campaign filed a civil lawsuit against Khanna, also a Democrat, and his campaign manager for illegally accessing their fundraising data.

“Mr. Khanna claims to be the voice of ‘new politics’ but this recent incident highlights that he and his campaign embody the absolute worst of Washington – lies, deceit, and conduct we would expect from radical Republicans or Russian hackers but not from someone who calls himself a Democrat,” Honda said Tuesday.

Honda’s comments, in which he also strongly questioned Khanna’s integrity, may be the strongest the 16-year incumbent has ever levied against an opponent, certainly during the current election cycle and rivaling the boastful diatribe that followed his victory over Khanna in November 2014.

Honda said he was shocked to learn about the activities by Khanna’s campaign manager Brian Parvizshahi alleging he accessed, over a three-year period, data pertaining to Honda’s campaign donors. The alleged incident occurred after Parvizshahi was an intern in 2012 for the fundraising consultant used by the Honda campaign.

It is alleged Parvizshahi continued accessing sensitive information from the Honda campaign after the consultant neglected to revoke his access to the cloud data service. Parvizshahi’s activity continued, according to the lawsuit filed Sept. 22, through his elevation from data director to Khanna campaign manager in 2015. Parvishahi resigned just hours after news of the lawsuit was made public last Thursday.

“Mr. Ro Khanna has shown a complete disregard for the law and cannot be trusted. His conduct is unbecoming of any individual running for office and his severe lack of judgment, character and integrity is a clear indication that he is unfit to represent this district,” said Honda.

“Silicon Valley is the epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that fuels the tech community. Mr. Khanna’s illegal activity sends a chilling message to all businesses, innovators and residents across this country who cherish their privacy and the rights of privacy for all Americans.”

Khanna, in a text message alleged Honda may have committed perjury in the lawsuit against him and his former campaign manager. Khanna, in reference to Honda, added, “He’s become a joke.”

“I guess the rumors that Mike has gone a bit unhinged since losing the primary are true,” said Khanna. “It’s sad to see. This is not the Mike Honda I knew. I hope he finds more peace and dignity in retirement. It’s hard to take him seriously anymore when he’s comparing me to Russian hackers.”

6 thoughts on “Mike Honda equates Ro Khanna to a Russian hacker

  1. “Russian Hackers?” You are just like Hillary!

    Rather than taking the actual facts and making an articulate, powerful comment; you take it to a ridiculous conclusion. In doing so, it shows YOU lack honesty, even when a valid issue is handed to you.

    Sadly, I know why. The consultants have told you to consolidate your Democrat support, and more sadly, such childish comments test well in a “focus group” with such voters, so you pulled the trigger on hyperbole.

    Your comment, and comparison, is an insult to Hackers everywhere!

    Two (D) candidates ravaging each other in court. But that really does our country no good.

    I did like the “radical Republican” comment. I proudly consider myself in that camp. “Radical” to get back to a government that works for the people.

    Ron Cohen For Congress 2018


  2. During my podcast with Yogi he was very concerned with how Honda was funding his and his staffs' legal defense. Has anybody asked Ro how he is funding his? Or is his paying for Brian's defense?


  3. Khanna is just a shill for the corporate tech giants. He cares less for the middle class in the silicon valley!


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