Clockwise from left: President Jimmy Carter; Sen. 
Barbara Boxer; Rep. Mike Honda; Ro Khanna. 

The Democratic Party’s senior states-people are weighing-in on the 17th Congressional District today.

Fresh off a campaign appearance last weekend in San Jose, U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer endorsed Rep. Mike Honda’s re-election Monday. A few hours later, challenger Ro Khanna announced the surprising backing of former President Jimmy Carter.

Boxer’s backing sews up the state’s U.S. Senate delegation for the incumbent Honda. U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein had previously endorsed Honda.

“Congressman Mike Honda is someone who has always championed progressive causes and is one of our state’s strongest voices when it comes to building a robust middle class and expanding opportunities for all,” said Boxer.

Khanna’s endorsement, however, seems like a blast from the past. Carter, in a statement Monday afternoon, said, “I have always believed in supporting the next generation of leaders for our country. Ro Khanna is such a leader,” said Carter.

The Khanna campaign attempted to increase the velocity of the spin by framing it as the former president’s only endorsement this election cycle outside of his backing for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.