Alameda firefighter featured in No on Prop. 53 commercial

ELECTION 2016 | An Alameda firefighter is featured in No on Proposition 53 ads soon to saturate the airwaves over the next three weeks.

The proposition carried by Stockton businessman Dino Cortopassi would require voters to approve individual state public works projects costing more $2 billion before the revenue bonds can be issued.

The proposition is opposed by labor unions, the state Chamber of Commerce and numerous municipalities. Most state newspapers also oppose Prop. 53. An Los Angeles Times editorial described Prop. 53 as “written so broadly that it could give state voters veto power over large but purely local projects in which they have little or no stake.”

But the regional ad featuring Alameda firefighter Juan Medrano instead focuses on a claim the proposition will hinder reconstruction projects that could follow man-made and natural disasters in the state.

The Sacramento Bee found the 30-second spot, which is being run in other parts of the state using public safety workers from those regions, “stretches the truth” regarding the proposition ‘s effect on responding to disasters, in addition, to local control.

Meanwhile, expect to see the No on Prop. 53 ads in the Bay Area often quite often. Politico reported Gov. Jerry Brown is expending a portion of his campaign largess to oppose the proposition. Campaign finance reports show Brown contributed $1.7 million to the cause last week.

Brown has skin in the game. If approved by voters next month, Prop. 53 could put the Delta twin water tunnels project in jeopardy. It is often viewed as one of the fourth-term governor’s legacy projects.

4 thoughts on “Alameda firefighter featured in No on Prop. 53 commercial

  1. Don't know if you have to be able to clearly see city or county emblems and badges, but it identifies him as an Alameda firefighter and city equipment is visible in the ad. When firefighters union members go knocking on doors to get the public to vote for their pet pocket politician or token measure that benefits firefighters, they go out in street clothes. They aren't allowed to go out begging for votes in their uniforms. There was a local firefighter on a reality tv show, but they made it look like he was an SF firefighter. Too bad though because it could have been good publicity for Hayward. Or maybe not because it was The Bachelor. Most of the male contestants on the show drank too much booze. It wasn't Chief Contreras but if it had been, the city would have given him a award.


  2. I vote the opposite on anything the Firefighters Unions support. Scare tactics and misinformation. Jayward Firefighters are mixed up in the Hayward CLASS PAC and their drunken Fire Chief has their support 100%. The city council, mayor and city staff stand behind him too. Too damn ridiculous.


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