Alameda public safety, labor IE hits Councilmember Tony Daysog hard

An IE backed by, among other labor groups, the
Alameda firefighters, sent a negative mailer this
week against Councilmember Tony Daysog.

An independent expenditure committee supported by public safety and local labor unions unleashed the first negative ad on the election season in Alameda. And it chose Alameda Councilmember Tony Daysog, one of five candidates for two seats on the City Council this November, as its first target.

The direct-mail piece in mailboxes Thursday labels Daysog as hostile to Alameda seniors. A headline on the mailer asks, “Why did Tony Daysog vote against Alameda’s frail elderly?!” and includes an excerpt from a recent op-ed written by Alameda planning board member David Burton.

On the flip side, the IE highlights Daysog’s vote last month against a proposed Bay Farm senior center, while noting he supported a new hotel in the same area, closer to the Oakland Airport. The other half of the piece details the IEs support for City Council candidate Malia Vella.

The back side of the mailer sent by Alamedans United.
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“With so much money involved even in local races here in Alameda, there’s going to be even more of this kind of campaign literature,” said Daysog. “So, in the end, residents have to choose if they want to go with a person like me who doesn’t take special interest campaign money and does my level-best to make the decisions based on my city planning background or do they want to go with over-the-top campaigning bought and paid for with wads and wads of special interest money? Those are the key questions of the day.”

The mailer is paid for by Alamedans United, an IE that not only supports Vella, but several other candidates this fall, including, Councilmember Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, City Auditor candidate Mike McMahon, City Treasurer candidate Jeff Bratzler and Alameda school board candidates Gray Harris and Matt Hettich.

According to recent campaign finance records, ending Sept. 24, Alamedans United reported raising $46,750 this year. The committee backed by Alameda firefighters and numerous other firefighters’ union in the region and state, along with several labor unions, spent $17,095 during the same period.