Rep. Eric Swalwell marries a woman

Rep. Eric Swalwell was once labeled one of the Beltway’s most eligible bachelors. No more, according to The New York Times, Swalwell married a woman last Friday in Oakland.

Swalwell tied the knot during a ceremony officiated by his former boss, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley. Swalwell served as an Alameda County prosecutor before his election to Congress in 2012.

According to the wedding announcement in The Sunday Times, Swalwell’s blushing bride is Brittany Watt, a director of sales for the Ritz-Carlton resort in Half Moon Bay. The couple met in September 2015, the Times reported.

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  1. Marries a 'woman?' What the hell is he supposed to marry, a door post?


  2. were there any doubts about his sexual preferences? is that the reason of the enfasis about marrie a woman? mmm maybe because all the dobbs friendship and buying shoes togheter I dont know!! weir!!


  3. Damn…she's hot. Really speaks volumes about how power, influence, and money “trumps” good looks every time. Because that dude is so unattractive.


  4. The real question is, which one owns the most pairs shoes?


  5. Another National Enquirer-like headline. LOL!


  6. They registered at Bloomingdales, not Target, Walmart or Payless Shoes.


  7. By MW:

    So a marriage took place involving the Swalwell family.

    Big deal, since it (in other words marriage) takes place even in the best of families.


  8. By MW:

    While some people will make a big deal of the fact that the article's title reads “SWALWELL MARRIES A WOMAN,” and rather than it merely reading something along the lines of Swalwell gets married, however I find most politicians to be such extreme clowns and total jokers, that therefore their statements and actions provide plenty of entertainment for me without my normally paying much attention to their sexual orientations or supposed sexual orientations.

    So therefore I am unaware as to whether or not there have been a lot of rumors concerning Swalwell's sexual orientation or supposed sexual orientation.

    In other words my main concerns regarding most politics and most politicians is whether or not Mr. A is a decent and honest public servant – or on the other hand a sleazy scumbag, phony, demagogue, charlatan, pathological liar, parasite, scam artist, and bloodsucking leech.

    However if I had been trying to insult somebody, and such as for instance Swalwell's new bride, in other words Brittany Watt, and since Swalwell is a lawyer, the title of the article would have been “BRITTANY WATT MARRIES A LAWYER.” Or the title could have been “BRITTANY WATT MARRIES A POLITICIAN.”


  9. And cheats on her with a Chinese spy??!! While serving on the House Intelligence Committee. This while he falsely claims that Russia had influence on Trump. what a tool


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