Blockbuster endorsement: President Obama backs East Bay Assembly candidate Cheryl Cook-Kallio

President Obama endorsed just three California
legislative candidates, including the East Bay’s
Cheryl Cook-Kallio in AD16.

In a surprising, somewhat unprecedented move, President Barack Obama has endorsed 16th Assembly District Democrat Cheryl Cook-Kallio.

The endorsement signals Assembly Democrats are throwing everything at their disposal to secure the two-thirds majority they desire next session. Cook-Kallio was one of three legislative candidates in the state Thursday to receive the President’s valuable support.

“I’m incredibly honored to have the support of President Obama,” said Cook-Kallio, in a statement. “I’ve been campaigning to increase access for women to quality healthcare and to make fighting climate change a top priority, and I’m proud to have the President endorse my campaign.”

Democratic assembly candidate Cheryl Cook-Kallio
is facing incumbent Catharine Baker on Nov. 8.

In recent weeks, Obama has focused his last months in office on supporting Democrats up and down the ballot in various states. A few days prior, Obama announced the endorsement of around 150 Democrats in targeted congressional races across the country.

Two weeks ago, Cook-Kallio received another high-profile endorsement from popular Gov. Jerry Brown.

The incumbent Republican Catharine Baker has nobody on the top of the GOP ticket to rely upon. Her campaign disawoed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump months ago and Republcians hold no statewide offices.

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15 replies

  1. Obama means nothing to me, and I'm a Democrat. Cheryl Crook can't do it on her own, and nobody else will do it for her.

    We're for clean Cathy Baker. No union whores need apply!


  2. God only knows, the legislature needs just one more guaranteed vote (lever puller) to ensure a even greater turn to “progressive” values.
    Imagine what is going to happen when Jerry Brown leaves and there is no one to veto even the most absurd new bills the progressive pass.

    Example, the bill they passed to allow non-citizen to sit in juries if you are charged with a crime.
    That law allowed a Pakistani mountain tribeman, who had lived in his rural region for his prior 75 years, under Islamic law, to come here and DAY ONE, serve on a jury that could send you to jail.
    DAY ONE… no provisions in the bill to be hear, say, one year minimum.
    Nope, technically, you could fly in as a permanent resident…perhaps living with your children, and potentially be on a jury only weeks later, passing judgement on a American who is a resident and citizen of California since WWII.

    Thankfully the bill was vetoed after EVERY Democrat had voted for it.
    Sure, the legislature needs one more “progressive” voice.


  3. This woman should look up GEOENGINEERING WATCH.ORG Also look it up on youtube along with HAARP Our government has been seeded the clouds since the Viet Nam war. They created this drought in California so we can drink toilet to tap water.
    Another believer in ICLEI and Agenda 21 Depopulation and the New World Order.
    “progressive” values: “Hillary’s America”, video at your local Red Box for $1.69 to watch for the history of what Mrs. Clinton and Obama support and the history of the Democratic Party. Find out where, being progressive is taking us.


  4. I think Cheryl Cook-Kallio will be helped by this endorsement. Despite opinions to the contrary, Obama is extremely popular in this District.


  5. We can't stand Cheryl CROOK. She is joined at the hip with the corrupt union whores.

    Clean Catharine Baker is the People's Choice and will easily be returned to office as she is the only moderate in this race. Incumbency seals the deal!!


  6. Baker got a terrible rating from planned parenthood. She is a conservative leaning politician. Cheryl Cook-Kallio is a moderate leaning progressive and so is this District. The polls have this race very close. It all depends on turn-out.


  7. Nobody will be supporting Cheryl Crook. Cathy Baker has been great for our district.

    She wins easily!


  8. Incumbent Catharine Baker is a moderate Republican, but some of her votes are inexcusable. For example, she voted to deny farm workers overtime pay! Democratic challenger Cheryl Cook-Kallio is more conservative than I, but she’ll be an improvement over Baker. I’d vote for Cook-Kallio.


  9. Can't support Cheryl Crook. A dirty, toxic union whore.


  10. The way you call people names, you must be a Trump supporter. I'm not a Hillery supporter but most of my friends are.


  11. Learn to spell. Cheryl Crook is what she is.


  12. By MW:

    In regard to “endorsements,” at some time after November 8 most likely Obama will be issuing Hillary a pardon, and including since he “knows” that any felonies she may have committed, and of course “accidentally” and “unintentionally,” were “not really all that bad.”

    And in regard to sleazeballs such as the Clintons, and who are nothing but weasels and fifth columnists, and who would have no objections to selling out the US and our national security in exchange for money, they are far more dangerous to the US than ISIS, El Quaeda, or any other foreign entity we could name.


  13. Obama has been a failure . Look at Obamacare, ISIS and Syria. Folks write in Dewey Cox and “make America great again “


  14. love Obama since he bailed us out of the Bush recession. this has convinced me to vote for Clinton and Cheryl Cook-Kallio


  15. Nobody will be supporting Cheryl Crook. Cathy Baker has been great for our district.

    She wins easily!


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