President Obama endorsed just three California
legislative candidates, including the East Bay’s
Cheryl Cook-Kallio in AD16.

In a surprising, somewhat unprecedented move, President Barack Obama has endorsed 16th Assembly District Democrat Cheryl Cook-Kallio.

The endorsement signals Assembly Democrats are throwing everything at their disposal to secure the two-thirds majority they desire next session. Cook-Kallio was one of three legislative candidates in the state Thursday to receive the President’s valuable support.

“I’m incredibly honored to have the support of President Obama,” said Cook-Kallio, in a statement. “I’ve been campaigning to increase access for women to quality healthcare and to make fighting climate change a top priority, and I’m proud to have the President endorse my campaign.”

Democratic assembly candidate Cheryl Cook-Kallio
is facing incumbent Catharine Baker on Nov. 8.

In recent weeks, Obama has focused his last months in office on supporting Democrats up and down the ballot in various states. A few days prior, Obama announced the endorsement of around 150 Democrats in targeted congressional races across the country.

Two weeks ago, Cook-Kallio received another high-profile endorsement from popular Gov. Jerry Brown.

The incumbent Republican Catharine Baker has nobody on the top of the GOP ticket to rely upon. Her campaign disawoed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump months ago and Republcians hold no statewide offices.