President Obama backs Oakland at-large council candidate Peggy Moore

Peggy Moore’s years of work for President Obama’s
campaigns finally paid off Saturday.

With just four days before Election Day, Oakland City Council candidate Peggy Moore received an enormous boost in her bid to unseat At-Large Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan–President Obama’s endorsement.

News of the president’s endorsement was first reported early Saturday morning by Politico as part of a slew of late endorsement around the country for various local down-ballot races.

Although the president’s imprimatur on an Oakland City Council race is extremely rare, in this particular case, it is not entirely out-of-the-blue.

Moore, long a foot soldier in California for Obama’s two presidential campaigns, she served as state political director for Organizing for America, the post-election offshoot of the Obama campaign. Moore currently serves as Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s senior special advisor.

In a tweet Saturday morning, Moore expressed her exuberance following news of receiving the president’s support.

Whether the late timing of the endorsement is able to move the needle in this five-person council race obviously won’t be known until Tuesday night. Most insiders peg Kaplan as the frontrunner for re-election. However, among Oakland’s five City Council races, the at-large seat is the only one that could possibly be affected by ranked-choice voting, wherein voters are asked to rank their top three choices and candidates are encouraged to form coalitions.

3 thoughts on “President Obama backs Oakland at-large council candidate Peggy Moore

  1. No one believes this because she got caught lying about other endorsements.

    No credibility = no victory on Election Day.


  2. The word on Peggy is that she is dishonest and easily bought and controlled. She has no chance of getting elected.


  3. By MW:

    If Obama has the time to get involved in Bay area matters, he should do something about the insane policies that Alameda County, and including its Public Works Agency, has in regard to placing trees as being more important than peoples' lives, a policy that might eventually lead to another huge firestorm similar to the Great Oakland Hills Fire of the 1990's, a fire that resulted in twenty-five deaths and almost three thousand homes being destroyed.

    For instance, and although Alameda County is infested with jokers who “know” that the huge amount of eucalyptus trees in our area is supposedly not a major problem and huge safety threat, people with IQ's higher than their shoe size have frequently referred to eucalyptus trees by such terms as: one, oil filled matchsticks; and two, gasoline sticks.

    And the presence of those “oil filled matchsticks” and “gasoline sticks” was an essential component in the fact that the Great Oakland Hills Fire did not stay a small fire, but instead grew into one of the very largest fires in US history.

    In fact, there is a tree in my neighborhood that has periodically dropped heavy branches, and quite likely one of these days when that tree drops another heavy branch people will be hit by that heavy branch, and as a result very likely one or more fatalities will result. However it seems that the big boys in AC's Public Works Agency do not give a hoot, and probably will not agree to get rid of that extremely dangerous tree unless they receive an under the table bribe.

    There used to be a deputy in the AC Sheriff's office living in my neighborhood, and when I discussed that tree with him and the fact that it was a major threat to public health and safety, he told me that the position of AC government was that trees were more important than people.

    NOTE: Nate Miley “knows” that the employees in the PWA are of the very highest intelligence, ethics, competence, and honesty, and that therefore we should not be allowed to question their judgment, and nor the virtually non-stop lies and garbage that certain PWA employees constantly engage in.

    It would make an interesting newspaper article all of the things that Nate Miley has “known” ever since he became a member of the AC Board of Supervisors. In fact, Miley's latest nonsense is that AC would be better off if it had more “medical” marijuana clinics. However rather than having County licensed stores selling “medical” marijuana, instead we should have County licensed and OWNED stores selling sleazy scumbag politicians.

    We could sell them for two cents each, and on condition that the buyers have to immediately take them a minimum of two thousand miles away and never bring them back.


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