Oakland at-large candidate Peggy Moore’s campaign
is being investigated by the FPPC.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission announced Wednesday it is launching a formal investigation into a complaint against Oakland City Council at-large candidate Peggy Moore filed by her opponent Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan.

The FPPC notified Kaplan of its intention in a letter dated Nov. 2, but it added no determination of the validity of the complaint or that any guilt has been found.

Kaplan’s charges stem from two official emails sent by Moore’s campaign in late August and early September that failed to disclose they were paid for by Moore. The disclosure, or “paid for by” statement, is required on all political mailings. The official complaint was sent Oct. 12.

Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan cried
foul over two online mailing sent by Moore.

The particular emails, one in which was an online poll, also contained false information touting the endorsements of Moore’s campaign by Rep. Barbara Lee and Assemblymember Tony Thurmond. The online poll reportedly cost Moore’s campaign $15,000.

Several reports found neither public officialhad in fact, issued support for Moore. Lee’s campaign later issued a scathing letter reiterating she had not endorsed a candidate in the race.

The second alleged violation occurred in an email sent by Moore touting a campaign kick-off event on Sept. 10. It also had no identifying disclosure.

News of the FPPC launching an investigation into Moore’s online mailings comes the same day as her campaign celebrates receiving the astonishing endorsement of President Obama.

A determination of whether Moore violated any state election laws is not expected until after Tuesday’s Election Day.