New Haven school board candidate Jeff Wang
leads incumbent Michael Ritchie by one vote.

ELECTION 2016 | Talk about a nail-biter! The current margin of victory for a seat on the East Bay’s New Haven Unified School District is one vote.

Three seats are available on the school district board representing Union City and parts of South Hayward, 
Newcomers Sharan Kaur and Lance Nishihira have all but wrapped up two of the seats, but the third remains very uncertain. 
Jeff Wang leads incumbent school board member Michael Ritchie by a single vote, 8,725 to 8,724.
The Alameda County Registrar’s office updated its election totals late Wednesday afternoon. A further update is expected Friday, but only a dwindling number of uncounted ballots remain.
There is no mechanism in Alameda County Election Code for triggering an automatic recount. However, guidelines exist for a candidate to request a recount, provided they pay for its costs.
In the event of a tie, the rules are less certain. Since the registrar’s office only facilitates election for jurisdictions, it has no rules regarding the outcome, according to a spokesperson. 
In this specific case, the steps for who is ultimately awarded the third school board seat rests with the New Haven Unified School District’s bylaws. 
The school district could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.

UPDATE: Alameda County Register of Voters released its unofficial final results Friday night. The totals show Jeff Wang extended his one-vote lead over Michael Ritchie to 84. Alameda County’s election results are scheduled to be certified on Dec. 8.