Oakland reaffirms sanctuary city status; urges for statewide designation

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | A sense of dread over the incoming presidency of Donald Trump may have been alleviated at least for a few hours Tuesday after the Oakland City Council unanimously approved a resolution reaffirming its status as a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants.

The decision is seen as a rebuke, however of Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric during the presidential campaign and fears his administration may strip federal funding to the city as result of its status. Oakland has designated itself as a sanctuary city since 1986.

Tuesday night’s resolution also urges the state legislature to become a statewide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

“Given the power of California, as the sixth largest economy in the world, as a state we can throw a monkey wrench in this regime,” said Pamela Drake, an Oakland activist and local Democratic Central Committee member.

A sizable amount of fear and consternation toward the incoming administration was palpable, from numerous public speakers to members of the council.

“It’s supposed to be a joyous time of the year, but this year people are genuinely scared,” said Councilmember Abel Guillen. Calling the issue of immigration a “personal issue,” Guillen recounted a conversation on Thanksgiving with an 8-year-old family member who worries about a future with Trump as president. “This country was built by immigrants and it’s important to remember that,” he added.

While some councilmembers noted the resolution was a small, symbolic gesture, it nevertheless represents a call for the community to fight for the most vulnerable among them.

“There will be lots of just justice we will need to stand up for,” said Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan.

Characteristically coarse, Councilmember Desley Brooks noted the city’s African American communities need also be wary of Trump. She lamented, “So many people voted for this clown knowing who he is.”

Later, emergency room physicians from Oakland’s Highland Hospital declared they would dismiss any federal laws precluding them from giving care to undocumented patients.

Despite the defiance of Oakland and other Bay Area cities to defend its status as a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, it could come with some real risks if the Trump administration pushes for penalizing them by withholding federal dollars. The loss of funding could hamper the city’s fiscal budget, already struggling to maintain or expand its services.

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  1. By MW:

    The phonies, demagogues, charlatans, big windbags, and snake oil salesmen, but who portray themselves as great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, pretend that the reason they are in favor of sanctuary ordinances is supposedly their merciful hearts are full of concern for the disenfranchised.

    However, and just like virtually everything stated by: one, the phonies who pretend to be liberals; and two the big boys in the Democratic Party – that is a lie and a scam.

    For instance, the biggest reason the big boys in the DP are in favor of sanctuary ordinances is that certain businessmen who are major sources of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes want easy access to a huge supply of extremely low cost slave labor, in other words undocumented aliens.

    Also, having a constant and never ending flow of immigrants, and especially since the overwhelming majority of them are poor and also with little education, and many of whom also end up on welfare, gives the DP an increased chance to win elections.

    More specifically, without the votes of the poor, those on welfare, the uneducated, and those who are recent immigrants, the only places the DP would have even a tiny chance of winning elections would be California and Washington DC, and the big boys in the DP are extremely well aware of that. So therefore the big boys in the DP, and who actually are nothing more than snake oil salesmen, continue their sleazy games of pretending to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians.


  2. Bring unto all of your illegals–4 ever!!!


  3. The existence of sanctuary cities panders to the interests of the Democrat Party's base: business (cheap labor) and racial identity groups. “Leadership” is perfectly willing to sacrifice the lives and well-being of everyone else just to keep their base happy.


  4. By MW:

    Related to the post of 10:34, every single major city that the phonies, demagogues, parasites, scam artists, and bloodsucking leeches, in other words the “liberals” and top leadership of the Democratic Party, gets in control of goes totally to hell, and in virtually every single imaginable way, and including with skyrocketing murder rates.

    And yet some people remain so extremely gullible that they still continue believe the top leadership of the DP is composed of great liberals and wonderful humanitarians.

    However actually the top leadership of the DP is nothing more than an organized crime ring of phonies and sleazy parasites who pretend they are in favor of the little people, the ordinary working man, and the disenfranchised, and as they continue to rip off the and parasitically prey on the people they pretend to represent.

    And also even some of the people who have come to the realization that the top leadership of the DP is nothing more than a sleazy organized crime ring of thieves, parasites, scam artists, and bloodsucking leeches still continue to vote Democrat, since they have been bought off. One of the most extreme examples of that are the firefighters in certain cities and counties, and many if whom not only get outrageously high salaries due to insane contract giveaways negotiated by high ranking Democrats, but also even more outrageous pensions, and such as for instance many of whom get to retire at age fifty, and often with pensions of 150K or more per year.

    However, and as was discussed in a recent NY Times article on the city of Dallas, those outrageous pensions to firefighters are threatening to put the city of Dallas in bankruptcy, and undoubtedly within a few years many California cities and counties will be in the same situation due to the outrageous salaries and even more outrageous pensions the sleazeballs and scumbags in the DP's leadership have granted firefighters in exchange for votes.


  5. By MW:

    For at least decades many parts of the Bay area, and including both Oakland and San Francisco, have served as a sanctuary for all sorts of things, and including idiocy, stupidity, phonies, demagogues, charlatans, the very sleaziest lawyers and crooked politicians, and also every other variety of scam artist and bloodsucking leech that has pretended to be a great liberal and/or a wonderful humanitarian.

    For instance, Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, and before he moved to Jonestown, Guyana, used the Bay area as his headquarters and base of operations, and while he was still in the Bay area he had the local politicians, and especially in SF and Oakland, oohing and ahing over him, kissing his feet, and praising him to the skies.

    And Willie Brown, and who over the last several decades has gotten far more money from the tobacco companies than any other politician in the entire country, even had the Bay area chapter of the American Cancer Society give him its Humanitarian of the Year Award.

    And organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar -Switzerland & Arlington National Cemetery” Lawrence, and who was generally considered to be far and away the sleaziest person ever to get a major US Ambassadorship, managed to get his Ambassadorship approved by the US Senate largely due to the efforts of San Francisco's Dianne Feinstein, and who pulled out all the stops in her efforts to get Lawrence confirmed.

    So therefore I suggest we continue proving that the Bay area is the world's number one insane asylum and sanctuary for idiots by making up a comprehensive list of every single person in such Oakland city departments as Building inspections and the Fire Department who dropped the ball in regard to not properly inspecting, AND THEN ALSO SHUTTING DOWN, the warehouse that went up in flames less than two days ago and give them a promotion and a big pay raise.


  6. By MW:

    Related to the fact that according to some newspaper articles, various building, fire, and safety code violations present at the warehouse that has been referred to as the Ghost Ship were first reported all the way back in the 1990's to various ranches of Oakland city government, but nothing was ever done, and supposedly and however the Oakland Fire Dept also has no records of any of this, did anyone in Oakland city government, and such as for instance the mayor or the City Council, ever OFFICIALLY declare Oakland a sanctuary city for incompetent safety, health, and fire inspectors, or was it just kind of quietly accepted and understood!!!


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