Anne Kirkpatrick is slated to become Oakland’s
next police chief, according to reports.

OAKLAND | Anne Kirkpatrick, a former Spokane, Wash. police chief and current head of a Chicago police accountability task force, is set to be named Oakland’s next police chief, according to numerous media reports.

Kirkpatrick, 56, will become Oakland’s first female top cop and end a nearly seven month search for the replacement of former chief Sean Whent, who resigned in the midst of the police department’s sexual misconduct scandal last spring.

OPD’s recent difficulties surrounding misconduct of its officers appears well-tailored to Kirkpatrick’s strengths. According to the Seattle Times, Kirkpatrick served with the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, focused on police discipline since 2014. After falling short of being hired to lead Chicago’s police department, Kirkpatrick was tabbed just last June to lead its Bureau of Professional Standards.

The department was formed to implement reforms following the death of teenager Laquan McDonald, who was fatally shot 16 times by police.

After leading the Spokane Police Department for almost 10 years, Kirkpatrick appeared to have higher career aspirations, starting in 2010, when she was a finalist to become Seattle’s police chief.

The hiring of Kirkpatrick also meshes with one of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s preferences that the city’s next police chief be a woman, following the wake of scandal involving numerous Oakland police officers and the underage sex worker known as “Celeste Guap.”


  1. By MW:

    I had never even heard of this Kirkpatrick person until a few days ago.

    However she is coming from the Chicago Police Dept, and where based on her title it sounds like one of her major responsibilities was coming up with a lot of politically correct nonsense that would make the police totally ineffective.

    But as all good little liberals know, it does not matter if a city's murder rate skyrockets as long as the members of the police dept are forced to act in ways that liberals consider to be politically correct. and as Chicago's skyrocketing murder rate proves.

    Of course as Chicago's crime rate goes up, up, up the more the highly paid phonies, but who pretend to be experts, who came up with the politically correct lies, garbage, and nonsense that the Chicago PD now must follow, will move to the suburbs so as to get away from the increasing rates of violent crime that is a result of the stupid policies they instituted.


  2. Oh yeah, if you hire a female police chief there won't be any scandals. Just ask neighboring city Hayward, The Fart of The Bay. Male or female, if you choose a lousy person to lead your troops the citizens will suffer. Bottom line, the police need to be policed. You need a mayor with a backbone and a council who actually gives a damn about what goes on in their city. We'll see how long this chief lasts in Oakland. Hopefully she won't leave a big, expensive mess for others to clean up after she gets shown the door. Mayor Libby spends too much time courting the media.


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