OAKLAND | On his way out the door for a similar job in Washington D.C., Oakland Superintendent of Schools Antwan Wilson had some sobering news for the city’s chronically-struggling school district: A hemorrhaging budget deficit that could reach $37 million, according to a report Monday.

It’s been more than a decade after the Oakland school district was infamously bailed out by the state with a $100 million loan to settle similar deficits. That debt is still on the books and won’t be cured anytime soon, Wilson told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The underlining reasons for the deficit is different that 14 years ago when accounting errors revealed soaring deficits at the school district. However, Wilson said the current shortfall is manageable, but will require significant budget decisions and cuts to remedy.

“Any time someone says ‘hard decisions,’ you know the hammer is going to be falling,” Oakland Education Association President Trish Gorham told the Chronicle.. “It’s a panic, run-on-the-bank kind of situation.”

The current school board appeared unaware of the extent of the estimated budget shortfall, although district reserves have been often tapped, along with a 14 percent raise approved for teacher over the next three years, wrote the Chronicle.

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  1. Superintendent of Schools Antwan Wilson made $400,000 a year, as much as the president of the US of America. He isn't even a PhD. He left just in time leaving this debt as his legacy. The trustees were foolish to give this man that high of a salary. $250,000 is the average wage.
    Oakland schools are in trouble, because of lack of concern of the parents and students. They need a parents union and more community involvement. The residents allowed this to happen, but this year they will be no bail outs. How can you have 14% teacher raises over three years, when the district has such debt? They need to live within their budget and no superintendent should be paid that much. I can see why they sent him to Washington DC. Obama created more debt than any other president. Obama would want more people like that, on his team ,before he leaves office.
    All I’m seeing is corruption and stupidity.
    Hayward is about $66 million in debt for the unfunded teacher’s pensions.
    We all need to take a look at New Jersey. That state school district went bankrupt. They went to the state and they would NOT bail them out. They went to the Federal government and they would not bail them out. Get a clue!!! You are next. The retired teachers from New Jersey have many pay cuts. Wake up and don’t over spend. Get some business people as trustees for school districts. Trump has the right idea for giving vouchers and wanting more charter schools. Why keep our children in failing public schools, which they have lowered the testing standards every 4 years. Teachers need to be accountable for teaching the material and making kids ready for college. Fixing these debts requires cuts and it should be for the high salary people of the school districts, First.


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