Rep. Ro Khanna

Freshman Rep. Ro Khanna, appearing on a podcast, said he would risk being arrested in order to protect undocumented immigrants in his congressional district from being detained by federal agents.

Khanna told former Bay Area television reporter Randy Shandobil that civil disobedience is in his blood. Khanna’s grandfather spent four years in an Indian jail opposing Britain’s colonial rule.


“I have a family history and if it came to a point where I thought there was a deep moral injustice where they were rounding up folks who are living their lives and have been in this country, and they’re splitting families,” said Khanna.”then I think I would, but that’s nothing particularly special.

I think a lot of people in the Bay Area, from city council members to assemblymembers to members of Congress and grassroots activists, would. I think that’s who we are.”

Khanna said he specifically directed his local congressional office to prioritize aiding undocumented immigrants who seek help. “We have to stand up for basic humanity,” he said.