Khanna would risk arrest to protect undocumented immigrants

Rep. Ro Khanna

Freshman Rep. Ro Khanna, appearing on a podcast, said he would risk being arrested in order to protect undocumented immigrants in his congressional district from being detained by federal agents.

Khanna told former Bay Area television reporter Randy Shandobil that civil disobedience is in his blood. Khanna’s grandfather spent four years in an Indian jail opposing Britain’s colonial rule.


“I have a family history and if it came to a point where I thought there was a deep moral injustice where they were rounding up folks who are living their lives and have been in this country, and they’re splitting families,” said Khanna.”then I think I would, but that’s nothing particularly special.

I think a lot of people in the Bay Area, from city council members to assemblymembers to members of Congress and grassroots activists, would. I think that’s who we are.”

Khanna said he specifically directed his local congressional office to prioritize aiding undocumented immigrants who seek help. “We have to stand up for basic humanity,” he said.

4 thoughts on “Khanna would risk arrest to protect undocumented immigrants

  1. By MW:

    Relating to the two above posts, and especially the post of 5:43, the Bay area's liberal politicians “know” that they are so very superior and extremely intelligent, that therefore we should base our actions on their superior judgment, and rather than on federal law.

    Related to that, that brings up the issue of whether Nancy Pelosi's comment “You can read it after we pass it” should be considered one of the stupidest remarks of all time – or perhaps one of the very most intelligent. In other words since Nancy Pelosi is a Bay area style liberal, therefore perhaps we should automatically consider anything she says to be brilliant and the absolute truth, and therefore perhaps we should just automatically roll over for her.


  2. I have no doubt that Mr. Khanna will go to jail defending my rights as an American-born citizen. Oh wait, that's right, he won't. I don't count. U.S. laws don't count. The only thing that counts is Mr. Khanna's base and getting re-elected.


  3. By MW:

    While I do not know enough about Khanna to judge his sincerity on this issue, however a high percentage of the liberal politicians who say they are in favor of policies related to: one, protecting undocumented aliens: and/or two, fighting human trafficking – are actually nothing more than demagogues, charlatans, fifth columnists, and sleazy windbags who in reality secretly assist criminals, but who pretend to be legitimate businessmen, that traffick in undocumented aliens, and including since undocumented aliens can be an extremely low cost source of slave labor.

    For instance, I used to work in a large Bay area office building that had the majority of its janitorial, AND OVER NINETY PERCENT OF ITS ASBESTOS “CLEANUPS” AND ILLEGAL DUMPING OF ASBESTOS DEBRIS, done by undocumented aliens. And then the undocumented aliens were usually fired without pay – and under threat of being turned into Immigration for deportation.

    And when I wrote letters to various members of the California state legislature describing the situation, they pretended to be interested in solving the problem. However since the building's primary owner was extremely politically connected, and also a major source of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, therefore those members of the state legislature actually protected and put the fix in for that white collar criminal, and even though one of them, and who I will refer to as BL, still periodically now and then puts out a PR statement emphasizing how extremely horrified he is by human trafficking.

    And it was not just the undocumented aliens doing janitorial work who were exposed to asbestos, but also the building's tenants, and who were led to believe that it was just ordinary plaster and dust blowing all over them, although actually it was asbestos. And the building had virtually non-stop remodeling projects going on, and stirring up asbestos dust.

    And altho it was a privately owned office building, some of the tenants were employees of state agencies. However the “liberals” in the state legislature did not care about any of that, but only that the building's primary owner was a major source of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes.


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