Oakland committee meeting abruptly ends after gunfire heard outside

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | Blasts of gunfire rang just outside a session of an Oakland City Council committee hearing Tuesday afternoon.

The shooting, which earlier reports say included casualties, occurred during the City Council’s Community and Economic Development Committee meeting held in a small meeting room on the ground floor of Oakland City Hall.

 Eyewitness reports say the shooting occurred on Broadway and 14th Avenue, just across the street from Frank Ogawa Plaza.

Multiple gunshots were heard in the meeting room which led to the abrupt recess of the hearing.


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  1. By MW:

    Some months ago Donald Trump made a comment relating to Oakland's extremely high crime rate and the fact that it is an extremely dangerous place. That caused one of the higher ranking people in Oakland city government, if I remember correctly it was Libby Schaaf, to: one, to take the position that Trump's comment was both ridiculous and outrageous; and two, also state that the most dangerous place in America is Donald Trump's mouth.

    Perhaps both the shooter (or shooters) and the members of the City Council who decided to cancel the meeting were trying to “prove” that Trump is an “idiot” and who also has no idea what he is talking about.

    NOTE: Oakland, and which has a population of approx 400K, in recent years has been averaging about 100 murders annually.

    Chicago, and which has a pop of about 2.4 million, in 2016 had over 760 murders.

    However NYC, and which has a pop of over eight million, in other words about twenty times Oakland's pop, in recent years has been averaging about 500 murders, and in 2016 had only about 360 murders.

    However Chicago, Oakland, and all of the other major murder capitals have their city governments headed by “liberals,” in other words the sleazy, useless, and lying parasites who “know” that they are intelligent, enlightened, and in possession of the knowledge and wisdom needed to improve things, solve problems, and make things better.

    In other words if you want your city to become a crime ridden hellhole and with a skyhigh murder rate, put as many as possible of those wonderful liberals in City Hall.


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