For Alameda County GOP, the new boss is same as the old boss

Sue Caro was reappointed last week as chair of the
Alameda County Republican Party.

A calming influence is returning to the moribund Alameda County Republican Party with the return of Sue Caro as chair of the local GOP. Caro, who ran a against Rep. Barbara Lee last November in the 13th District, served previously as party chair two years ago before working on the campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Duf Sundheim last year.

Going back to her previous term as chair, Caro has been an  advocate for a far more moderate approach to fixing the local party, which over the years, has typically veered toward fringe elements, including the Tea Party and a takeover by Ron Paul supporters. Caro has also advocated strongly in the past for increasing the party’s dismal registration numbers in Alameda County, which is roughly seven percent.

Caro replaces David Erlich, who faced some tumult during his tenure, including the belief by some county Republicans that his oversized rhetoric and moments of pique did not serve the party’s purposes. Some county Republicans also cringed at some of Erlich’s comments to journalists last year about a few Republican presidential candidates.

Meanwhile, Caro’s second term comes with a pledge to build up the party, starting at the lowest levels of local government. And whatever happens in Washington with the party’s standard bearer President Donald Trump will not impact how Alameda County Republicans do their business, she added.

“We have no influence and no control over what happens in Washington of any kind,” said Caro. “What the president does, what he says, and so forth. The state is concerned and interested in turning things around [in California], so we’re going to have a concerted effort to give back to the community and to build at the local level.”

In Alameda County, Republicans in local office number 33, according to Caro, and sit on school boards, city councils and special districts. In addition, she said, the party is well aware of some local elected officials who are not registered as Republicans but clearly espoused the party’s ideology and often meet with party leaders. And although Democratic have a stranglehold of statewide offices, roughly half of all local offices and county supervisorial seats in California are held by Republicans, she adds.

“My point is, central committees need to be involved in local elections and ignore Washington,” said Caro. “Like a pile of sand, when you keep adding to it, eventually it caves in and that what is going to happen with Democrats and some of the silly legislation they put out. If we’re doing a decent job in local races, we’re going to be better situated to be ready and move up.”

Rebuilding the struggling statewide GOP is one major task, but propping up an Alameda County Republican Party that has been almost nonexistent for decades is another. Caro said, first off, she intends to better organize the county’s five assembly district caucus.

“The county is very big,” said Caro. “I live in Oakland. I don’t know people in Fremont or the Tri Valley.” Instead of meeting exclusively at the party’s headquarters in San Leandro, she plans on moving monthly meeting around to other communities and streamlining the party’s meeting agendas and engaging members with more guests and speakers.

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  1. “Instead of meeting exclusively at the party’s headquarters in San Leandro, she plans on moving monthly meeting around to other communities and streamlining the party’s meeting agendas and engaging members with more guests and speakers.”

    I applaud her for her intentions. It will be good to have someone who wants to do something constructive rather than engineer coups and shut down opposing viewpoints. That is IF she wants to be inclusive. There are many local folks who were willing to run for office but the statewide Party refused to support them. The challenge for Sue Caro will be to overcome the litmus test mentality of the donors, the Party and the local factions. Good luck.


  2. By MW:

    According to the second paragraph of this article, approx seven percent of Alameda County's voters are registered as Republicans. And certainly even on a total statewide basis, the percentage of California voters who are registered as Republicans is extremely low.

    However back in the 1960's and 1970's California often voted Republican in statewide elections for such offices as governor and US Senator, and back then California's voters were in general considered rather conservative in outlook.

    And for various reasons, and including the types of scumbags, but who insist they are liberals, who conducted the recent riots in Berkeley trying to deny an opponent his First Amendment right to free speech, more and more people will learn the real truth about liberals and the Democratic Party.


  3. By MW:

    And as a followup to the points in my previous post, also even if for the next few decades the majority of California's voters continue voting Democrat, and rather than Republican, and regardless of how outrageously the thugs and parasites, but who pretend to be liberals, conduct themselves, and as the rioters recently did in Berkeley when a conservative decided to try to exercise his First Amendment right to free speech, that still would most likely ON THE NATIONAL LEVEL end up being a victory for the Republican Party and a defeat for the Democratic Party.

    In other words even if no matter how much the big boys in the Democratic Party and California's “liberals” continue proving they actually are totally opposed to human rights and free speech, and then the majority of California's voters still continue voting Democrat, and which would therefore mean California would continue to have Democratic governors and US Senators and also continue giving its electoral votes to Democratic presidential candidates, then on a national level California's main function in elections would be to illustrate to the rest of the county that most prominent liberals are total phonies and the highest ranking Democrats, and no matter how much they pretend to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, are parasites, scam artists, and fifth columnists.

    Related to that, I hope that both Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi live forever and continue doing everything in their power to let everyone know how extremely phony the top leadership of the DP is. In other words if I was in charge of strategy for the Republican Party, almost every single time Feinstein or Pelosi opened her mouth, I would loudly state “That is just some more lies, garbage, and nonsense from one of those crazy creatures from Scams FraudsFIXso, the city so totally corrupt that as long as the under table bribes are paid it is no problem even to arrange an illegal backroom fix in absolutely anything, and including even the “investigation” of a multi million dollar fire that was obviously caused by arson.

    (NOTE: SF is the world's capital for phony “investigations” that result in finding that multi million dollar fires that were obviously caused by arson were supposedly caused by “bad luck.” And remember that nest time one of those big office buildings that has major asbestos problems suddenly goes up in flames at 3AM in the morning, 3AM being the favorite time for such arson fires when the fire is arranged by a “torch” working for organized crime.)


  4. By MW:

    In regard to my previous post, let me explain some of the reasons that 2AM to 4AM, and especially 3AM, is far and away the favorite time for certain types of buildings to go up in flames, and especially if the building owner and/or one of his lawyers has ties to organized crime.

    One, in a lot of buildings, and even if virtually everyone else starts work at about 8AM, the janitors come to work at 5AM.

    Two, even if the building has an afternoon shift, and which would most likely be gone by 11PM, midnight, or 1AM, by 3AM they also are gone.

    Three, at 3AM even most of the people who are supposedly working, and such as police officers and security guards, etc, are generally hiding somewhere sound asleep – or even asleep at their desks.

    (NOTE: I myself have worked the midnight shift in various facilities, and I wish I had even one penny for every single person I saw who was actually sound asleep on the midnight shift while supposedly working.)

    Four, at such an early hour the roads are clear, so anyone can arrange an arson fire and then quickly be at least fifty miles away by the time the investigation starts.

    (NOTE: In Chicago back in the 1920's and 1930's, in other words when Al Capone and his associates ran the town, the police usually knew when a major murder was imminent. And that was because about a week before the big murder occurred, a lot of the other big boys would leave town. So then just after the murder occurred if the police asked Mr. A if he had been involved in the murder of Mr. B, Mr. A could self righteously scream, “You are nuts, I was in St. Louis that week.”)

    So 3AM fires are especially common in the types of buildings that are usually unoccupied on the midnight shift, and such as the typical restaurant and most office buildings. In other words if for years the restaurant owner had been spending most of his profits, and as a result the restaurant finally needed hundreds of thousands of dollars in remodeling, or the office building has major defects, and such as for instance a lot of asbestos problems that would have cost millions of dollars to properly take care of, it is extremely common for a 3AM fire to occur.


  5. Actually the Republican voter registration in Alameda County is about 13%. The Republican registration in Barbara Lee's district – CD 13 is about 7%. Pleasanton's Republican registration is 31%. Each community in our county is unique and we have 18 cities and towns. Many people don't realize that the national party – the RNC, runs the Presidential elections, the state party – the CRP, helps the state office elections and the county parties are organized to help candidates for local elections. Too often people want the local party to be a platform for national issues and we are not the authors of those issues, don't receive any resources or information to help us deal with them. Our relationships are local and that is where are strongest.


  6. You will find that the NRCC – the National Republican Congressional Committee will help our CA Republican Congressmen hold their seats.


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