Swalwell questions whether Trump is loyal to U.S. or Russia

Rep. Eric Swalwell, right, asked whether 
President Trump is “with us or with Russia?”

During the early stages of the Trump presidency, House Democrats led by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have used East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell as a flamethrower against the new president.

The gambit, if intended to bait President Trump into a war of words (i.e Twitter war) hasn’t yet occurred. But on Tuesday Swalwell unleashed his most unkindest cut of all when he questioned Trump’s patriotism: Is Trump working on behalf of Russia or the American people?

While discussing the abrupt resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Swalwell told Yahoo News, “The Republicans may have the majorities in Congress and their candidate may have won the White House, but [the Democrats] are not helpless. We have the American people, and the American people will not be satisfied until they know whether the president is with us or with Russia.”

Swalwell didn’t relent on the line attack that comes close to accusing Trump of committing treason. “If you look at the fact that he won’t release his taxes, which could clear up a lot of questions about his global financial holdings and whether there are deals with Russians,” Swalwell said, “I think all of those arrows point to a single question: Who are his loyalties with?”

Over the past few months, Swalwell has made a series pointed public remarks against Trump along with a number of critical posts on social media. A tweet posted by Swalwell last week arousing a negative response from a member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, was an example of Swalwell attempting to pester Trump.

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  1. Didn't think it was possible for Trump to ignore anyone who calls him out. Guess he doesn't consider Swalwell worth tweeting back. Flamethrower or sparkler?


  2. By MW:

    In the practical sense, Trump is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, he is a pragmatist, AND ALSO AN EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE PROBLEM SOLVER, and that is something the entrenched interests in neither the DP and nor the Republican Party can tolerate. In other words for a very long time the biggest and highest ranking boys in both major political parties, especially in the DP but also to some degree in the Republican Party, have been running huge scam operations designed primarily to enrich themselves, and although they have engaged in various charades as part of their choreographed shows of pretending to be interested in helping the rest of us.

    And Nancy Pelosi has been one of the most extreme examples of a wealthy insider determined to enrich herself, and including by pretending to be a liberal and pretending to be interested in helping the little people.

    And most of the pigs, and in both major political parties, and who for at least decades have been getting fat at the trough see Trump as a major threat to their many and various AND EXTREMELY PROFITABLE scams and ripoffs. And the pigs at the trough want AND NEED an extremely inefficient government, since the more inefficient government is the more money they can make.

    So therefore they have declared all out war against Trump.

    And Dianne Feinstein is another one of those phonies who pretends to be a liberal, and who in fact has discovered that the very most profitable and effective method for ripping people off is by pretending to be a liberal.

    (NOTE: The Bay area is the world's capital and headquarters for extreme phonies who pretend to be liberals.)


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