Barbara Lee wants Steve Bannon off National Security Council

Rep. Barbara Lee voiced displeasure with Steve 
Bannon’s appointment at a town hall Saturday.

East Bay Rep. Barbara introduced a House bill Tuesday that seeks to remove Steve Bannon, President Trump’s chief political strategist, from his position on the National Security Council.

“Steve Bannon’s bigoted ideology threatens the security of our nation and our international standing. As a permanent member of the National Security Council, Steve Bannon not only politicizes our national security–he endangers it,” said Lee.

“Through this appointment, President Trump has given a white nationalist the power to inflict his morally bankrupt vision on the world. If the Trump Administration won’t act on this threat to our national security, Congress must,” Lee continued. “We cannot allow white nationalists to undermine the safety of the American people. Steve Bannon must go.”

House Resolution 140 is unlikely to attract much support in Congress outside of moral support from her progressive allies, but Lee has voiced displeasure recently with Bannon, a former Breitbart News executive known for inflaming the passions of far-right readers during the Obama administration.

At a town hall in Oakland last weekend, Lee briefly mentioned Bannon and called for his removal from the Security Council. The suggestion elicited wild applause among the estimated 1,500 constituents, mostly aligned with Lee’s progressive ideology. East Bay Reps. Eric Swalwell and Mark DeSaulnier also support the resolution, as of Tuesday.

Trump’s decision to elevate Bannon for his perch on the political side of the White House to the National Security Council raised some eyebrows last January. “His standing invitation to attend the meetings erodes the impartial function of the Council,” according the resolution. “It is unprecedented to have such a partisan or high-level figure on the National Security Council.”

Aside from describing Bannon’s Breitbart News as an “alt-right” web site popular with white supremacists and other political extremists, Lee’s resolution also refers to a end of civilizations theory that reportedly governs Bannon’s guiding principles, according to a profile in Time this month.

“Steve Bannon has also espoused a false theory of a violent clash of civilizations between the West and Islam that only serves to fuel violent extremism.”


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3 replies

  1. By MW:

    So now that the Democratic Party is out of power, in other words the Republican Party controls the White House and both houses of Congress, the big boys in the Democratic Party are suddenly pretending they care about national security.


    For instance back when the Clintons occupied the White House, there was absolutely nothing they would not have sold to any foreign power in exchange for a lightly disguised bribe.

    And since both Bill and Hillary are lawyers, they are true masters at lying and at disguising things, and such as for instance pretending a bribe is supposedly a fee, commission, election campaign contribution, or speaking fee, etc.


  2. Ms. Lee should put her attention to the City of San Leandro and not to Our government. I suppose she support the Muslim PUNK barry soetoro hussein and the Murderous hillary?? Maybe she has to be removed from her job? So, REMOVE HER.


  3. In the forties, fifties and sixties I lived in San Leandro. Went to Grover Cleveland elementary, which has now become a drug haven. Went to John Muir, still there and San Leandro High School for one year until Pacific High School was built. Now San Leandro has turned into an Oakland like school. Trouble everywhere. They tore Pacific down to build a shopping center. Without much thought at all. REASON? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ All about money. Bad move. San Leandro High School old in tradition and, OLD in condition. Marina High School newer than both. So what do the City authorities do?? Tear the best school down. Now Sanctuary City will be the latest BAD DECISION. AND regardless of what they say about RENT CONTROL, they are pushing for it. Being a property owner there, I have questioned this. They say there is no intent to invoke rent control. Then why is it we have to send out 60-day notices of our tenants rights to protest rents being raised? The market dictates rents.. What ever the market will bare, is what the rents will be. If an owner is too high, they will not rent the units. PERIOD. They, in my opinion are trying to dictate rents so that all people can afford the rent. It's simply NOT FAIR. If they can't afford it, they should rent else where. END OF STORY. The City should keep their nose out of our business and lives. Reason if self explanatory. OR, it should be.


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