Guillén says Oakland won’t help build Trump’s ‘big, beautiful wall’

Oakland Councilmember Abel Guillén‘s plan
to stymie Trump’s wall will be heard Mar. 14.

If President Trump’s ballyhooed wall on the southern border is ever constructed, it will have been done without the help of companies doing business with the city of Oakland, according to a council resolution authored by Councilmember Abel Guillén.

“A government should reflect the values and goals of the community it serves. Oakland has historically been and remains today a diverse community, with a great many of its residents having come as immigrants and refugees from all corners of the globe,” said Guillén.

“With this ban, the City of Oakland is taking a practical stand against a wall that is morally repugnant, economically unwise and unlikely to make our nation any more secure.”

President Donald Trump

Guillén, who represents Oakland’s District 2 in areas east of Lake Merritt, hopes other jurisdictions will join his proposed ban, also sponsored by Oakland Council President Larry Reid.

“It is therefore appropriate and consistent for the City of Oakland to limit and prohibit entering into financial contracts, partnerships and investment with individuals, companies and financial institutions that participate in the enterprise of building Trump’s wall,” he added.

The resolution to be heard at next Tuesday’s Oakland City Council Finance and Management Committee meeting would cover bans on companies seeking city contracts who also perform work on the wall that includes construction, engineering, IT, banking, subcontractors and security, among other services.

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  1. By MW:

    It seems to me that Guillen's resolution is primarily based on two interlocking ideas: one, that Trump's proposed wall is unfair to large groups of people; and two, so therefore the city of Oakland should not engage in economic activity with any business that is a “co-conspirator” in facilitating that wall.

    So let's take our social engineering further. In the future the city of Oakland should also refuse to engage in business with any organization involved in peddling cigarettes, junk food, overly salty foods, and including snack type foods, or extremely sugary drinks that pretend to ne be healthy and legitimate fruit juice. In fact, let's also prohibit and blacklist bars and taverns, and also any business, and including all landlords, builders, and developers, that engage in any activity anywhere in the US that facilitates the presence of bars and taverns.

    And let's also not pay salaries to any high ranking public officials that pretend to be serving the public, but actually are: one, stooges and puppets on a string for the medical marijuana industry; and/or two, nothing more than demagogues and big windbags.

    In fact, why should the members of the OFD and Building Inspections who did the phony “investigations” and “inspections” that “proved” everything was “safe” at the Ghost Ship warehouse receive paychecks and pensions???? If it was up to me, they would not only forfeit their paychecks and pensions, but would also be charged with murder.

    While there are all sorts of things we could do in the name of social engineering and trying to improve society, however if we were really serious about that, then the very first thing we would have to do is take most of our present politicians and dump them in the Pacific Ocean.


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