Few Hayward elected officials support starting public discussion of sanctuary cities

Hayward Councilmember Elisa Marquez
says she supports becoming a sanctuary city.

While many East Bay city councils have offered almost unanimous support for defying President Trump and his immigration policies, Hayward is a notable outlier. Even the politically moderate city of Dublin agendized a discussion on sanctuary cities last week before shooting it down.

But in Hayward, elected officials have remained silent, while the stirrings of its large minority communities in support of becoming a sanctuary city become more noticeable.

The reason for the Hayward City Council’s apparent inaction is simple, said Hayward Councilmember Elisa Marquez, there is no current support among elected officials to even start a discussion about sanctuary cities, let alone approve a resolution.
“I’ve been wanting to but there’s not enough support on the council,” said Marquez following Monday night meeting of the Hayward Anti-Discrimination Task Force. “I’ve asked for a briefing because feel like we need more information.”

In recent weeks, Councilmember Francisco
Zermeno’s social media posts have featured
anti-Trump sentiment.

Among the seven councilmembers, only Marquez and Councilmember Francisco Zermeno have issued public support for Hayward becoming a sanctuary city. In order to be included on a future city council agenda, two other councilmembers would need to support it.

Mayor Barbara Halliday, as parliamentarian, could place the item on the agenda herself. But her stance in recent public settings, including Monday night, suggests she is unwilling to put Hayward’s federal funding at risk by making a sanctuary city declaration.

Marquez, though, is clear about her support, in an interview this week. At one point chiding her colleague’s intransigence toward the issue.

“This is a civil rights and a humanity issue,” said Marquez. “If you feel strongly about those issues, then you’re willing to taking a stance.”

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Marquez also doesn’t agree with an assertion made Monday night by Hayward City Manager Kelly McAdoo and Halliday that the city’s estimated $33 million in current and future federal funding could be pulled by becoming a sanctuary city. “I don’t believe the executive order is constitutional,” said Marquez.

A growing consensus agrees that Trump’s sanctuary city executive order is unconstitutional, including nearly every city attorney that has offered an opinion on sanctuary cities in the East Bay. The main argument being the executive order illegally places new conditions on federal funding, after the fact, in addition to circumventing the power of the purse granted to Congress.

According to Marquez, Hayward City Attorney Michael Lawson has not yet been asked to offer the City Council any guidance on sanctuary cities.

5 thoughts on “Few Hayward elected officials support starting public discussion of sanctuary cities

  1. Hayward is broke. They don’t want a sanctuary city because of loosing federal funds. They want every dollar they can get from anywhere, even the cannabis sales. The Latino council people don’t want to help their own race.
    They don’t want rent control, even though their taxation on the public and redeveloping for the rich new immigrants, coming for Silicon Valley, is causing hardships on the American people, who live in this city and state. Vote this council out. They keep spending, hiring, and raising the public employee’s wages higher than the public’s wage and cost of living increases. We are being taxed to make up for their lack of knowing how to balance a budget and work with what they have. They can’t develop a nice usable downtown. The loop proves that.
    They can’t balance a budget. They didn’t want to raise the minimum wage faster than 5 years because, Zermeno owns a business and it would be a hardship on him. Oakland is at $12.84 an hour and Hayward $11. They would rather the illegals not make enough to live on, live with many persons renting a single place. Crime, over population, murders, illegal fireworks, guns being shot at random, housing shortage, garbage schools…welcome to Hayward. Do you really think the mayor and council is in the best interest of the Hayward residents?


  2. By MW:

    Concerning the post of March 19 at 9:38PM, it was not by me but instead by someone pretending to be me. In fact, I generally avoid using crude language except when discussing lawyers.

    (NOTE: a number of years ago I was on the phone with a former co-worker and he commented that he had recently heard me on a radio talk and making nasty remarks about lawyers. I then jokingly responded that it could not have been me but instead someone with a voice that sounded similar to mine, and that furthermore anyone who knew me really well would have realized that I would never have made any derogatory remarks about those sleazy professional pathological liars and common criminals hiding behind law licenses. That caused him to laugh so hard I think he almost fell off his chair.)


  3. Typical use of “financial scare tactics” by Hayward officials. The sky is falling! Chicken Little politics, would you expect anything more?


  4. By MW:

    In regard to the issue of whether or not Trump has the legal authority to withhold federal money, and such as for instance 33 million dollars, from Hayward over the sanctuary city issue, let's not forget that when Obama decided to withhold federal money from various cities on all sorts of items for their committing the “horrible sin” of not going along with his lies, garbage, and nonsense in regard to transgender bathroom access, none of the phonies who pretend to be liberals voiced even one word of objection.

    So it was Obama, one of those phonies who pretended to be a liberal, who made big, put in high gear, and basically institutionalized the idea that the president has the legal authority to financially punish and teach a lesson to erring little children who need to have their behavior and thinking corrected.

    Or as one of my classmates back in high school used to frequently say, “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR, SINCE YOU MIGHT GET IT” – and which is something “liberals” never seem to learn.


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