Hayward Acting Police Chief Mark Koller said Tuesday that no video was captured of the March 16 killing of a pregnant 16-year-old in Hayward by undercover Fremont police officers.

The family of 16-year-old Elena Mondragon, who was killed near Cal State East Bay, addressed the Hayward City Council Tuesday night during public comment, asking for questions about the Hayward Police Department’s investigation into the shooting and whether it was aware that the Fremont Police were in the city beforehand.

Koller said video either from dash or body-worn cameras was not captured, although one Fremont officer reportedly attempted to turn-on their body-worn camera, but it did not function correctly. Surveillance cameras around the vicinity of the shooting were also not present, said Koller. The only footage came from a passing A.C. Transit bus, but that video only showed the suspects fleeing their vehicle, not the shooting.

Hayward’s role in the on-going investigation, said Koller, includes discerning whether the intended suspect in the case was aware he was firing at police officers, even though they were not in uniform and driving an unmarked car.

The Alameda County District Attorney is tasked with investigating the conduct of the Fremont officer, as is the Fremont Police Department, although in an administrative role, said Koller. For instance, investigating whether its officer’s conduct was within its policies and procedures.

In addition, Koller said Hayward Police was indeed aware that Fremont Police were tracking the suspect within its city limits. He added, such crossover into other jurisdictions is common.

For the Fremont Police Department, the Mondragon incident was the second fatal shooting by one of its police officers this year. A third killing by Fremont Police occurred on Sunday. Twenty-four-year-old Roger Perez of Orinda was killed after allegedly firing at officers from atop a truck.