Hayward mayor’s message to kids: City can’t protect you from Trump deporting your parents

Hayward teacher Irazema Guerrero reads letters
from her students to President Trump during
Tuesday’s Hayward City Council meeting.

On Tuesday night, a third grade teacher told the Hayward City Council that her students recently sent letters to President Trump expressing fear they might lose their parents to deportation. But later, Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday had an odd message for the worried students and those urging for Hayward to become a sanctuary city. The city can’t keep you safe.

“Who will take care of us if our parents are taken away?” wrote one student, according to Hayward elementary school teacher Irazema Guerrero. Another worried about being sent to foster care in the event their parents are detained by immigration authorities.

“In seven years of teaching, I’ve never witnessed this level of fear in children,” Guerrero told Hayward elected officials. “We need you as our elected officials to represent us and protect our rights as members of this community. Please consider the nine-year-old kiddo who can’t sleep because thoughts of losing her parent and her livelihood are haunting her at night.”

The Hayward City Council’s intransigence toward the sanctuary city issue comes in spite of its neighbors in Alameda, San Leandro, Fremont, and other cities passing similar declarations starting in January.

Halliday reiterated the city’s current stance to Guerrero that it already enforces sanctuary city policies, namely a prohibition with working with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but without the label of sanctuary city.

“I want you to know, and your students to know,” said Halliday, “that Hayward does have and has had in place for quite a while, long before the current administration in Washington, the policies that are generally thought of as being sanctuary city policies.”

Halliday then told Guerrero she could not offer solace for fearful Hayward children. “Unfortunately , though, I can’t tell you to tell them they’re safe because we are not in charge of the federal government.”

On Wednesday, the 22-person Hayward Community Task Force charged with updating the city’s anti-discrimination policy is being asked to offer a recommendation on whether or not the City Council should declare sanctuary city status.

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19 replies

  1. “protect our rights as members of this community” Many, if not all of the illegal immigrants don't give a damn about America and they create their own community which is nothing more than an extension of Mexico or whatever country they come from. Illegal immigrants have no rights in America and the same is true in every country in the world. It feels like an illegal immigrant invasion in California and hopefully most of them leave or get deported. The reason the politicians protect them is not out of benevolence, but so their cronies and business owners can get cheap, no benefit, non-union scab labor. Hayward and large areas of California are overrun by illegal immigrants and it's time to cast the invaders out!


  2. How do you recognize an illegal immigrant invasion? Do they wear their Mexican birth certificates on their chest?


  3. Throw out Barbara Halliday for not giving a crap about Hayward's diverse community. She's invaded Hayward long enough. Time for a mayor with guts, a heart and a back bone. City Council in general doesn't care about Hayward residents and it is starting to show more everyday. Lesson to the innocent kids, living their lives in fear–run for City Council when you grow up and learn not to be like the current City Council. They are too scared to take a stand. Mayor Halliday, what would JFK say about you being a weak, ineffectual politician?


  4. No to the illegals! Done, period, finished, through–the end!


  5. Then go back to your country. You ignorant, bigot, asshole. Suck on that. Get. The hell. Out. You are not an American.


  6. Also, no one loves you. Including Jesus.


  7. Halliday is what passes as inspiring leadership in Hayward.


  8. Sorry kids. Hayward wants to recreate the school board instead of assuaging your fears. Cold and callous city council should be impeached for their lack of concern. Big mouth Salinas uses “the kids” speach to get re-elected but now when “the kids” need him, he is strangely mum on the subject. Money over people, Hayward Style.


  9. The illegals MUST be deported ahora mismo!

    If you are illegal, you must go. It is fair, just, and the law!


  10. We agree. The illegals MUST go!


  11. By MW:

    Back in the 1950's and 1960's, and to some degree even in the 1970's, the phonies who pretended to be liberals “proved” they were great “humanitarians” by engaging in non-stop hate campaigns against blue collar workers, Catholics, and white Southerners.

    However now they have a new bogeyman to blame for absolutely everything, in other words Donald Trump.


  12. I honestly don't understand how some people can be so ignorant!! Immigrants are what makes this country!! that includes you lame ass white people!! You white people forget how much of an immigrant you all are!


  13. Reality TV conman Donald is his own worst enemy. He's a clown, not a Bogeyman. Any true phony Liberal recognizes that.


  14. Repeat after me: “Yes to LEGAL immigrants from ALL countries. No to ILLEGAL immigrants from ALL countries.”


  15. So…. when the illegals get deported will I be seeing your dumb ass in the fields picking fruit on your hands and knees for less than minimum wage?….


  16. No dumb ass. What you'll see is above minimum wage jobs in competition because there will be no more slave labor! What a dummy you are. Quit being a racist.


  17. The city can't keep the kids safe, because Barbara and her co-horts don't want to lose money from Der Trumpster. However, the city can keep Barbara, the People in the Hills and everyone else who practices Sweeney politics safe and contented. Everyone else can just go hang. Those on city council who may actually care, need to speak out and take a stand. Hayward city council is the only council in the Bay Area where everyone goes along to get along. If Sweeney tells them to walk off a cliff, they will. As they have done many times before.


  18. The kids don't have to worry if their parents are taken away. They will just go with their parents, back to where they belong. Back to where their neighbors don't have to pay for their food and housing and school and medical care. Good bye. Good riddance.


  19. @6:37 I'd rather pay for people than a a t.v. clown's wall that will accomplish nothing but raise my taxes and add to the budget deficit.


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