Pamela Price, one-time attorney for woman at center of Oakland police scandal, eyes run for Alameda County DA

Civil rights attorney Pamela Price ran in the 2014
15th Assembly District primary, finishing third.

Oakland civil rights attorney Pamela Price has filed an intent to challenge Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley in next year’s June primary.

Price, who at one time, represented Jasmine Abuslin, the woman at the center of the Oakland police scandal, filed a statement of intent with the Alameda County Registrar’s office last month.

In addition to running her own law practice, Price is also a member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee. During the 2016 June primary she garnered the most votes of any central committee candidate.

In two elections since being appointed Alameda
County DA, Nancy O’Malley has never faced a
challenger for her office.

Price also ran for the 15th Assembly District seat in the 2014 June primary, eventually won by Tony Thurmond. Price finished third with 15 percent of the vote, but outside of the top two that advanced to the November General Election.

Price did not respond to questions about her candidacy.

Countywide office, though, is yet another stratosphere of local government and the hegemony of elected Alameda County elected officials has been unquestioned over the past three decades, including O’Malley’s office.

Since being appointed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in 2009 to replace the retiring D.A. Tom Orloff, O’Malley has run unopposed.

At the time of O’Malley’s appointment, just less than nine months before the 2010 election, opponents charged Orloff with hand-picking the county’s next top lawyer without any public input.

An activist group in 2014 briefly attempted with no success to publicly recruit candidates to challenge O’Malley and Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern, in response to criticism toward each for their handling of police shootings and misconduct.

7 thoughts on “Pamela Price, one-time attorney for woman at center of Oakland police scandal, eyes run for Alameda County DA

  1. By MW:

    Some more remarks in regard to Nancy O'Malley.

    Most likely O'Malley's long term goal is to be California's Attorney General, altho agues it is also possible that she is hoping for a seat in the US Senate, and especially when Feinstein retires.

    In other words as Alameda County's DA, O'Malley is not really interested in being a prosecutor, but instead merely using the visibility the office gives her to get a lot of PR so that she can “educate” the general public on how “extremely wonderful” she is, and while actually in most situations she does little or nothing about prosecuting criminals, and including in open and shut cases that anybody with an IQ higher than his or her shoe size could have gotten a conviction.

    For instance, there was a lot of obvious evidence she missed in the incident of the balcony collapse in Berkeley in which six people died.

    And in regard to the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland in which thirty-six people died, she should have investigated whether the Oakland Fire Dept, and just like most Bay area fire departments, is primarily composed of extreme alcoholics who are infinitely more concerned with quickly getting back to the firehouse so that they can resume their drinking than they are with taking the time to do proper safety inspections.


  2. By MW:

    Concerning the persons who posted negative comments about Pamela Price, how on earth can you possibly say such nasty things about her!!!

    For instance she is not only in good standing with the totally corrupt California State Bar, but furthermore she is also a graduate of both Yale and UC Berkeley, and which both make the “top” twelve among all US colleges and universities in the category of producing the most phonies, parasites, scam artists, embezzlers, money launderers, white collar criminals, and crooked lawyers.

    And some years ago I was at an arbitration hearing, and at which the arbitrator herself was a lawyer, and when I commented that: one, the testimony given by another lawyer at the hearing was not to be trusted and nor believed; and two, that said lawyer was unethical, sleazy, and a liar, the arbitrator took the position that if someone was a lawyer, then we should take for granted the person was very honest, completely ethical, and totally trustworthy, and therefore automatically and completely accept anything he or she said.

    (In other words, the members of that sleazy mafia who describe themselves as the legal profession protect each other, put the fix in for each other, and circle the wagons against outsiders.)


  3. Pamela Price really should not run for public office; having known people who have who have worked for her; impression is very negative. If true, it seems that she treats her employees with little to no respect. Despite friendly appearance; not nice and cold person. Employers who treat their employees poorly will treat the public poorly if elected to office. O'Mally is not perfect but would be much better than Price


  4. Not a nice woman despite the smile. She treats her employees like slaves and look down on those she considers beneath her. I would not vote for her for dog catcher


  5. Pamela Price by the way is not much younger. She's gotta be at least 60. And she's also overweight.
    Now that we have the female nastiness out of the way, who is the best candidate? I dont care if they are old or obese.


  6. By MW:

    If Price does stay in the race, hopefully she will run an aggressive and hard hitting campaign, in other words a campaign that will highlight that O'Malley is little more than a big windbag and total phony whose only real skill is fooling the media and the general public with the PR she regularly puts out “educating” us to how extremely wonderful she is.

    To give just one example of O'Malley's phoniness, for years Yusef Bey was kidnapping teenage girls off the street and holding them as long as he so desired, and in fact sometimes for years, as his sex slaves and also to be used as unpaid slave labor in his businesses, and which caused the mothers of some of those girls to repeatedly and vehemently complain to every high ranking Alameda County politician and official they could find in their efforts to get their daughters freed.

    However since Bey was very politically connected, and including very close to Nate Miley, none of the wonderful humanitarians, and including Nancy O'Malley, who are Bay area style “liberals” gave a hoot how many teenage girls Bey enslaved, raped, and imprisoned for years.

    But then a few years later when one of the latest politically correct fads came to be making public statements against human trafficking, and including sex trafficking, Nancy “The Big Demagogue” O'Malley then not only jumped on the bandwagon, and by pretending to be against human trafficking, but even, believe it or not, put out statements that she was doing far more than any other DA in the entire country to fight human trafficking.

    Nancy O'Malley is such an extreme big windbag, that I suspect that even though she appears to be in her fifties or sixties and also seems to be very overweight, very likely if tomorrow she took up playing baseball, within a month she would probably be “educating” us to the “fact” that she was the fastest and best centerfielder in all of major league baseball.

    Or if she decided she wanted to play professional basketball, she would probably inform us that she and her old fat body was better at running, jumping, and dunking than any present NBA player.

    (NOTE: If you want to accuse me of being prejudiced against people of “mature” age, I myself am in my sixties, and of course there are a lot of things that take considerable physical effort that I cannot do nearly as well now as I could have when I was considerably younger.)


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