Special Election: Hayward school parcel tax renewal wins

An $88 annual school parcel tax was approved by Hayward voters in Tuesday’s special election.

The vote-by-mail-only ballot for Measure A received 70 percent support, according to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. A two-thirds majority of the vote was needed for passage.

As of Tuesday night, just 11,634, or, 14.49 percent of Hayward’s 80,315 registered voters cast a ballot, although special elections typically suffer from low turnout.

Proceeds from Measure A will go toward funding various school programs, library services and teacher salaries. An independent oversight committee will be formed and parcel tax revenue cannot be used on administrator’s salaries. The parcel tax includes exemptions for seniors.

It replaces Measure G, a $58 annual parcel tax approved by voters in 2012, and was due to sunset on June 30. Measure A goes into immediate effect on July 1.

Hayward USD
Measure A         #VOTES   PCT
YES……………..8135 70.37%
NO………………3426 29.63%

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  1. Make all the developers pay extra taxes to build their unaffordable apartments, townhomes and big houses in the hills. Lincoln Landing is supposed to be a crown jewel. All those new residents mean more revenue for the city anyway. Nobody sees the down side to the over development of Hayward. More traffic, road wear, less resources, higher demand for services.


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