Alameda Healthcare District board members
Gayle Godfrey Codiga and Dennis Popalardo
being sworn-in Wednesday evening.

The Alameda Healthcare District Board of Directors is back at full strength. After a pair of elected board members resigned earlier this year, the remaining members appointed Gayle Godfrey Codiga and Dennis Popalardo to the board at a special meeting Wednesday evening.

Based on the board’s rules, Codiga, the top vote-getter, will serve the four-year board seat, and Popalardo, the two-year seat. Both will need to run for re-election in 2018, if they choose. They replace board members Kathryn Saenz Duke and Jim Meyers who both resigned Feb. 21.

Codiga is an Alameda attorney and member of the Alameda Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. Her father, William Godfrey, was mayor of Alameda from 1963 to 1967, and a member of the Alameda Hospital Board of Directors. Codiga’s grandfather was also an Alameda mayor in the early 1940s.

During her interview Wednesday, Codiga said the healthcare board must be proactive in locating funding streams to rebuild the hospital due to seismic concerns and state law before 2030. “I am very passionate about this hospital and believe it should be here,” said Godfrey Codiga.

“That work has to start now,” she told the board, including locating a new site, either at the current address or possibly Alameda Point. “Part of it is our responsibility to collect some of the money ourselves,” she added.

Popalardo is also an attorney. He unsuccessfully ran for the Alameda school board last November. He told the board that the hospital’s emergency room and acute room services are essential to Alamedans. “I believe having our own hospital is one of things that makes us great,” he said.

Popalardo told the board he supports partnering with the school district on wellness programs and outreach with the city concerning health for those less fortunate.

Five others applied for the board’s openings: Former Alameda Councilmember Stewart Chen (also a former healthcare board director); former Alameda school board member Mike McMahon; Elizabeth Gilliam; Geoffrey Sylvester; and Robert Sullwold.

 (First place vote-getter received four points; Second place received three points; Third place received two points; Fourth place received one point.)
Dr. Robert DEUTSCH: 1) Codiga 2) Sullwold 3) Sylvester 4) Popalardo.
Tracey JENSEN: 1) Popalardo 2) Codiga 3) McMahon 4) Chen.
Michael WILLIAMS: 1) Popalardo 2) Codiga 3) McMahon 4) Chen.