Rep. Ro Khanna’s attempt to lead a progressive
revolution is attracting some skeptics.

Last week, Rep. Ro Khanna joined, with some fanfare, a new progressive group that seeks to challenge so-called “establishment Democrats.” But Khanna, a freshman elected last November, is taking some heat on social media for his recalcitrance in challenging to the most establishment Democrat of them all, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

In numerous threads on Twitter, some including Khanna’s own participation, progressives appeared skeptical of his participation in the group knowned as “Justice Democrats,” along with whether its goals for a progressive panacea are questionable if it does not mount a strong opposition to the moderate Pelosi.

Just weeks after Khanna’s election last November, he joined fellow South Bay Rep.s Anna Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren to write an Op-Ed, titled “Democrats Need Nancy Pelosi.”

“Two of us are veteran lawmakers, one of us is a newly elected congressman,” wrote Eshoo, Lofgren, and Khanna. “We each bring our own perspectives and priorities to the issues before America. But all of us believe that we must have Nancy Pelosi leading House Democrats in the hard fights ahead.”

Several also noted Khanna’s previous campaign finance largess seeded heavily with some of the highest echelon Silicon Valley tech leaders and questions over his true stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a touchstone issue for many progressives during last year’s election season. An email obtained by WikiLeaks last fall from former Hillary Clinton associate John Podesta suggested Khanna was supportive of TPP, a stance in opposition to many progressives.