Richmond’s Kimberly Ellis falls just short of taking over the California Democratic Party

Richmond resident Kimberly Ellis narrowly
lost Saturday’s race for California Democratic
Party chair by only 60 votes.

The race for the future of the California Democratic Party amounted to two choices: stick with the status quo that has served the state party extremely well over the past few decades or change course and back the type of progressive purity advanced over the past year by Sen. Bernie Sanders. Over the weekend, at the party’s convention in Sacramento, Democrats supported the establishment, but only barely.

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Eric Bauman, the runaway early favorite, narrowly beat the upstart Berniecrat Kimberly Ellis by just 60 votes out of nearly 3,000 votes cast by party delegates. The number of votes matched the amount of attention and energy party faithful had unleashed over the chair’s race to replace long-time John Burton. There were roughly 3,300 total voting delegates at the annual convention.

On Sunday morning, Ellis suggested to supporters that her campaign would not concede the election and also consult lawyers, the Los Angeles Times reported. Absent any accounts of wrongdoing in the voting process, it is likely Bauman’s victory will stand. The state party, for instance, has no rules in its bylaws for a recount.

The wave of progressive discontent with the Democratic Party, meanwhile, took Ellis, a previously unknown former head of the women’s political group Emerge California, to a near takeover of the state party, arguably the most powerful in the nation.

Labor and activists groups reacted with disappointment over Ellis’ defeat. It was especially stinging after rumors circulated at the convention and on social media that Ellis was leading the vote after 60 percent of votes were counted. The powerful California Nurses Association, which had strongly backed Sanders during the presidential campaign and Ellis’ run for party chair, appeared ready for victory. Within the hour, though, came news of Bauman’s slim victory.

Some disgruntled union members suggested wrongdoing in the election process. According to the Los Angeles Times, some nurses said voters should be required to provide photo identification before voting. However, this idea is abhorred among Democrats not only in California, but across the country, who say Republicans used the requirement to disenfranchise poor and minority voters.

California Republican Party Chair Jim Brulte reacted with glee Sunday in a press release that said state Democrats were hypocrites. “Democrats think voter identification laws are important for their party elections, but don’t think they are good enough for the California voters,” said Brulte.

Outgoing state Democratic Chair John Burton also gave ammunition for conservatives and online right-wing web sites after he repeated cursed into open mics during several different occasions over the weekend. During one crude instance, Burton, known for his bawdy vocabulary, led a chant of “Fuck Donald Trump,” while double-pumping his middle fingers in the air.

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4 replies

  1. By MW:

    Since the election did not give the result that a lot of phonies who pretend to be liberals wanted, and let's call them PHLIBERALS, and now some of those PHLIBERALS are charging vote fraud, and therefore suddenly want voter ID, my suggestion is that first all elections be conducted without voter ID, and that if the result is a victory for the candidate or Proposition that was backed by the PHLIBERALS, that then the result should stand.

    However if the result is contrary to the desire of the majority of the PHLIBERALS, then the election should be done all over again, and this time with voter ID.

    And if the PHLIBERALS lose even the rematch, then we should keep on doing the election over and over again, and if necessary also keep on changing the rules, and over and over again, and until the PHLIBERALS finally manage to win.

    And still furthermore, since the PHLIBERALS at such places as UC's Berserkeley campus “know” that they have the right to decide who is entitled to free speech, let's also have the PHLIBERALS at UC Berserkeley decide who is allowed to vote, and so as to guarantee a “correct” result.

    In other words, let's not merely have PHLIBERAL style “free speech,” but also PHLIBERAL style elections and “DEMOCRACY.”


  2. Unfortunately a lot of very well meaning progressives drank the Kimberly kool-ade. She does not walk her talk, but many are not aware of some of her historic actions that run counter to Democratic ideals and what she professes.


  3. By MW:

    Also related to the issue of whether or not there might have been vote fraud, and which has caused some backers of the losing candidate, in other words Kimberly Ellis, to want voter ID, the higher ranking members of the Democratic Party are wonderful people and people of honesty and integrity, and therefore we can trust them, so therefore there is no need for voter ID.

    For more details on the standards, honesty, and ethics of the higher ranking members of the DP, study the past actions of such characters as Mike Nifong, Nancy Pelosi, Jonathan Gruber, Willie Brown, John Edwards, Carole Migden, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    And look up in Wikipedia the entry on “M. Larry Lawrence,” an organized crime kingpin who provided so much in election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, that therefore most of the big boys in the DP pretended he was a legitimate businessman. Lawrence had unusually close relationships with Willie Brown, John Burton, Dianne Feinstein, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. (NOTE: While the Wikipedia entry on Lawrence is interesting, however it does not go into even one percent of his sleaze.)

    Or look up “Paul Powell” in Wikipedia, and who in fact after he died was strongly eulogized at his funeral by his fellow high ranking Democrats, and even though they were well aware that right after he had died a huge amount of cash that he had embezzled had been found in his hotel room.


  4. oh boo hoo. They didn't win so they want some sort of audit and /or recount. Spoiled brats who didn't get their way. Also, John Burton's behavior is reprehensible.


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