East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee slammed President Donald Trump’s reported decision to remove the U.S. from the Paris climate accord, a pact signed in 2015 that includes more than 150 countries seeking to reduce carbon emissions.

“Climate change presents the greatest threat humankind has ever known,” Lee said Wednesday. “We simply cannot afford to let this president unravel the progress on climate change we’ve made as a nation and a global community.

“Retreating from the global climate effort would damage our diplomatic credibility, set the U.S. further behind in the clean energy movement and devastate countless communities and ecosystems in the United States. Once again, the recklessness and ignorance of this president have dealt an irreparable blow to our planet and American leadership.”

Lee speculated the president’s worldview on climate change is formed by his top adviser Steve Bannon, a figure within the administration has regular condemned in recent months as much as Trump, himself.

As editor of Breitbart News, the far-right website routinely published articles asserting global warming a hoax perpetrated by the scientific community and liberals. In the past, Trump singled out the accord for stifling the U.S. economy.


“This decision was no doubt informed by extremists in the White House like Steve Bannon whose lies about the Paris Agreement have been widely disproven and discredited by legal experts and scientists,” said Lee.

Lee’s comments against Trump’s decision and her comments are similar to a growing number of voices in the Bay Area, domestically and international leaders calling it a disaster for the reputation of the U.S. and the planet.