Hayward finally becomes a sanctuary city

It took awhile, but the Hayward City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to join eight other East Bay cities by becoming a sanctuary city.

“We started talking about this just after the election,” said Hayward Councilmember Al Mendall. “It’s taken us a lot of time to get here, but I’m proud of the process.”

It was a sentiment echoed by other Hayward councilmembers, including Elisa Marquez, who had been the most vocal proponent of becoming a sanctuary city over the past months.

As its neighbors to the north–Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and San Leandro–quickly passed sanctuary city resolutions earlier this year, Hayward’s lack of a position was conspicuous, in part, because of its large Latino population.

Instead, the council decided in late January to form an anti-discrimination task force to tackle the overall issue, along with the sanctuary city designation, which was later recommended to the full council on April 19. The city’s administration, though, had argued for months that Hayward was already following the basic principles of sanctuary cities without actually using the term. Doing so might put its federal funding at risk, said the city administration.

“Despite the objective information that suggests we are doing everything we can to protect our population there is still some symbolic matter and some psychological benefit for becoming a sanctuary city,” said Councilmember Marvin Peixoto. “Nonetheless there are still people who are fearful.”

Similar to other East Bay city councils that have become sanctuary cities, there were numerous jabs at President Donald Trump. “Up until this year I never saw a need for this in Hayward,” said Councilmember Francisco Zermeno. “but the administration in Washington changed that.”

Mendall applauded the level of discourse at Tuesday night’s meeting, saying he was proud of Hayward’s public speakers. He then added, “I’m not proud of the current administration in Washington, D.C.”

A number of public speakers, though, were highly critical of a tweet posted early Tuesday morning on the city’s official Twitter account. The tweet was intended to promote the sanctuary city agenda item, however, an attached image of a taco and the phrase, “Let’s taco bout it,” was labelled racist by some and inflammatory by others. The city deleted the tweet three hours later and posted an apology.

Hayward Councilmember Mark Salinas said the tweet was insulting. “The night were talking about sanctuary and taco is tweeted,” he said. “I can’t think of a more racist or horrible image to put out on social media. That tweet took this city back many, many years. That tweet unraveled a lot of work that we convened a task force to fix.”

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  1. By MW:

    Q: Should Hayward have declared itself a sanctuary city, and which it very recently did?

    A: Since a high percentage of the Bay area's larger cities have already declared themselves to be sanctuary cities, the argument has been repeatedly made that therefore any holdouts should cease being holdouts, in other words they should make it unanimous.

    And which is a prime – AND TYPICAL – example of the “quality” of liberal style “thinking.”

    To give just one other example, before Jim Jones (and later of Jonestown infamy) moved to Jonestown, Guyana, he and his sleazy gang were located in the Bay area, and in fact Willie Brown, San Francisco mayor George Moscone, and the SF Chronicle never stopped praising him to the skies. And while Jones was still in the Bay area, the general feeling among a lot of liberals was that he must be wonderful since everybody else “knew” he was “wonderful.”

    However even while Jones was still in the Bay area, a few people realized that he was a sleazeball, scumbag, phony, and charlatan. But those who quickly realized the truth about Jim Jones had themselves and their intelligence constantly insulted by those who “knew” that Jones was “wonderful” and “totally trustworthy.”

    In fact, Harvey Milk, and who was a “liberal,” even wrote a letter to President Carter requesting that Carter force people to stop making insulting remarks about Jim Jones.

    In other words, modern style “liberalism” is heavily infested with extremely “intelligent” and “open minded” people who believe in an “improved” version of “free speech.”


  2. Well said, about Jim Jones. I remember that well. After he killed a thousand people with cyanide in Kool Aid Leo “Joseph Ryan, Jr. (May 5, 1925 – November 18, 1978) was an American teacher and … Ryan was shot and killed in Guyana in November 1978 while investigating claims … During his time in Congress, Ryanwent to Newfoundland with James … led by cult leader Jim Jones, began to filter out of the organization's Guyana …” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Ryan
    “Congresswoman Left for Dead at Jonestown Recalls the Massacre, 37 …
    Nov 18, 2015 – Rep. Jackie Speier knows exactly how it feels to be left for dead. … Leo J. Ryan and four others lay dead nearby, killed by gunfire as they tried to escape Jonestown, the commune built by cult leader Jim Jones.”

    Senator Jackie Speire wrote a bill to fluoridate the rest of California’s when the water companies had enough money. San Jose got their poison Dec. 2016. Fluorosilicic acid has lead, arsenic and cyanide in it. Yet, everyone loves Senator Speier, even though this poison will double cancer death rates with her legislation. The hazardous waste product Fluorosilicic acid lower’s IQs, but Hayward voted in 1971 to add this poison to our water. No matter how much evidence that was presented and put on public record at the city council and school board meetings, no one wants to change the status. Our citizens are followers, not leaders when fluoridation should be stopped, and they do nothing. This poison causes cancer, Down Syndrome, arthritis, crippling bone diseases, spotted teeth, sterilization, and mutates your genes. It ages you faster. This could be easily remedied but the residents don’t give a damn. Speier keeps getting re-elected, even though she is poisoning the public. Her legislation will kill more people than Jim Jones did in Jonestown. You tube: Dr. Dean Burk or http://www.FluorideActionNetwork.org. Hayward re-elects people who can't balance a budget.

    The concern is housing. Hayward is NOT building low income housing. Working a single job, at minimum wage of $11, $88 a day or double jobs $176 a day doesn’t qualify any one to pay rent in Hayward. Will the public be taxed more, to house the new comers? Over crowing in rental units creates slums. The corporate housing, Hayward has allowed to build, should take on a certain amount of the undocumented, for rentals. Should we house new immigrants before the homeless vets and American citizens? Will the undocumented send for their relatives?
    Will they raise the min. wage sooner than the next 4 yrs? Oakland is at $12.84. Will the undocumented get work visas or social security numbers to work and pay taxes? When we have water restrictions is the public willing to reduce even more, for the new comers?
    I want the people living here helped, but Hayward has opened the city for an invasion of new comers, when they can’t take care of Hayward homeless. The city over spends 16.5 million annually, but taxed the public utilities another 20 yrs. How much more do you want to be taxed? How much debt is the city in for pensions?
    • Vet all immigrants and give them health exams. Do we want open boarders and no protection from infectious diseases, the new comers bring?
    • Raise the min. wage and have rent control.
    • Stop all federal foreign aid to others countries, when we need the money here to help the foreigners.

    • Shall we be taxed more for the immigrant’s health care, too?


  3. watching the meeting last night listening to teachers and family about the fear the children now have isn't that their parents fault and nobody else? Their parents rolled the dice entering the way they did and put their kids stay here in jeopardy. Glad it worked out although Hayward can't even get a traffic light right


  4. By MW:

    Concerning the post of 1:36PM and its comments about Jackie Speier and fluoride, I am not nearly familiar enough with the supposed pluses and minuses of fluoridating drinking water to debate the issue or even to have an opinion as to whether or not it is a good idea.

    However as far as Jackie Speier, over the years she has turned into, and even by Bay area “standards,” an unusually extreme example of a good little robot “liberal” who is in favor of whatever is fashionable and considered to be politically correct by the very top leadership of the Democratic Party.

    While Speier might have actually stood for something back in the 1970's when she went with Congressman Leo Ryan to investigate Jim Jones operation in Guyana, however now, and going back for over thirty years, she stands for nothing except for trying to be a neat, cool, and with it politically fashionable and politically correct “liberal” and member of the fad of the month club.

    In other words, Jackie Speier's “thinking” consists of parroting and automatically being in favor of whatever the very top dogs, and such as Feinstein, Pelosi, and the Clintons, etc, in the DP are in favor of.


  5. SO ashamed of Hayward today. Open the floodgates to the illegals and flouting the rule of law. So sick and twisted.

    The official cry of the city: “Come all ye illegals!”

    Sad and sick.


  6. Now called Haywired!


  7. The meeting is open to the public. You all had the chance to ask that the city close “the flood gates.” Maybe you should have had your say in person, instead of commenting on EBC after the decision was made. Don't like the decision? Then vote city council out of office.


  8. Hay wired is right! Did you hear at that meeting that our public officials said,” Our federal immigration laws are unconstitutional and unfair.” Federal law supersedes state law and the laws have been ignored to the point of no return. Now we have a president that wants to stop an illegal invasion, which has been happening for years. We do not have the resources to take in on more welfare or public aid recipients. Haywired is now a safe heaven
    If our state and city councils don’t believe in the nations laws, they need to take them to court and change them. What gives them the right to pick or choose which laws they want to follow? Why should the public follow any laws the council passes? Most of the illegals don’t. How many have car insurance?


  9. Haywired has no fireworks law and yet the bombs burst in air all summer long for the 4th of July. We have dogs off leash. Doughnut sinning young men, who have crashed into cars and houses, because they are just having fun. People sleeping in their cars. In the Tennyson area guns are fired on the streets.
    Hay wired adult men and children walk around with their underwear showing and their pants under their butt checks. Our police have a tough job protecting the residents from gangs. Bring on more south of the boarder gangs, who go unvetted. We have a problem with American drug dealers; we don’t need south of the boarder drug pushers. Some schools in Haywired only speak Spanish. We have fruit stands on the streets, instead of in stores or farmers markets. The council passed laws on how many chickens you can have in backyards. Hay wired is looking like a third world nation. Students are failing. Christmas lights up all year. Permanent death memorials on sides walks, in neighborhoods, not in cemeteries. Graffiti and garbage everywhere. CA legislators want the whole state to be a safe haven. Over crowding. That’s why we have immigration laws and quotas.
    Why don’t we annex Hay wired back to Mexico.CA doesn’t what to be part of the US or follow the constitution. Are they pushing us into the UN’s one world nation under communism?
    If our corrupt legislators, who bankrupted this state, take over all health care, we all lose.
    I plan on moving out of state, soon. It is too expensive to live here. I don’t speak Spanish. I want to live where English is spoken, even with an accent. I want to live with immigrants who assimilate into the laws of order our nation has created for our communities, instead of turning it into what they left behind, a third world nation.


  10. By MW:

    To return to the earlier posts in regard to Jackie Speier, so as to somewhat refresh my memory, I looked up Wikipedia's entry on her, and it mentioned something extremely important that I had forgotten, specifically that she is a graduate of Hastings Law School. And in fact I had not even remembered that she was a law school graduate, let alone a graduate of Hastings.

    (NOTE: Hastings LS, and which is extremely overrated, and supposedly one of the very top few law schools in the entire country, actually is one of the “top” five colleges and universities in the entire US for producing parasites, scumbags, scam artists, embezzlers, money launderers, professional pathological liars, white collar criminals, and crooked lawyers.)

    Anyway, since she is a law school graduate, that “proves” she is an extremely intelligent, totally logical, and all around very superior person, so therefore that means us ordinary and low level peasants should not be allowed to criticize her, make insulting and/or disparaging remarks about her or her “judgment,” or show lack of respect for her in any way whatsoever.

    Some examples of the extreme “superiority” of those who are lawyers and/or law school graduates are Nadia Lockyer, Roy Cohn, John Edwards, Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon, Charles Keating, Allan Robbins, Otto Kerner, and Angela West.

    To learn more about Angela West, and who is a graduate of Harvard Law School, do a word search on her on the Internet by typing in her name and also the word “airport.”

    And of the members of the Kennedy family who have been the very most extreme alcoholics and/or drug addicts, quite a number of them were lawyers.

    So therefore anytime you come within one thousand feet of anyone you even slightly suspect might be a lawyer and/or law school graduate, immediately get down on your hands and knees and get ready to kiss their feet.


  11. By MW:

    Earlier today I checked Jackie Speier's record with the California State Bar, in other words the totally corrupt organization that pretends: one, to monitor and regulate California's lawyers; and two, its main purpose is supposedly to protect the general public from lawyers who are corrupt and/or incompetent – HOWEVER, ACTUALLY THE PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE BAR IS TO PROTECT CROOKED LAWYERS AND TO KEEP THEM OUT OF THE PRISON CELLS SO MANY OF THEM SHOULD BE IN.

    Anyway, Jackie Speier, and whose real first name is Karen (if I remember correctly, her middle name is Jacqueline), does have a law license from the CSB.

    (NOTE: Altho she is a graduate of Hastings Law School, that would hardly guarantee that she would have a law license, and including since many people, and especially a lot of politicians, go to law school simply for the “education,” but without intending to actually practice law. For instance, Nate Miley is a law school graduate, however I am not aware if he ever had a law license and/or ever practiced law. Also, some law school students while in law school come to the realization that the practice of law is basically a cesspool and organized crime ring of lies, fraud, sleazeballs, scumbags, alcoholics, and drug addicts, and therefore get so disgusted by the whole thing, that they decide not to practice law. HOWEVER, JACKIE SPEIER DOES HAVE A LAW LICENSE.)

    So since she was approved by the totally corrupt California State Bar to be granted a law license, and the totally corrupt CSB insists that it has very high standards, that is still more “proof” that she is an extremely wonderful person and of the very highest standards.


  12. If Trump takes us into WWIII and they reinstate the draft, will our young men and women serve, while the undocumented invaders get to live in America, as Americans fight for their freedoms? Is this why we have opened the boarders?


  13. Senator Jackie Speier wrote her fluoride bill in 1995, when Old President Bush (senior) signed the UN’s Rio agreement, to get America into the United Nations and follow the protocols of Agenda 21 Depopulation. Fluoridation amount to legalized murder according, to Dr. Dean Burk, who did the Federal Studies in 1986, at Battelle Memorial Institute. Speier should be tried in The International Court for “Crimes Against Humanity.” Our city councils belong to the ICLEI, and pay dues to belong to the United Nations. Cities were forced to upgrade the water disinfectant to chloramines, ammonia and bleach. These cancer, stroke, sterilization, Down Syndrom, and kidney failure causing poisons are part of Agenda 21 Depopulation. Japan, Europe, and most other nations don’t fluoridate their water or eat GMO foods.We use recycled toilet water and fracking fluids in blended water, for our GMO crops. Biosludge to grow our food in.
    Hayward’s city council and school board has the fluoride studies and chloramines reports. “Chloramine Causes Collateral Health Damage” by Dr. Winn Parker.
    “ Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis”
    By: Anna L. Choi,1 Guifan Sun,2 Ying Zhang,3 and Philippe Grandjean1.4
    1 Department of Environmental health, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston Massachusetts, USA
    These two documents and others are on public record. Most Hayward citizens don’t know how to look public meeting’s records up. Fluoride has been in Hayward’s water since 1971. It low’s IQs and you can tell by the apathy, laziness, and ignorance of the residents NOT to check this out and fight for our lives.
    Google this: John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet

    Book he authored in 1977 advocates for extreme totalitarian measures to control the population
    Dr. Paul Connett has successfully gotten cities to stop fluoridating nation wide and globally.
    Read:”The Fluoride Deception,” by Christopher Bryson and “The Case Against Fluoride.” by Dr. Paul Connett

    So welcome undocumented people. Your health will fail soon from American water and food. You will soon be sterilized and dumbified from lead leaching, our crappy schools, and toxic vaccines. The slow poisoning of the public is acceptable in Hayward.If you can conceive, you have a high chance of having an autistic or learning disabled child. The public re-elects the legislators, who goes along with the poisoning of the public.


  14. By MW:

    Concerning the post of 9:42AM, while I do not know enough about the possible pluses and minuses of adding fluoride to drinking water to debate, or even discuss, the issue, however as far as Jackie Speier and her “commitment” to public “heath” and “safety,” some years ago she became very aware of a situation in which one of the Bay area's largest office buildings, AND WHOSE PRIMARY OWNER WAS EXTREMELY POLITICALLY CONNECTED. AND ALSO VERY CLOSE TO A LOT OF THE BIG BOYS, AND INCLUDING WILLIE BROWN, JOHN BURTON, AND DIANNE FEINSTEIN, was saving a fortune on the cost of its virtually non-stop remodeling projects due to regularly allowing huge clouds of invisible asbestos dust to blow all over the tenants, and she absolutely refused to do anything about it, and most likely due to not wanting to upset such big boys as Brown, Burton, Feinstein, and Pelosi.

    More specifically, that building's primary owner was a major source of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, so therefore the great liberals and wonderful humanitarians who run the Democratic Party did not care how many people he committed slow mass murder against as long as he kept the money flowing to them.

    And altho it was a privately owned office building, it rented a lot of its space to various state agencies, and also to at least one federal agency, so almost certainly in future decades a huge variety of people will be dying from such diseases as mesothelioma and lung cancer that they acquired due to being exposed to asbestos dust in that building.


  15. Trump used a medical excuse to get out of being drafted to serve in 'nam. Bone spurs on his heels. Guess his feet are good enough to stand on and play golf all the time, let alone bear the weight of his porcine body. A sanctuary city designation is not the same as opening the borders. Unless you mean the undocumented invaders are in fact boarders.


  16. ACWD and Alex A. Hayward's PUC director would give you this information. Jackie Speier wrote Title 22,Chapter 15, Article 4.1 of the California Safe Drinking Water Act, to add a hazardous waste product from the fertilizer industry or steel industry to reduce cavities and give health problems to the public. Fluoridation does increase cancer death rates and causes sterilization.


  17. On Face Book someone wrote: Since Hayward is a sanctuary city, residents should hand out the addresses of the city council and mayor, so the new undocumented can park and live in front of their homes. Good Idea!
    The city will now have to open outhouses city wide for the undocumented and homeless. Maybe the council will now build more low income housing, hopefully for the American homeless first.


  18. If Hayward looses federal funds, like San Francisco did, how will we pay our police? How much more will the mayor tax us, to make up the funds we will lose? We need our police and more so, in the near future.


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