Alameda mayor takes heat from LGBTQ community; group gives back pride month proclamation

Some members of Alameda’s LGBTQ community
protesting a photo-op with Mayor Trish Spencer in 
the background to celebrating Pride Month.

Eight years after Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer voted against allowing same-sex curriculum in Alameda schools, members of the LGBTQ community showed up at City Council on Tuesday to reject her proclamation of Pride Month — and to demand an apology.

On Tuesday night, prior to the council meeting, the city held a well-attended celebration in front of City Hall in honor of Pride. But some members of the Alameda LGBTQ community declined to pose for a group photo with the mayor (right). Instead, they formed an equally large alternative photo opportunity next to the city-sanctioned one.

The city’s four councilmembers also joined the protest photo-op, in solidarity with the community’s stance against the mayor’s past positions on LGBTQ issues (see below). Councilmember Frank Matarrese said he intended to take part in both photo-ops, however.

Check out the entire story here.

One thought on “Alameda mayor takes heat from LGBTQ community; group gives back pride month proclamation

  1. By MW:

    Not all that long ago Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley, and who pretends to be a liberal (or at least she is a liberal in other peoples' neighborhoods, but evidently, and just like most liberals, she is not in favor of liberal policies for her own neighborhood), took the position in regard to a proposed road project that she did not want it done, since she thought it would bring more people from Oakland into her hometown, and it seemed she thought a high percentage of Oakland's population was criminally inclined.

    (Nancy O'Malley lives in the city of Alameda.)

    And now it seems we also have some people in the city of Alameda, and including Mayor Trish Spencer, who are in violation of the politically correct position on LGBTQ issues.

    However, Nancy O'Malley's past position on roads and access gave me an idea, and which could also be useful in helping ensure that: one, Trish Spencer loses any battle for re-election; and two, also in the future less people similar to her could win election to high ranking posts in the Bay area.

    I propose that all major roads leading into the Bay area have security guards who will be given the assignment of determining whether the people trying to come into the Bay area are extreme examples of politically correct liberals.

    Anyone who is not will be denied entry into the Bay area, since those who are liberals, or at least pretend to be, are so extremely intelligent and all around superior, that therefore they should not be required to live near, or even associate with, such inferior people as conservatives.


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