Swalwell wants House Intel Committee to subpoena Trump’s tapes if not turned over by Friday

East Bay Congressman and unofficial MSNBC contributor Eric Swalwell said Wednesday that he hopes the House Intelligence Committee subpoena the alleged tapes President Donald Trump suggested on Twitter last month that include private conversations with former FBI Director James Comey. That is, if Trump doesn’t provide the recordings requested by the House Intelligence Committee by this Friday. Some believe Trump’s threat of tapes is merely a bluff on the president’s part.


2 thoughts on “Swalwell wants House Intel Committee to subpoena Trump’s tapes if not turned over by Friday

  1. By MW:

    The House “Intelligence” Committee???? Now that is a funny name for a group.

    In other words, the typical Congressional committee is exactly as deeply committed to real truth, real facts, and real intelligence as Bernard Madoff was to having an honest and competent auditing and accounting service and Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and Pablo Escobar were to having public officials who could not be bribed.


  2. By MW:

    In regard to this item and related issues, most likely before this is all over Eric Swalwell and the Democratic Party will be experts on the subject of “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR, SINCE YOU MIGHT GET IT.”

    And it is truly beyond hilarious such clowns and phonies as Dianne Feinstein suddenly pretending they are against vote fraud and supposedly want honest elections.

    So, and to make Swalwell, Feinstein, Hillary, Eric Holder, and all the rest of the demagogues and charlatans happy, let's have voter ID, and also take any and all necessary steps to help ensure honest elections.

    In other words, does anybody with an IQ higher than his or her shoe size really believe the DP could ever win any major elections, and except for in Washington DC and certain sections of California, and such as for instance in San Francisco, without massive vote fraud.


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