Oakland Councilman Dan Kalb formally announces candidacy for the 15th Assembly District

Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb

Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb made official what just about everyone in East Bay politics has known for months. He’s running next year for the 15th Assembly District seat.

“All through my career, I have dedicated myself to solving big problems by bringing folks together with determination and in good faith,” said Kalb. “Our leaders must get creative to tackle our toughest problems with innovative solutions. I know I can do that in Sacramento because I’ve done it time and time again on the City Council and throughout my career.”

Wonky and sometimes appearing aloof, Kalb nonetheless, has become one of Oakland’s most effective councilmembers since his election in 2012. He backed the creation of a civilian-led Oakland Police Commission, overwhelmingly backed by Oakland voters last year, and led the push for giving the Oakland Public Ethics Commission, more power and financial support to root out corruption.

Kalb’s interest in running for the Assembly first surfaced publicly in early March when after filing an intent to run for the seat he inadvertently suggested on Twitter that current 15th District Assemblymember Tony Thurmond was thinking to run for another office.

In response to news of Kalb filing, he tweeted, “Assemblymember @TonyThurmond doing a great job for #AD15. Only filed [Form] 501 just in case of vacancy.” In April, Thurmond announced his run next year for the state superintendent of public instruction.

The potential high-profile June 2018 primary in the 15th District includes four candidates who have officially announced their candidacies or filed intent to run with the state secretary of state’s office. The 15th District primarily includes Richmond, Berkeley, and North Oakland.

In addition to Kalb, Richmond Councilmember Jovaka Beckles and political consultant Buffy Wicks have announced, while East Bay Municipal Utilities District Board Director Andy Katz has filed an intent to run.

5 thoughts on “Oakland Councilman Dan Kalb formally announces candidacy for the 15th Assembly District

  1. WHATever! Dan tends to do the right thing but you have to push him, sometimes hard to do it. Sick of having those kinds of “leaders” around. He took too much credit for rent control reform and pushed back against tenant advocates in negotiations.


  2. He loves photo opps. Always voting to fund the out of control OPD and doesn't care about basic resident's issues. What about our homeless, Dan?


  3. I understand the overall resentment of public officials, but Kalb has done much more to lead on issues and not just follow. I would say he's the best council person on that city council and I would have never guessed so when he was first elected.


  4. Dan Kalb’s Record of Accomplishments (partial list):

    Oakland Magazine (2016) called Dan “the most effective member of the eight-person (City) Council.” They went on to say “Indeed, his list of accomplishments over the past four years is unmatched in Oakland.”

    Dan’s list of accomplishments includes:
    · Earned the 2015 Outstanding Elected Official award from California Public Library Advocates
    · Served as the lead environmental advocate for a landmark Renewable Energy law signed by Governor Brown in 2011
    · Authored the ordinance to ban the storage and handling of Coal in Oakland
    · Authored the Charter ballot measure to create a civilian Police Commission
    · Took lead role in successfully sponsoring and advocating for state legislation to require ‘kill switch’ anti-theft technology on new cell phones to deter and reduce armed robberies
    · Authored the Charter ballot measure to strengthen Oakland’s Public Ethics Commission
    · Was recognized as the Good Government Politician of the Year (2014) by the East Bay Express
    · Authored the ordinance to set aside a hefty portion of our former Redevelopment tax funds for affordable housing
    · Authored Oakland’s Tenant Protection Ordinance
    · Created joint City-OUSD partnership to reduce chronic absenteeism in public schools


  5. Kalb has not done much. The Ethics Commission now has a bloated staff relative to what it produces, and has done nothing to deter ethics violations by City officials and employees. Overall, he has been unwilling to take on tough problems where he might get push back. The basic cowardly politician. It's unlikely he would be better in the Assembly.


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