Oakland City Council backs inquiry, Trump impeachment: ‘I hope God blesses us with a miracle and gets rid of both Trump and Pence’

“I can’t think of any of my colleagues on this council that voted for Donald Trump,” said Oakland Council President Larry Reid before a number of public speakers lined up to urge the City Council to support a resolution to investigate and possibly impeach Donald Trump.

He was right. The Oakland City Council unanimously voted to approve the resolution Tuesday night and join other East Bay cities, such as Alameda, Richmond, and Berkeley in calling attention to a growing number of allegations against the President for his conduct before and after taking office last January.

“It’s obvious the city has a number of pressing local problems,” said Oakland resident Myra Mitzman. “I urge us to look outside our own gate. When democracy is being threatened so brazenly, we are being threatened.”

Councilmember Dan Kalb, who sponsored the resolution along with Councilmember Abel Guillen and City Attorney Barbara Parker, reiterated it does not immediately call for impeachment of the president, but asks the House Judiciary Committee to begin an investigation into Trump’s alleged misconduct. However, he added, “I think there’s enough evidence for this to go forward.”

After the vote, Reid painfully chuckled and exclaimed, “I hope God blesses us with a miracle and gets rid of both Trump and [Vice President Mike] Pence.”

6 thoughts on “Oakland City Council backs inquiry, Trump impeachment: ‘I hope God blesses us with a miracle and gets rid of both Trump and Pence’

  1. So without Trump and Pence; we would have President Paul Ryan…. Mmmmmm…. Let me give that prospect some thought


  2. By MW:

    It would be interesting if all the cities in the US with a population of 100K or more were immediately given a brand new mayor, brand new police chief, and a brand new city council.

    Exactly half of those cities would be given mayors, police chiefs, and city councils that were totally made up of Donald Trump style conservatives, and the other half would be given mayors, police chiefs, and city councils totally composed of the type of extreme liberals and “wise” and “intelligent” creatures that infest, and already largely control, politics and government in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco.

    In such a case, at least virtually all of the cities run by the conservatives would have very low murder and overall crime rates and be considered very desirable places to live, and at least most of the cities totally run by liberals would deteriorate into crime ridden hellholes that virtually no one, and including most liberals, would want to live in.

    However the liberals, and who wanted safety for themselves and their own children, and therefore lived in an area run by conservatives, would prove that they were still great liberals and wonderful humanitarians by regularly shooting their mouths off and describing the governments in conservative cities at least several miles away from their own homes as composed of a bunch of Neanderthals and racists.

    In fact of the phonies who pretend to be liberals and are also high ranking politicians and/or very wealthy, I bet most of them send their own children to private school, and rather than having them in pubic schools, and where they would be much more exposed to diversity. In other words, most politicians who say they are liberals are actually nothing more than frauds, phonies, demagogues, charlatans, parasites, and pathological liars.


  3. What? There's enough questionable people in local government who should be kicked out of office


  4. It seems the level of corruption goes all the way from the TOP to the BOTTOM. Local politics mimics FEDERAL and STATE. Nothing is exempt from the political octopus of the Neocons, Neolibs, Banksters, Zionists, and Psychopaths. People need to wake up and see the lies coming out of any elected official, from City council all the way to the top. Complete corruption. This is a divide an conquer method to get the masses to fight amongst themselves so we don't notice the corruption at all levels. Look at 9/11, Sandy Hoax, Boston Bombing Hoax, and many more. Investigate Operation Northwoods, Mockingbird, Gladio and start waking up people. The government is not your friend.



    With all the social and economic problems Oakland has, this is what your elected leaders waster their time on? What a joke.


  6. By MW:

    Obviously the types of very superior and extremely intelligent creatures that infest the city councils of such Bay area centers of phony liberalism as Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda do not support and did not vote for Trump.

    However before Jim Jones, and of Jonestown infamy, moved to Guyana, he made the Bay area his headquarters, and while he was still in the Bay area, that sleazy con man and parasite had the very strongest support from a lot of extremely neat, cool, hip, and with it liberal politicians in both the East Bay and San Francisco.

    And in fact Oakland's neat, cool, and with it “liberal” politicians were second only to SF's in their blind, robotlike, and puppet on a string support for Jim Jones.

    And when human trafficker Yusef Bey was kidnapping teenaged girls off the street and holding them for years as his sex slaves, none of the neat, cool, hip, and with it “liberal” politicians in the Bay area, and including in Oakland, gave a hoot.

    And the real reason that Jim Jones for awhile made the Bay area his headquarters was that he realized that if he had stayed in Indiana, the residents there, and being the stupid, unsophisticated, and uneducated hicks that they were, would have immediately seen right through his lies and garbage, but that, and on the other hand, the “geniuses” and “liberals” in the Bay area, and many of whom are really and actually nothing more than “sophisticated,” fancy talking, and “highly educated” submental retards, would be easily conned into going along with any lies, garbage, and nonsense he fed them.

    In fact, let's assume that back in the 1970's, and while Jim Jones was still in the Bay area, all of the East Bay and San Francisco had ben converted into one huge city, and of course had then elected exactly one mayor to run the entire conglomeration. And let's assume that there had been two major candidates for mayor, one of them being Jim Jones and the other candidate someone similar to what Donald Trump is right now.

    In such a case, Willie Brown, the SF Chronicle, and all the big boys in Oakland politics, and including the members of the City Council, would have very strongly and unanimously backed Jim Jones for mayor, and also informed and “educated” the general public to the “fact” that the guy similar to Donald Trump was many times beyond horrible.


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