“I can’t think of any of my colleagues on this council that voted for Donald Trump,” said Oakland Council President Larry Reid before a number of public speakers lined up to urge the City Council to support a resolution to investigate and possibly impeach Donald Trump.

He was right. The Oakland City Council unanimously voted to approve the resolution Tuesday night and join other East Bay cities, such as Alameda, Richmond, and Berkeley in calling attention to a growing number of allegations against the President for his conduct before and after taking office last January.

“It’s obvious the city has a number of pressing local problems,” said Oakland resident Myra Mitzman. “I urge us to look outside our own gate. When democracy is being threatened so brazenly, we are being threatened.”

Councilmember Dan Kalb, who sponsored the resolution along with Councilmember Abel Guillen and City Attorney Barbara Parker, reiterated it does not immediately call for impeachment of the president, but asks the House Judiciary Committee to begin an investigation into Trump’s alleged misconduct. However, he added, “I think there’s enough evidence for this to go forward.”

After the vote, Reid painfully chuckled and exclaimed, “I hope God blesses us with a miracle and gets rid of both Trump and [Vice President Mike] Pence.”