Swalwell voted for House bill that seeks stronger sentences for undocumented immigrants

Rep. Eric Swalwell

A House bill backed by President Donald Trump that would increase minimum prison sentences for repeat offenders of U.S. immigration law was supported Thursday by East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell.

The bill is inspired by the tragic 2015 murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by an undocumented immigrant who had been arrested and deported five times for various crimes before the killing.

Steinle’s death was used to great effect early in Trump’s presidential campaign and rallied supporters worried about undocumented immigrants in the U.S. It also signaled to others an early hint of his animus toward immigrants, in general.

The House bill, dubbed “Kate’s Law,” passed, 257-167, with support from 24 Democrats, including Swalwell, a liberal whose politics nonetheless appear moderate in the uber progressive East Bay.

Swalwell knew Steinle and keeps in touch with her family members, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“This bill is not perfect, and it’s shameful that the Republicans did not allow any debate…. But it does improve our ability to punish individuals who repeatedly break the law and to deter those who may do so,” Swalwell said in a statement.

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5 replies

  1. Good deal, Eric!!!

    This guy ain't no Whortney Stark. Legal immigration, yes. Illegals–deportation all the way. That's fair, legal and the American way!

    We don't do open borders, not since the 19th century.


  2. If I lived in another country, I would wait until Jan 20, 2021 to come to the United States, when that crazy racist xenophobic undereducated Fool is out of the White House, and go back to his regular job of stealing millions


  3. 12:06 I wish I knew who you were so that I could laugh directly in your face. Spoken like the contemptuous, smug, self-righteous toad that you are.


  4. 8:52: am I not telling the truth? What can you deny. Trump isn't a racist? Plenty of evidence to prove that he is. Trump's not xenophobic? Mmm…. Plenty of evidence that he is. Yrump not stilling million? Ever heard of “Trump University?” Perhaps it is time to deal with reality


  5. By MW:

    The “liberals” and a high percentage of the politicians, and including virtually all of the politicians who are members of the Democratic Party, will continue to have a huge variety and totally contradictory positions on immigration, and especially illegal immigration.

    Of course the big boys in the DP will pretend, and especially in regard to the sanctuary ordinances they constantly attempt to have enacted, that their motivations are for humanitarian reasons.

    However, I used to work in a major San Francisco office building, and in fact a building that pretended to be union, in which it was standard procedure to have the majority of the janitorial, and virtually all of the handling and illegal dumping of asbestos debris, done by undocumented aliens, and who would usually be fired without pay, and under threat of being turned into Immigration for deportation if they did not just quietly disappear.

    I repeatedly reported that situation to some of the very highest ranking DP politicians in both SF and the rest of the Bay area, but they did not give a hoot since the building's primary owner was a major source of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes.

    And by the way, Nancy Pelosi's husband is one of the very biggest real estate developers in California. In other words, the biggest reason the highest ranking members of the DP are strongly in favor of sanctuary ordinances is they want unlimited access to extremely low cost undocumented alien slave labor for their own businesses and the businesses of the wealthy white collar criminals who provide them with large election campaign contributions.

    And related to that, those “great humanitarians” that infest the top ranks of the DP do not care how many Kate Steinles will be murdered in the future as long as the white collar criminals who give them large election campaign contributions have unlimited access to extremely low cost undocumented alien slave labor.


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