Bill and Nadia Lockyer

Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, whose brief tenure ended after she resigned due to drug and alcohol addiction, was arrested Thursday in Tuolomne County for spousal abuse. according to the Union Democrat. Nadia Lockyer is married to Bill Lockyer, the former state attorney general and treasurer.

Bill Lockyer, who retired from statewide office in 2015, suffered minor injuries, according to the report.

Nadia Lockyer is currently in a Tuolumne County jail for a mandatory five-day cooling off period, according to the report. She was charged with misdemeanor battery of a spouse. Nadia Lockyer’s blood-alcohol level was reportedly .22 percent at the time of the arrest which occurred at 10:55 a.m. on Thursday.

Earlier this week, Nadia Lockyer accused Bill Lockyer of abuse in a Facebook post. “He hits, hurts me, yells, and I care for my children in between…then he calls people in control to manipulate the situation. I don’t have many options when your hubby is the former “top cop” and is addicted to Ambien.” Nadia Lockyer added another post later that praised her husband.

A similar scenario occurred last March when Nadia Lockyer posted a cryptic message that to some of her followers hinted at suicide.

“My children are the reason i’ve held on this long…but bill’s controlling ways, drugs, and dishonesty publicly have killed me, everything i ever wanted to do to help others, all about my heritage and purpose in life…i’m so very tired of carrying his cross…and my children suffer becuz of it. i can’t put them through it anymore. sabrina, anja, marisa, luke, mark, erik….please take care of my babies. goodbye,” wrote Nadia Lockyer.

She later deleted the posting and replaced it with another and referred to Bill Lockyer as “her wonderful husband.”