Nadia Lockyer arrested for abusing Bill Lockyer

Bill and Nadia Lockyer

Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, whose brief tenure ended after she resigned due to drug and alcohol addiction, was arrested Thursday in Tuolomne County for spousal abuse. according to the Union Democrat. Nadia Lockyer is married to Bill Lockyer, the former state attorney general and treasurer.

Bill Lockyer, who retired from statewide office in 2015, suffered minor injuries, according to the report.

Nadia Lockyer is currently in a Tuolumne County jail for a mandatory five-day cooling off period, according to the report. She was charged with misdemeanor battery of a spouse. Nadia Lockyer’s blood-alcohol level was reportedly .22 percent at the time of the arrest which occurred at 10:55 a.m. on Thursday.

Earlier this week, Nadia Lockyer accused Bill Lockyer of abuse in a Facebook post. “He hits, hurts me, yells, and I care for my children in between…then he calls people in control to manipulate the situation. I don’t have many options when your hubby is the former “top cop” and is addicted to Ambien.” Nadia Lockyer added another post later that praised her husband.

A similar scenario occurred last March when Nadia Lockyer posted a cryptic message that to some of her followers hinted at suicide.

“My children are the reason i’ve held on this long…but bill’s controlling ways, drugs, and dishonesty publicly have killed me, everything i ever wanted to do to help others, all about my heritage and purpose in life…i’m so very tired of carrying his cross…and my children suffer becuz of it. i can’t put them through it anymore. sabrina, anja, marisa, luke, mark, erik….please take care of my babies. goodbye,” wrote Nadia Lockyer.

She later deleted the posting and replaced it with another and referred to Bill Lockyer as “her wonderful husband.”

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  1. She has some serious mental health issues.


  2. Sounds like they're both crying out for help.


  3. By MW:

    We should not let them get divorced, or even to separate. In other words in any situation involving two total nutcases, and especially if they are also alcoholics and/or drug addicts, they should be required to stay with each other, and only with each other, and not be allowed to infiltrate, associate with, and contaminate the normal and general population.

    In fact, we should set up special “leper” colonies to be populated with lawyers and sleazy politicians, and especially lawyers who are also extreme alcoholics and/or drug addicts, and so that way healthy people will not become infected with such diseases as lawyeritis.

    However if we are forced to release her from her present confinement, I can think of a lot of jobs, and especially in the Bay area, that would be absolutely perfect for a person of Nadia's intelligence, honesty, sobriety, and general levelheadedness.

    She could become an arson inspector for a Bay area fire department, since Bay area fire depts are always looking for employees who are nitwits, alcoholics, and professional pathological liars to “investigate” and then declare that obvious arson fires were caused by “bad luck” rather than arson if one of the prime suspects is politically connected.

    She could become an “investigator” for the California State Bar, and then do phony “investigations” definitely “proving” that various sleazy scumbags with law licenses did not embezzle their clients' money.

    She could get a job as an “investigator” for SF city government, and such as perhaps in the Police Dept or DA's office, and where she could go thru the required charades to “prove” that any whistleblower who died a short a time after getting on the wrong side of Willie B. supposedly died of natural causes, a random shot, or suicide, and supposedly was not murdered.

    The above are just a few of the jobs that Nadia would be absolutely perfect for. Or she could get a job with Alameda County's DA's office, County Counsel's office, or Public Works Agency, since three agencies are always looking for phonies, frauds, and professional pathological liars.


  4. By MW:

    All of us individually, and also society collectively, should be extremely happy that we have the Lockyers, since lawyers “know” that they are very intelligent, totally logical, and extremely superior people, and furthermore the extremely sleazy lying alcoholic and drug addicted scumbags that compose a high percentage of the legal profession also know that in any discussions and debates involving both lawyers and laymen, that us laymen should forget our own previous opinions on the subject, and instead automatically accept the lies, garbage, and nonsense from the sleazy lying scumbags with law licenses. So reading about the exploits of the Lockyers gives us laymen further opportunity to become “educated” in regard to the extreme superiority of lawyers.

    In fact lawyers are so extremely superior, that therefore the California State Bar has found it necessary to have a secret system of two sets of books so that laymen do not learn the truth about some of the most interesting items regularly engaged in by those sleazy lying drug addicted scumbags, parasites, and bloodsucking leeches with law licenses.

    So remember, anytime you are near a lawyer immediately get down on your hands and knees and kiss the lawyer's feet.

    In fact, I am going to contact all of the Lockyers' neighbors and emphasize to them that anytime the Lockyers go out for a walk they should brush their teeth and then kiss the Lockyers' feet.




  6. “Nadia Lockyer has the compassion and the understanding we're looking for in our elected leaders. With her experience and background, she has the knowledge to make local government work. The Democratic Party strongly supports Nadia Lockyer for County Supervisor” – Robin Torello, Chair Alameda County Democratic Party

    Time for new leadership @alamedacountydems


  7. Yup, all the union whore boss stooges and patsy torello to boot. All bought and paid for by Boss Lockyer for his trophy wife whore dipsomaniac.


  8. By MW:

    Concerning the post of 7:52PM, while I do not recall ever even hearing or reading the name “Robin Torello” previous to a few minutes ago, in other words when reading the above post, however if: one, RT was really the chair of the Alameda County DP; and two, she also actually said those words in support of Nadia – then the DP was proving that it was really a legitimate political party dedicated to improving the lives of the people of the United States, and not just a sleazy organized crime ring of parasites, demagogues, charlatans, scam artists, professional pathological liars, and bloodsucking leeches that only pretended to be a legitimate political party.

    For further details on the real and actual “standards” of the Demagogue Party, contact Willie Brown, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dianne Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi.

    And for further information in regard to the “standards” of the Demagogue Party, before Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, moved to Jonestown, Guyana, he was headquartered in the Bay area, and especially in San Francisco and Oakland, and the local “liberal” politicians, and including Willie Brown, Harvey Milk, and SF mayor George Moscone, and just like good little robots, unwaveringly supported Jones, and no matter what that sleazeball and scumbag pulled.

    In fact, Jones also had the full and total support of the Scams FraudsFIXso Comical.

    And related to the above, if I had been in charge of Karen Handel's campaign in Georgia, I would not have merely made references to Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco “values, ” but also to San Francisco AREA values, since for decades San Francisco style sleaze and “values” have been migrating to the East Bay.


  9. By MW:

    In regard to any criminal activities either of the Lockyers may have possibly engaged in, or might possibly engage in the future, we should not prosecute them, since we should assume that they are not inherently evil, but instead were led astray by their longterm associations with members of the sleaziest major mafia of all time, in other words the modern American legal profession.

    Just as we allow teenagers and people in their early twenties if they are wealthy to get away with major crimes by allowing some sleazy doubkletalking “expert” with an impressive resume to use a lot of lies to create a defense based on affluenza, similarly such sleazy scumbags as crooked politicians and drug addicted lawyers should not be subject to criminal penalties, and no matter what these parasites and bloodsucking leeches pull. Ask Carole Migden for details.

    In fact related to the “standards” of lawyers, a few months ago there were tons of articles concerning the lies and frauds that Janet Napolitano, in other words UC's head honcho, and her co-conspirators pulled in “editing” and “improving” the answers on supposedly anonymous surveys.

    However, none of the articles I read mentioned that Janet Napolitano is a lawyer. In other words, if your desire is that an organization engage in the very most extreme lies, frauds, and phony “investigations,” then make sure that the organization is infested with that species of sneaky slithering snakes generally referred to as lawyers.


  10. By MW:

    Since Bill is in his seventies, and Nadia is much younger, if I remember correctly in her forties, perhaps Nadia could be prosecuted for contributing to the delinquency of a senior, or perhaps to the delinquency of an old fool.

    (The fact that Bill has stayed with Nadia this long truly gives new meaning to the expression there is “NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL.”)

    And if Bill is not already extremely senile, he very likely will be by the time their recent twins are in high school, and even assuming he is still alive when the twins are in high school.

    If the twins resulted from an intentional pregnancy, and not from an accident, and since Bill is in his seventies, then on that basis alone Bill should be sent to an institution for the extremely senile or the severely mentally retarded.

    In fact since the actuarial tables would indicate that more than likely Bill will not even be around by the time the twins are in high school, and that even if he is, that more than likely he will be non-functional, and that therefore their only parent would be Nadia, in other words the alcoholic, drug addict, and totally erratic and world class nitwit, therefore I would consider bringing babies into such a situation as child abuse.


  11. Hurd dat cum soaked bitch was doing it for the force down International. Dey said spread em, and whore assumed position. Nadia “I'm such a filthy, cheap whore” Lockyer, knows how to go down and put out!


  12. By MW:

    Since Bill Lockyer is in his mid seventies, and Nadia is much younger, I believe in her early or mid forties, in other words not less than about thirty years younger than Bill, that brings up at least a few issues. For instance: one, is Bill now senile; and two, in the practical sense is Nadia now far more his nurse than his wife.

    While obviously in situations in which there is a huge age difference, there is a strong possibility that eventually in the practical sense one will become much more the nurse than the spouse, and certainly when the man is a few decades older and also much wealthier, he can very often find some young and attractive arm candy that is willing to put up with his physical infirmities or potential physical infirmities, since she figures that when he does eventually die she will be left a wealthy woman, and with a few decades left to enjoy the money.

    But a truly scary thought would be to be old and incapacitated and with Nadia “The Total Idiot, Drug Addict, and World Class Dingbat” as your nurse and/or caretaker.


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