How in the heck did Ron Dellums get his name into Trump’s Russian collusion scandal?

Ron Dellums lobbied for the repeal of the
Magnitsky Act, a federal law mentioned
in the growing Russian collusion scandal.

Ron Dellums represented the East Bay in Congress for 13 terms. He later served as mayor of Oakland. Those years in government, apparentely, did little to pad his bank accounts. Dellums, it was reported in 2009, owed the government $293,000 in back taxes.

As Robert Gammon noted in the East Bay Express at the time, the debt threatened Dellums’ re-election as Oakland mayor and may entice him to return to his lucrative government-lobbying job. That’s exactly the road Dellums took.

But now, his lobbying work has oddly brought his name into the Russian collusion scandal currently barrelling toward President Donald Trump and his family.

Dellums has ties to Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, one of the central figures in the release of emails between Donald Trump Jr. and Trump associates that indicate coordination between the Russian government and Trump’s presidential campaign, according to several reports.

The Hill reported Wednesday that California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said in an interview that Dellums had lobbied him last June, just days after the now infamous meeting with Veselnitskaya and Trump, Jr.

The subject of the conversation involved the Magnitsky Act, a federal law that froze the assets of Russian nationals tied to organized crime in connection with an alleged $230 million mob scheme undercovered by a tax attorney named Sergei Magnitsky. Magnitsky was later murdered. Veselnitskaya has long sought to repeal the act.

The Daily Caller also reported a complaint, dated July 15, 2016, from Magnitsky’s former employers, Hermitage Capital Management, with the Department of Justice Foreign Agents Registration Act. In it they alleged Dellums and other lobbyists working for Veselnitskaya had violated the Lobbying Disclosure Act and the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 for failing to disclose their lobbying activities.

According to the complaint, Dellums’ role was to lobby Rohrabacher to remove “Magnitsky” from the title of proposed legislation being discussed in a House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting. The Daily Beast chronicled the meeting and Dellums’ involvement in May 2016.

“According to a U.S. congressional staffer, former California Rep. Ron Dellums and someone named Rinat Akhmetshin showed up Tuesday without an appointment. ‘They said they were lobbying on behalf of a Russian company called Prevezon and asked us to delay the Global Magnitsky Act or at least remove Magnitsky from the name,’ the staffer said. ‘Mr. Dellums said it was a shame that this bill has made it so Russian orphans cannot be adopted by Americans.’”

Dellums has not commented on the subject, but it’s a strange turn of events for one the East Bay’s most decorated members of Congress.

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  1. As a mayor of Oakland- worthless.


  2. Mmm… Not newsworthy. Dellums has been out of the limelight for years. Any news pertaining to him, is not very news worthy


  3. Yeah not newsworthy, especially for his current and former allies still in office in the East Bay. They really don't want this to be newsworthy, especially with Nadia Lockyer back in the news.


  4. The Russian mob needs a safe place too, just like everyone else. Thanks, Ron. If this gig doesn't work out, I'm sure the White House has a job for you, at least for a little while.


  5. Thanks for the information your article brings. I see the novelty of your writing, I will share it for everyone to read together. I look forward to reading many articles from you.


  6. Dellums may have been out of the news limelight for years but his communist affiliations records since the 1970's showed that he was anything but a bystander on the world stage.

    Dellums connections to avowed Marxist dictator Maurice Bishop, Grenada (later executed by harder Marxists led by Coard/DGI), was physically shown in two documents published in the book/study, “The Revolution Lobby”, Alan Brownfeld and J. Michael Waller, 1985, Council for Inter-American Security. They were entitled “Letter from Carlottia Scott to Maurice Bishop about Congressman Ronald Dellums” for whom she was a staffer (and lover of Bishop), and “Dellums' staff aiding Communist counterintelligence?”, among other items about Dellums in this study.

    Dellums support of various Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and Socialist Workers Party (SWP), plus some for smaller Stalinist groups (WWP,etc), are well documents at several online websites such as and, among others.

    And Dellums never denied any of these activities, plus he was a key sponsor of Jane Fonda (Tom Hayden) lobbying against aid to So. Vietnam during the war. In fact, he sponsored Fonda at one such press conference on the Hill and helped the infamous pro-Hanoi group “National Committee for a Citizens Commission of Inquiry on US War Crimes in Vietnam”.

    “Human Events” weekly ran a story about him helping this openly pro-communist/Hanoi group in their Feb. 6, 1971 edition, entitled “Darling of Radic-Libs Opens “War Crimes” Show”, featuring a photo of Dellums and leftist con-artist Jeremy Rifkin (the openly Marxist “Peoples Bicentennial Comission/Peoples Business Commission and a Foundation for Economic Trends, etc.

    Dellums never missed a chance to sponsor/join any anti-American, communist/Marxist organization be it involved with SE Asia, Grenada, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, anti-Defense, and possibly some PLO front operations in the US.

    You can find many of these documented at the two websites I listed above.

    Dellums is a Marxist and apparently always has been. So be it. In America you can be an enemy of democracy but his involvement with the reds has gone far beyond a superficial role.

    What comes out of the Russian collusion efforts of the Democrats, Fusion GPS and Natalia's operation could put the final nail into Dellums' lifelong efforts on behalf of Marxism.

    And, a little greediness, aka the Clinton Family Foundation, never hurt leftists either.


  7. By MW:

    Even based on the “standards” of Bay area “liberals,” Dellums is an unusually strong example of one of those phonies who pretends to be interested in helping the general public, but is actually just out to make as much as much money as possible for himself.

    Or as one author put it, “IF YOU CAN FAKE SINCERITY YOU HAVE GOT IT MADE.”

    In fact, the immediately above quote is a good summary of the real and actual philosophy of the Clintons, John Edwards, and most Bay area politicians, and including both Feinstein and Pelosi.


  8. By MW:

    In regard to the conduct, charades, and phoniness of Ron Dellums, one of the very most profitable ways, and in fact quite likely the very most profitable way, to rip people off is by pretending to be a liberal.

    For more details, in addition to Ron Dellums also contact Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dianne Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi.

    And along those lines, and in the East bay, and in addition to Ron Dellums, we also have such characters as Nate Miley and Libby Schaaf.


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