Alameda County Dems say sheriff’s spokesman who mistakenly retweeted white supremacist should be replaced

Alameda County Sgt. Ray Kelly said his retweet of white supremacist Richard Spencer Monday night was a mistake, according to multiple news reports.

“It’s 2017, the person in charge of your official Twitter account should be expected to know how to use Twitter” said Robin Torello, the chair of the Alameda County Democratic Party.

A day after the retweet, which included a hour-long video of Spencer following the Charlottesville tragedy last weekend, the Alameda County Democratic Party condemned the tweet and called for Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern to reassign Kelly from his duties as spokesperson.

“If Sgt. Ray Kelly’s actions were truly in error, then the Alameda County Sherriff’s Department should take immediate steps to ensure this type of error never happens again,” said Torello.

“At a minimum, Sgt. Ray Kelly should be relieved from his duties with regards to the Department’s social media accounts, a person with demonstrated technical expertise should be put in charge of electronic communications, and a ‘101’ training on social media use should be conducted with the Department’s current Public Information Team”.

Torello added, “Given the Department’s recent history and actions by the current Sheriff and their PIO team, an apology alone will not suffice.”

Alameda County leaders say Monday night’s incident “fits what is becoming a disturbing pattern on behalf of the department.”

In the wake of the Trump’s administration’s focus on undocumented immigrants, Ahern has been heavily criticized by local Democratic Party leaders, in addition, to activists for what is viewed as his willingness to coordinate with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

4 thoughts on “Alameda County Dems say sheriff’s spokesman who mistakenly retweeted white supremacist should be replaced

  1. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 1:43PM, if I was a streetwalker, and in fact even if I was the very lowliest streetwalker, I would be extremely insulted to be compared to a politician.


  2. Torrelo is a washed-up, ultra-liberal whore shill who prostitutes herself for the fringe leftist elements.

    Bitch is pathetic.


  3. By MW:

    All of us should take the great opportunity to become more educated, more intelligent,and overall much better people by taking instructions from such creatures of honesty, integrity, sincerity, and ethics as Robin Torello.

    And in fact to prove how extremely wonderful Robin Torello and her co-conspirators are, certainly they would never have tried to feed us a lot of lies, garbage, and nonsense to try to convince us that a drug addicted joker such as Nadia Lockyer was a splendidly well qualified for Alameda County Supervisor and that we should vote for her, and instead of any other candidate.

    NOTE: So as to avoid hurting Robin Torello's feelings, I will not mention that the word politician starts with a “P,” and just like the word “parasite” and the term “professional pathological liar.”

    In fact, let's get rid of all the sleazy high ranking Bay area politicians who knew that Nadia was a dingbat, drug addict, and total idiot, but, and as a favor to Bill Lockyer, tried to con us into voting for her.


  4. Who provided the quote attributed to “Alameda County leaders”? Alternatively, if it was given as unattributed, that would be good to note clearly.


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