Bonta on Charlottesville: ‘This is not who we are.’ Says no permits should be given for hate rallies

Assemblymember Rob Bonta

East Bay Assemblymember Rob Bonta says President Donald Trump‘s comments last weekend asserting a moral equivalence between white supremacists marching in Charlottlesville and protesters marching in opposition were “irresponsibly and dangerously stated.” On two separate occasions, Trump suggested blame for the death of one counter-protester and injuries to 19 others last Saturday rested on “many sides.”

“This in not who we are,” wrote Bonta in a lengthy piece posted on social media Wednesday night and emailed to followers of his assembly campaign.

“The bully pulpit and the moral authority of the Office of the President matters. Trump has completely abdicated any such authority he may have once had,” Bonta wrote. “Rather than bring us together and help us heal and unite, he has fomented division and bigotry and given permission–even encouragement–to hate.”

Some of the same white supremacy groups that caused injuries and significant property damage during a march last April in Berkeley helped organize last weekend’s protest in Charlottesville. They intend to return to Berkeley and San Francisco on Aug. 27, according to some media reports.

Berekeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin said earlier this week that permit applications for such a march has not been received by the city.

But, in light of the Charlottesville tragedy, Bonta believes cities in the Bay Area should not approve permits for these types of events.

“These dangerous groups now feel emboldened and are planning many more rallies around the country, including here in our communities. While peaceful expression and association is a fundamental right, violence and doing physical harm to others is not,” wrote Bonta.

“With the backdrop and given the recent experience of Charlottesville, rally permits should not be issued to allow them to hold local gatherings where violence and hatred will be spread. Violence and terror is not free speech.”

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  1. By MW:

    When I read that garbage and nonsense from Bonta, I said to myself that he is probably a lawyer, and since a high percentage of lawyers, and virtually all Bay area lawyers, hate free speech.

    (NOTE: In fact one extremely prominent liberal lawyer, in fact he was even a graduate of Harvard Law School, for awhile was fanatically pushing for an “improved” form of “free speech” in which it would be illegal to make disparaging remarks about the legal profession. His position was so totally ridiculous, that therefore if I had had an opportunity to interview him, I would have asked him if he was a “sophisticated,” fancy talking, and “highly educated” sub mental retard.)

    If Bonta is against allowing certain types of rallies, does he also think that the mobs of politically correct and “highly educated” mental retards that for months noisily protested outside the house where a lot of the Duke lacrosse team players lived should not have been allowed to voice their opinions!!!

    And how about the large groups that for months during the LBJ Administration noisily protested outside the White House as part of their attempts to end US involvement in Vietnam!!!

    And how about the groups that protested against Clarence Thomas being nominated to the Supreme Court.

    And how about the rallies and protests in the 1950's and 1960's against racial segregation!!!

    Or are only liberals allowed to engage in protests and free speech!!!

    In other words, even if Bonta hates conservatives and is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are stupid, evil, and horrible people, adding all sorts of restrictions against free speech: one, will lead to a slippery slope; and two, furthermore in the long run will eventually harm liberals, and such as for instance Bonta, far more than it will harm conservatives.


  2. Trump is a complete disgrace and should resign.

    Not sure we need to let a bunch of pale, clammy, whiny mama’s boys, racist losers and Nazis force us to change our laws, i.e. the Constitution that we've successfully defended against Nazis and Confederates, just because they want to prance around seeking attention. The Constitution and our country are more resilient than we give them credit for, and a helllllllllllllaaaaa lot more so than the aforementioned collection.

    Take away their weapons and let them spew their shit that only about 2-3% of the population and Donald Trump agree with.


  3. By MW:

    If we are basically going to make it illegal to have rallies that some consider to be hate rallies, let's also make it illegal to have hate campaigns in general.

    However it we did that, we would be putting out of business a lot of sleazy organized crime and kidnapping rings that pretend to be law firms. (Ask Ron Bonta and Willie Brown for details.)

    For instance when some whistleblowers came forward with the truth about Lance Armstrong's use of steroids to win bicycling races, some sleazy lawyers declared all out war on the whistleblowers and tried to destroy the whistleblowers and ruin their lives.

    And of course the same thing almost always happens whenever a whistleblower comes forward and tells the truth about all sorts of things, and such as for instance a large corporation engaging in illegal dumping of toxic and hazardous materials or secretly exposing tenants, employees, and customers to invisible clouds of asbestos dust.

    For instance, I complained about and tried to stop a major office building's secret policy of allowing its tenants to be regularly exposed to invisible clouds of asbestos dust (the cost of that building's virtually non-stop remodeling projects would have drastically increased if the proper steps had been taken to limit the spread of invisible clouds of asbestos dust), and which caused a lawyer in one of SF's largest, sleaziest, and most politically connected law firms to rant and rave and yell and scream at me for my engaging in the “outrageous” activities of: one, objecting to that practice; and two, also informing the tenants what had been going on.

    Approx 2.2 million people die in the United States every single year. And certainly at least a few hundred of those are premature deaths caused by such things as people being secretly and unknowingly exposed to asbestos and other toxic and hazardous substances, hospital administrators who do not give a hoot about proper sanitation, and various legislators, and many of whom pretend to be liberals, who are controlled by money from the tobacco companies.

    And as co-conspirators in the whole thing are crooked lawyers and sleazy organized crime and kidnapping rings, but which pretend to be law firms and supposedly involved in deposition and discovery, that insist on sealed settlements anytime a whistleblower comes forward with the truth.

    We are in many times more danger from crooked lawyers and organized crime and kidnapping rings that pretend to be law firms than we are from a relatively small group of marchers that might include some Nazis.

    If “only” 300K people die prematurely annually in the US due to crooked lawyers covering up the truth about toxic and hazardous conditions, since there are approx. 8,000 hours in a year, that is approx forty people every single hour being murdered due to crooked lawyers.

    But of course such creatures as Bonta, Barbara Boxer, the Clintons, Feinstein, Obama, Pelosi, and Jsckie Speier are not going to complain about that, instead they would much rather talk about gun control and Nazis, since sleazy lawyers and crooked law firms are major sources of election campaign contributions to the Democratic Party.


  4. MW –

    I don't think we would tend to show up at the same rallies, and the aforementioned, including Barbara Boxer, are not “creatures”. I do agree with you that free speech (when it is speech and not violence, sedition or incitement to riot) is fundamental.

    Maybe Mr Bonta will realize that the real way to defeat the Nazi/Klan element (and I think they are already defeated and not in serious contention for anything other than getting soon-to-be-not-President Trump to read their Tweets) is to speak out with our own truth (so that all can see where we stand as a whole) while showing the Nazis our backs and starving them of the attention that those misfits so desperately seek. Arrest 'em if and when they break the law. Let them dry up and wither away in the sun.

    The idea that we need extra protection from the heroic but overly-reactive Rob Bonta is one that, in the long run, tends to raise their profile and raise suspicions among the populace (….if Rob Bonta doesn't protect me from the others, some of whom might be my neighbors, and repress their speech, we are doomed!….). Mr. Bonta is right that Trump is unfit for office (if there is someone we need protection from, it is Trump), and that the Klan / Nazis are not who we are; but we also aren't a people so fearful of a bunch of losers that we need to repress their heinous, but otherwise legal speech. That is not who we are either, and it's not a good long-term strategy.


  5. By MW:

    In my post of 7:11AM, the second line of the fifth paragraph from the bottom should read –

    And certainly at least a few hundred THOUSAND of those are premature deaths caused by such things as…

    But of course the highest ranking Democrats, and including Bonta, Boxer, the Clintons, Feinstein, Pelosi, and all the rest of them, will get infinitely more fired up about the relatively few deaths at Sandy Hook and 101 California Street than they will about the at least hundreds of thousands of deaths that occur every single year because of coverups arranged by crooked lawyers and sleazy law firms, and including since crooked lawyers and sleazy law firms are major sources of election campaign contributions to the highest ranking Democrats in Congress.

    Estimates of the number of people who die every year in the US from hospital acquired infections vary from 80K to 240K. Crooked lawyers and sleazy law firms are major co-conspirators in allowing, protecting, and covering up most of those incidents by threatening whistleblowers into silence.

    In regard to the number of people who die ever year in the US in fires, I have heard estimates of anywhere from about 2500 to nine thousand. Many of those fires result from arson, and often arson arranged by sleazy lawyers with ties to organized crime.

    And to then “prove” that those fires supposedly resulted from “bad luck” and supposedly not from arson, all a crooked law firm has to do is pay a bribe to members of the local fire department and/or a large fee to a retired former arson “investigator,” and who is now self employed as an “expert” and a “consultant,” and who in exchange for a large fee will produce a report “proving” that an arson caused fire supposedly resulted from “bad luck” rather than arson.

    In fact, I complained about a major SF office building that as standard practice was causing its tenants and visitors, etc, to be regularly exposed to invisible clouds of asbestos dust.

    So before CAL OSHA could do a followup and more thorough investigation, the building's primary owner and many of his closest associates, and including some of his lawyers, most of whom were based in the San Diego area, flew up to SF for a few days of meetings.

    Then they flew back down to San Diego, and then a few days later the building went up in flames at exactly 3AM in the morning in a multi million dollar fire. (NOTE: 3AM is the standard time for arson fires in office buildings when the fire is arranged by a “torch” working for organized crime.)

    It was the largest fire SF had had in decades, and just by “coincidence” it also did most of its damage to the portion of the building that had most of the major asbestos problems.

    However since the building's primary owner was as politically connected as could be, and with close ties to most of the big boys in San Diego, SF, Sacramento, and Washington DC, therefore the SF Fire Department's arson squad “investigators” came up with the laughable conclusion that supposedly the fire was caused by “bad luck” rather than arson.


  6. There is no true freedom of speech if we do not allow those whose message we most detest to speak. The cost of freedom is having to listen to those whose message is most repugnant. Be careful what you wish for because some communities may decide to ban Black Lives Matter rallies.


  7. By MW:

    If we allow whichever group is in power at a particular moment to deny the right of free speech to its opponents by declaring its opponents to be horrible people, then we will eventually turn into a dictatorship.

    In fact, world history, and including in the United States, is full of examples of people who “knew” that their “thinking” was “totally correct” and that their opponents were both “stupid” and “evil,” and therefor used that as a basis to attempt to deny free speech to their opponents.

    To give just a few examples. Before Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, moved to Jonestown, Guyana, he was using Northern California, and especially Oakland and San Francisco, as his headquarters. And while Jones was still in the Bay area, a lot of people had already figured out that he was a phony, parasite, and world class scumbag.

    However while he was still in Northern California, he continued to enjoy the absolute and total backing of the SF Chronicle, Harvey Milk, Willie Brown, and SF mayor George Moscone, and who all “knew” he was “wonderful.” Willie Brown and Moscone were not only both lawyers, but also both graduates of Hastings Law School. (It is truly amazing some of the things that Hastings LS graduates have “known” beyond a shadow of a doubt.)

    Extreme “liberal” Harvey Milk even wrote a letter to President Carter requesting that Carter force people to stop saying nasty things about Jim Jones. In other words Harvey Milk, and just like most “liberals,” believed in an “improved” form of “free speech.”

    And another Bay area “liberal” who believes in an “improved” form of “free speech” is Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley. It is truly something to behold the way Miley sometimes rants and raves and yells and screams when someone says something that Miley “knows” is “stupid.”

    In other words, Miley often tries to intimidate people into silence when they mention facts that contradict his lies, garbage, and nonsense. So let's make the extremely intelligent and man of great integrity Nate Miley in charge of deciding who is allowed to hold a rally and/or engage in free speech.


  8. By MW:

    So Bonta declares “This is not who we are.” However if Bonta really stood for truth, justice, and principle, and not for just being a politically correct Democratic Party windbag who pretends to be a great liberal and wonderful humanitarian, he would do something about the sleazy organized crime and kidnapping rings, but which pretend to be law firms, that are co-conspirators of the white collar criminals who as standard practice use undocumented aliens as unwitting and unprotected dupes for the cleanups and illegal dumping of toxic and hazardous materials.

    According to what I have read, the average undocumented alien Mexican young man who comes to the United States while in his late teens or early twenties and then remains here for the rest of his life has a total lifespan of approx. forty -eight years.

    Q: So why would most of them not be living into their seventies or eighties!!!!

    A: Almost certainly far and away the biggest reason would be that so many of them are regularly, AND GENERALLY SECRETLY AND UNKNOWINGLY, exposed to hazardous and toxic materials, and including asbestos and all sorts of poisonous chemicals.

    Also, and to give just one example of the health hazards undocumented aliens are often exposed to in the United States, many utility companies save a fortune on the cost of cleanups of hazardous materials by, and rather than doing the jobs properly, instead subcontracting the jobs to those particular janitorial contactors that specialize in hiring and supplying undocumented aliens.

    In fact, I used to work in a huge SF office building in which it was standard practice to use undocumented aliens as unwitting and unprotected dupes for the cleanups and illegal dumping of asbestos debris. However since the building's primary owner was as politically connected as could be, and also had close relationships with most of the DP's very highest ranking politicians, and including in SF, Sacramento, and Washington DC, and who all “knew” that he was a “legitimate” businessman and a “wonderful” person, therefore he was totally immune from prosecution.

    In fact while that guy was still alive I had employees of both Immigration and US Customs tell me they were well aware that guy was a major trafficker in undocumented aliens, a Mafia money launderer, a drug smuggler, and in general as organized crime connected as could be, but the word was that he was so politically connected and powerful, that therefore if they had tried to arrest him they would have been fired on trumped up charges.

    And of course his co-conspirators included a lot of sleazy lawyers and law firms who would take handle such things as: one, paying under the table bribes to judges; two, engaging in scripted, choreographed, and prearranged “investigations” to “prove” that he and his partners were not guilty of anything; and three, anything else necessary to keep him out of prison.

    Among the high ranking DP politicians who knew that guy extremely well, and also “knew” he was “honest” and “wonderful,” were Willie Brown, Dianne Feinstein, and Bill Lockyer.


  9. It's not? Where have Bonta been? This country was founded on White supremacy. it's totally unacceptable and horrendous; but let's not act as if it is a new phenomenon


  10. 11:42AM – a name?


  11. By MW:L

    A message to 9:55PAM.

    The name of that organized crime connected money launderer, and who engaged in so much PR that therefore – and no matter how much asbestos debris his activities caused to be secretly spread around AND INTO PEOPLE's LUNGS – some gullible persons were fooled into thinking was a wonderful person, town father, and pillar of the community, was M.L. Lawrence, and who was also known as M. Larry Lawrence, and most commonly as just Larry Lawrence. (The “M” in his name stood for Maurice.) He was also the primary owner of a huge and word famous resort in the San Diego-Coronado area, a property that was a major part of his organized crime connected money laundering activities.

    However he was far sleazier and even many times phonier than Bernard Madoff. But Dianne Feinstein loved his money so much, that therefore she even became the primary person in the US Senate and its Foreign Relations Committee in arranging for that organized crime kingpin, but who pretended to be a legitimate businessman, to become the US Ambassador to Switzerland, a position that undoubtedly gave him still many more opportunities to engage in organized crime money laundering for himself and his friends.

    And when CAL OSHA started investigating the asbestos violations at a huge SF office building he was the primary owner of, before CAL OSHA could complete its investigation the building suddenly went up in flames at 3AM in the morning, in other words the standard time for multi million dollar arson fires in office buildings when the fire is arranged by a “torch” working for organized crime.

    However Lawrence and Willie Brown were very close. So, and not surprisingly, the SF Fire Department came up with the laughable conclusion that the fire had been caused by “bad luck” rather than arson.



  1. ‘This is America,’ where white insurrection is tolerated and Black protest suppressed – HIPPA

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