Barbara Lee wants to cut salaries for controversial Trump aides

North Bay Rep. Jared Huffman and East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee wants to punish two of President Donald Trump’s top aides where it hurts–in the checkbook. Huffman and Lee introduced an amendment Friday to a government spending bill that would cut off the salaries of Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka.

Along with former National Security Advisor Steve Bannon, Lee, for one, has strongly opposed each for what she believes is anti-immigrant and racist policies.

“Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller have long embraced the views of white supremacists, white nationalists and Neo-Nazis,” Lee said on Aug. 15. “These prejudiced ideologies have no place in the highest office in our land. I urge President Trump to remove Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka from the White House without delay.”

But two-thirds of the trio appear to be doing Huffiman and Lee’s work for them.

Earlier this month Bannon resigned and rejoined Breitbart News and just as Huffman and Lee’s amendment was introduced, Gorka also resigned.

While Lee applauded Bannon’s removal from the White House, she told The Hill on Friday, “Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller’s continued presence in the West Wing ensure that Steve Bannon’s sick ideology will persist in this Administration. Now is the time for Congress to take a clear stand against hate and refuse to authorize salaries of White House officials who embrace the views of white supremacists, white nationalists and Neo-Nazis.”

Miller earns $179,700 a year serving as the assistant to the president, according to records. Gorka, before resigning received $155,000 as deputy assistant to the president.

A deeply partisan amendment such as the one introduced by Huffman and Lee faces a difficult road for inclusion with a Republican House majority. The matter is scheduled for discussion next week.

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4 replies

  1. I'm sure this will make them change their ways


  2. By MW:

    Many legislative bodies, and including the US Senate and House of Representatives, and also the California state legislature, are primarily populated by zombies, stooges, and puppets on a string who vote however their party's leadership directs them to. Such creatures should not only not receive a salary, but should be placed in a home for the severely mentally retarded.

    Alameda County's DA's office, County Counsel's office, and Public Works Agency are heavily infested with extremely highly paid creatures, but who pretend to be experts, who specialize in engaging in “investigations,” and often taking months to complete those “investigations,” that are of much lower quality than if we hired virtually any ten year old child to look into the matter, and even gave him only a few minutes to research the issue.

    (The main purpose of the “experts” in AC's DA's office, County Counsel's office, and Public Works Agency, and after going through their scripted, choreographed, and prearranged “investigations,” is to “prove” and rubberstamp whichever policies the Board of Supervisors is in favor of. So those useless jokers and professional pathological liars would be extremely overpaid even at only ten cents per year.)

    A lot of judges all over the country, and especially in San Francisco, are nothing but stooges and puppets on a string for a local political boss.

    Hopefully the local agencies in Houston are not nearly as infested with liars, phonies, jokers, and incompetents as the Bay area's govt agencies, since the Bay area's govt agencies are heavily infested with creatures whose primary skill is making things worse.


  3. Barbara Lee is a fascist. How pathetic.

    But I'm sure her ignorant base is eating it up. And I know her base. They tried to get me fired from my job because they didn't like my politics. Wake up Bay Area and look at who you–in your zeal to be more virtuous and more sophisticated than the rest of the nation–are supporting.


  4. By MW:

    Barbara Lee never objected to Nadia Lockyer drawing a salary, and in fact of over 100K per year, even after it was proven that Nadia was a drug addict (and Nadia eventually, and while she was still in public office, even admitted she was a drug addict), and Nadia was also regularly making statements of far below even the severely mentally retarded level.

    Barbara Lee never objected to Nancy Pelosi drawing a salary even after Pelosi made the far below even severely mentally retarded statement “YOU CAN READ IT AFTER WE PASS IT.”

    Barbara Lee never objected to Gruber collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal money as part of Pelosi's and Gruber's charade, and in which Gruber, and at Pelosi's request, manufactured the intentional lies and garbage “proving” this and that.

    (NOTE: Since Gruver is a professional pathological liar for hire, and who in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars will do the phony “research” to “prove” anything you want “proven,” if he had not become an economist, he could have become a “brilliant” and high priced lawyer, since he has the type of “honesty” and “integrity” that most politically connected law firms want, love, and demand.)


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