Pressure builds on Piedmont elected official to resign over offensive social media comments

The Piedmont City Council says Jeff Wieler, who stepped down as mayor last Sunday, should also resign as a councilmember.

Wieler resigned earlier this week after a number of Piedmont residents became upset over a series of derogatory social media comments he made recently against Black Lives Matter and members of the transgender community, among subjects

The comments, since deleted by Wieler, were nonetheless read into the record by a Piedmont residents during a council meeting on Aug. 21.

Wieler was appointed mayor by the council last year. Piedmont voters do not directly elect a mayor, but, instead, chosen by the sitting council. The five-person council is also a volunteer position and unpaid.

But merely suffering a demotion from mayor to councilmember may not be enough for the community and his council colleagues.

Piedmont Councilmember Tim Rood said Wednesday in a posting to followers on Facebook that the city has very little legal and legislative recourse to reprimand Wieler, nor remove him from office.

Instead, Piedmont residents could organize a recall movement to remove Wieler, said Rood, who added he hopes Wieler leaves office on his own.

“I hope Mr. Wieler does the right thing and resigns from office, and I look forward to putting this matter behind us and getting back to the City’s important business,” he added.

Other Piedmont elected officials are joining Rood.

Acting Mayor Bob McBain told the East Bay Times Wednesday that he urged Wieler to resign during a recent phone call. McBain said he made the call on behalf of the other three members of the council.

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5 replies

  1. By MW:

    Since Piedmont has a fairly small population, I believe under 12K, most likely the position of mayor and members of City Council are considered to be very part time positions, and therefore pay little or no salary.

    In fact in towns of similar size usually the mayor and city council members, and so as to produce the income necessary to support their families, have full time jobs, generally Monday thru Friday 9AM to 5PM, totally unrelated to their positions with the city government, and therefore do most of their city government work in the evening, and for little or no pay.

    If that is the situation with Jeff Wieler, since he committed the crimes of: one, exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech; and two, making statements that the phonies who pretend to be liberals objected to – therefore merely removing him from the City Council is not nearly sufficient punishment.

    Instead, we should at the bare minimum arrange to have him fired from any fulltime employment he has, and preferably then also have him tarred and feathered and then rode out of town on a rail, or better yet hung, drawn, and quartered and then burned at the stake.

    And then afterwards all of the phonies who pretend to be liberals can issue some more statements about how they believe in free speech.


  2. Mr. Weiler has now resigned, reportedly. Trimp should do the same. Contrast that with a past mayor of Berkeley who went about personally stealing hundreds of copies of newspapers that endorsed his campaign opponent. BTW, those copies would be a product of something called, in the Bill of Rights, “the press”…, no, I'm not talking about Nicolas Maduro, he's from Venezuela. I'm talking about Tom Bates, past and current darling of so many self-nominated “progressives”. Maybe he should have resigned. Not much for defending the spirit of the Constitution, him. Let Mr. Wieler serve as an example for how those who, in the name of being anti-Trump or being progressive (or pro-Trump, Mr. Nunes, e.g.), showboat to the point of egregious excess should, in the aftermath, make an exit without dragging the rest of us down.


  3. His comments are his own and having nothing to do with his council position. The radical liberal whores should leave him the hell alone and go where the sun don't shine!


  4. Life is a bitch when you have to answer for your own stupidity.


  5. Life is a bitch when you have to put up with ultra-radical liberal whores who wouldn't know the meaning of 'stupidity' if it walked up and kicked their asses.


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