The Piedmont City Council says Jeff Wieler, who stepped down as mayor last Sunday, should also resign as a councilmember.

Wieler resigned earlier this week after a number of Piedmont residents became upset over a series of derogatory social media comments he made recently against Black Lives Matter and members of the transgender community, among subjects

The comments, since deleted by Wieler, were nonetheless read into the record by a Piedmont residents during a council meeting on Aug. 21.

Wieler was appointed mayor by the council last year. Piedmont voters do not directly elect a mayor, but, instead, chosen by the sitting council. The five-person council is also a volunteer position and unpaid.

But merely suffering a demotion from mayor to councilmember may not be enough for the community and his council colleagues.

Piedmont Councilmember Tim Rood said Wednesday in a posting to followers on Facebook that the city has very little legal and legislative recourse to reprimand Wieler, nor remove him from office.

Instead, Piedmont residents could organize a recall movement to remove Wieler, said Rood, who added he hopes Wieler leaves office on his own.

“I hope Mr. Wieler does the right thing and resigns from office, and I look forward to putting this matter behind us and getting back to the City’s important business,” he added.

Other Piedmont elected officials are joining Rood.

Acting Mayor Bob McBain told the East Bay Times Wednesday that he urged Wieler to resign during a recent phone call. McBain said he made the call on behalf of the other three members of the council.