Brooks, Kaplan, Gallo to offer Oakland council resolution supporting restoration of DACA

Later this month, three Oakland councilmembers will introduce a resolution offering the city’s support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that was rescinded Tuesday by the Trump administration.

The executive order issued under President Barack Obama in 2012 allows undocumented immigrant minors who were brought to the U.S. before 2007 an opportunity to stay in the country and are allowed work permits for renewable two-year periods.

The announcement Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Justice set off a wave of opposition, including a strongly-worded statement from Obama calling the action, “self-defeating.”

“To target hopeful young strivers who grew up here is wrong, because they’ve done nothing wrong,” tweeted Obama, along with a full statement.

Oakland’s response via a resolution in support of DACA will be introduced by Councilmembers Desley Brooks, Rebecca Kaplan and Noel Gallo at the Oakland City Council meeting on  Sept. 19.

“We are sickened and saddened by Attorney General [Jeff] Sessions announcement winding down and rescinding DACA. We know that immigrants strengthen our country. We know that diversity strengthens our country. We have seen how DACA has let scores of young people come out of the shadows and pursue fuller, richer lives – and we will fight tooth and nail to protect and defend DACA for those young people and for the next generation,” according to a joint statement issued Tuesday.

“Ending this program further demonstrates that President Trump is committed to an agenda of white supremacy that runs counter to the values of inclusion and diversity that we hold dear in this country. Oaklanders stand in direct opposition.”

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  1. By MW:

    IN REGARD TO DACA – and the support it gets from the very highest ranking members of the Democratic Party.

    The so called “liberals” who occupy the very highest ranks of the Democratic Party, in other words such creatures as Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, SF Mayor Ed Lee, and the Clintons, etc, and such local East Bay characters as Brooks, Gallo, Kaplan, and so forth, are not only demagogues, charlatans, and scam artists, but they are also extremely stupid.

    In other words, they are far too stupid to realize that no matter how much noise they make and no matter how much they yell and scream, about the only ones they are impressing are themselves and some of the more gullible reporters in the mainstream media, but for some years now almost every single time they shoot off their big mouths they convince still more of the lower ranking people who used to consistently vote for Democrats in elections, that the DP has become the enemy of the little people and the ordinary working man.

    And that, and not even Hillary's sleaziness, was the biggest reason the DP lost the recent presidential election. Of course for several years now, and even before Hillary ran for president in 2016, more and more of the people who “back in the old days” had almost always voted the straight DP line had been starting to realize the truth about the leadership of the DP, and which is why for some years now the DP has been getting slaughtered in elections.

    So General Gallo, General Brooks, General Kaplan, General Pelosi, Generals Clinton, and all the rest of the big boys in the DP, please keep on shooting your mouths off, since I want as many as possible of the buck privates in the DP to learn that they have been soldiers in an army that has its leadership composed or scam artists, demagogues, parasites, charlatans, and bloodsucking leeches, and who have been playing the lower ranking soldiers for fools and also using them for cannon fodder.


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