Ro Khanna’s conservative challenger, Ron Cohen, stands with Trump on Anthem protests

Republican Ron Cohen finished fourth in the
2016 CA-17 June primary.

Listen and you will quickly understand where 17th Congressional District candidate Ron Cohen stands on the subject of athletes taking a knee during the National Anthem.

Cohen’s campaign web site includes a self-playing video of Whitney Houston’s famous rendition of the National Anthem sung at the Super Bowl.

“Protest all you want. TRUE AMERICANS DON’T KNEEL, CERTAINLY NOT IN PROTEST,” says Cohen’s web site. (Note: Cohen provided the emphasis.)

This is Cohen’s second consecutive primary campaign, this time challenging incumbent Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna. Last year, Cohen communicated a solid fiscal conservative agenda, primarily concerned with the nation’s debt.

He also gained notoriety for coming out early in support of Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign. But following Trump’s crude comments toward women contained in the infamous Access Hollywood video, Cohen disavowed him.

In an email this week, Cohen wrote he stands “100 percent behind” Trump’s comments opposing NFL players protesting during the anthem, though he would have preferred the president not resort to name-calling. 

The “S.O.B.” comment was not something I would have said, but it is also snowflake rhetoric to say Trump was directly commenting about anyone’s real mommy,” Cohen wrote. “Trump was commenting on the kneeling players’ ignorance, and lack of historical gratitude and perspective. I agree 100 percent.”

Cohen also argued that Trump was speaking for himself, not the country, when he made comments against NFL players protesting before games on Sept. 22.

“He is only a small portion of the federal government. The system works, because he can be voted out. He can be shouted-down and criticized. The courts can rule against him. All good,” he wrote.

“However, liberal thought believes in dependency, and therefore the President is the ‘government’ and therefore, they feel it is right to protest during the National Anthem, to react to his comments. Conservatives and moderates understand, the National Anthem has absolutely nothing to do with President Trump or his opinions of the day. The National Anthem is a much, much bigger symbol.”

He acknowledges that Trump’s opponents on the anthem issue are “taking the bait.” “Every football, baseball and basketball player in the country can ‘take a knee,’ and Trump, in my view, political will win this debate as these folks display their lack of a basic understanding of our country and show a complete lack of any gratitude of so much.”

20 thoughts on “Ro Khanna’s conservative challenger, Ron Cohen, stands with Trump on Anthem protests

  1. By MW:

    Back when I was an employee (I am retired now) I did not go around strongly displaying my political opinions while at work and/or interacting with customers.

    And I even had “boring,” “ordinary,” run of the mill, and non-exciting jobs.

    However especially for professional athletes involved in big money and glamorous work, and let's be realistic, being a NFL or NBA player, and especially a NFL or NBA superstar, is far more about PR and show business than it is about sports, they should be trying to put the owner's brand in a positive light, and rather than publicly bellyaching about this and that and advertising their political opinions.

    With some of the employers I worked for I even used my own vehicle. And still I would have never even dreamed of putting signs or emblems on the vehicle, or even on my clothes, advertising my political opinions.

    Of the few dozen teachers I had during my dozen plus years in school, I had only two who advertised their political opinions. All of the rest were extremely strict abut not discussing politics, whether they were Democrats or Republicans, or who they thought people should vote for.

    Similarly, I cannot recall even one supervisor or manager at the various places I worked who shared his or her political opinions. And even the overwhelming majority of the “buck privates” thought it wisest not to discuss politics while at work.

    And I would suggest that such highly paid professional athletes as NFL and NBA players, and even though they are celebrities, follow the above examples.


  2. Reply to: Anonymous October 7, 2017 at 1:20pm

    As President Trump proved, the internet IS the new way to communicate. I don't like Twitter and Facebook, because I just hear feedback from the same 5 trolls, so I've shut those down. Anyone who wants to know my views can go to My website does not allow for 2-way conversations, but, I've found those to be a waste of time. I need to get out the broad principals I stand for. Like above, tit-for-tat discussions are never productive.

    I've come to realize that the “Silent Majority” in the rest of the country that shares my views, and those in CD #17 that share my views, are, largely, by conservative nature, silent.

    EBC is a great forum, clearly political, pretty fair, and read by larger media, and many political wonks.

    Seems, curious, that while you are reading and responding to a political blog, you argue I'm wasting my time reading and responding to a political blog. Now THAT is compelling logic!




  3. I think it is the right time to have a person in congress who is ready to ut some of these militants and radicals in their place! Time to make the country great again.


  4. I'm puzzled, if Cohen is a serious candidate for Congress; should'nt he be occupied with raising campaign money, organization, logistics ️️etc. Instead of responding on a political blog?


  5. I'll take the bait.

    Lacking any argument, Anonymous resorts to sarcasm.

    I have no anger, nor frustration, (I'm doing very well, thank you!) and my website refers to white supremacy groups, as “a bunch of clowns” not worthy of any consideration, because their position is so abhorrent to America. The only “place” I want for all Americans is success, security and prosperity.

    It is a liberal trick to create a “straw man” and then argue against it, in an attempt to virtue-signal and “frame” the target. Nice try.

    I do agree, that if you think people should kneel rather than stand during the national anthem, I do want them to stand, hand over their heart…but I'm amused how that can be twisted into saying I'm suggesting I want to bring back the good ole days; when “certain folk knew their place.”

    Your comment even triggers a bad memory of how my Jewish father told me how he was told in 1964, he could not apply for a certain job, because it was not his “place.”

    You completely missed the point that I said and say on my website that people should protest all they want. But if you do it at a sporting event, during the national anthem, when I'm kind of trapped and have to watch, I have every right to disagree with their judgement. Note, I did not say the kneelers should be injured, arrested, harassed.

    Maybe they should be fired, as I would be immediately if I walked around my office imposing my political speech on others, because that is unfair…and, in fact, illegal in the workplace. Sadly, even just that expression of my free speech, (my opinion, God Forbid), on a clearly political website, triggers your side….and, it seems we all get in the time machine and are back to 1964. That's Berkeley thinking.

    Not only do you disagree with my views…your approach is to say anyone with such views are of a white supremacist. Well, I can't argue with you because there is no logic in that conflation.

    I think you are projecting hate of Trump on me, since I support him. OK, that comes with the territory. I am happy to wear that as a badge of honor.

    However, it is a bit hopeless. I'm a guy who understands the liberal thought process. Your comment is completely predictable…and, as usual, adds nothing of substance about the real world problems that we could discuss.

    I'm happy to try again if you have an observation that is not meant to entertain yourself.




  6. As a guy who understand the anger and frustrations of the white supremacy groups; I support Ron Cohen for Congress. He will work to bring back the good ole days; when certain folks knew their place


  7. Hello, Anonymous…who bravely continues to write as “Anonymous” which is your right to do, and may be multiple people.

    I've read the last five comments.

    1) Unbelievable: Not an argument I can respond to.
    2) Impeached; convicted; White Supremacy. CNN fake news, incorrect and zero probability of occurring…thankfully, because 20 miles east of Alameda county, people are more informed.
    3) Craziness, dangerous: Nothing I can respond to.
    4) un-American and unpatriotic, not qualified: Incorrect in every way. Just the opposite is true.
    5) Obama surpassed Trump in EVERY area: Completely incorrect. Non-specific.

    Please comment with something of substance, and I will be happy to comment.

    I encourage you all to visit my website: for some factual information and enlightenment.




  8. Also it just kills you right wingers, that Obama surpassed Trump in EVERY area. Just can't handle a highly successful person of color!


  9. It is obvious that you are un-American and unpatriotic, I don't think someone who hates what the USA stands for is qualified to serve in Congress


  10. You cannot be a serious candidate. Craziness is amusing only in small doses. Too much craziness is plain dangerous


  11. Believe me, Trump will either resign or be impeached and convicted within a year's time. If you are going to hitch your wagon; I suggest you not hitch it to come one who embraces White Supremacy. However, you sir, should just go ahead and don your White sheet. Your chances of being elected is about as good as Trump's chances of reading a book; which is about zero


  12. OK, thank you for giving us something to talk about.

    1) Clearly a racist. I have often asked people to provide me with one single racist comment he has made. There are none. He is not. Usually the answer is some twisted interpretation of what he said about Charlottville…as if Antifa did not go there ready for battle.

    2) Inept: We disagree.

    3) Trouble with the truth. I agree, he needs to do more fact checking. But he is on National T.V. at times, and during the campaign for hours a day. Yes, he makes verbal and mental mistakes. I sure would.

    4) Lack intellectual curiosity: Nope, he is 150 I.Q. and three steps ahead of most people.

    5) Carries himself poorly. Well, that's a little unfair. He's 71 years old.

    6) Zero accomplishments: Already covered that, plus appointing a great Supreme Court Justice. To some of us, if he did nothing else…that would be enough to have made this all worth it, to not have the Supreme Court go liberal.

    7) Illegal Aliens coming in from Mexico are down +60% due to “silly executive orders.” Excessive non-assimilating refugee immigration is going down. For the first time in 8 years, our borders are real.

    8) Lazy: He works 20 hours a day. You just don't like what he is working on.

    9) Does not enjoy being POTUS…we all have bad days. With endless debt, North Korea, and Nancy Pelosi, I wouldn't like the job much either.

    10) No benefit to Middle class. Obamacare repeal was blocked my (D)s and establishment (R)s…not Trump. He's trying to help the middle-class every day. (D)s blocking everything, just like the (R)s blocked Obama.

    11) Sociopath: Perhaps. So was Johnson (killed 50,000 Americans in Vietnam for no reason.) Nixon, kept the war going for 5 years when he promised to end it. Kennedy (screwed everything that moved). Bill Clinton, guilty in civil court of being a woman abuser, and also a serial rapist… so, it might come with the office. But, I don't think he is a Sociopath. He is a 71 year, very successful businessman, who didn't need this job at all, but wants to make the world better for his grandchildren. We need more Sociopaths like that.

    So, well then. On the subject of Sociopaths, let's think a bit about Hillary, Schumer and Pelosi and Podesta, Wiener and Huma. I don't know where to begin. They even took out poor Bernie, who is odd as a Socialist, but pretty honest in his views.

    OK, well then. That was fun. Trump is not prefect. The Constitution does not expect the president to be a saint. Just a man.

    “America First” my friend. That provides you with a great country to complain about.

    Conservative principles are true, enduring and timeless. The (D)s are big government cronies.

    I'll try my best to get to Congress.

    You enjoy the next 7 years of Trump.




  13. I question why you would support a President who is clearly a racist; and does not attempt to hide it. I question why you would support a President who is grossly inept; has trouble telling the truth, lacks intellectual curiosity, carries himself poorly, in addition to a President who has accomplished zero in nearly nine months in office; except signingsilly executive . orders. I also question why you would support a man who is clearly lazy, and does not even seem to enjoy being POTUS. In addition, you support a President who has done ZERO to improve the lives of the middle class. Lastly, why you would support a President who is clearly a sociopath; is a real real head scratcher. If you find the traits that I've listed to be admirable traits, all I have to say is: Good luck in making it to Congress!


  14. Also, just want to point out, that since weeks before the election, I fully support President Trump and his “America First” agenda. His speech at the U.N. was one of the best ever written.

    See my webpage, for a complete analysis of my views on President Trump.

    What I don't support is the Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Barbara Lee, Bernie, Clinton view of the world, which I believe will ruin our children's future.


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