Bill Quirk jumps up, jumps up and gets down!

Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk just became the coolest elected official in the state legislature. On Sunday, he posted a Facebook video of himself hopping to the beat of the hip-hop classic “Jump Around.” Quirk was attending the Alvarado Fall Fest in Union City. (NOTE: You may have to unclick the mute button on the video for the full aural experience.)

Recall two weeks ago, Quirky Quirk caught the attention of some capitol reporters for walking 52 laps around the Assembly Floor. That was for exercise, but it not entirely clear whether Quirk is doing the same here or merely getting in some extra cardio.

6 thoughts on “Bill Quirk jumps up, jumps up and gets down!

  1. Why don't you write about Bill Quirk and Senator Hueso's SB649. This is the cell phone towers and ugly fast internet lines going up all over Hayward and the other cities of this state. The 5G radiation is at brain tumor level. 2020 under Obama's Health Care plan, all adults will have mandatory vaccines, loaded with aluminum and some have mercury. As the public is being injected with the metals that explode in microwaves, what do you think will happen to us walking down the street with 5G microwave blasting down on our heads? Quirk needs one of his cell towers in front of his office and home, to show the public they are safe and don't cause cancer.
    ” Bill would turn California utility poles into cell towers” by Nina Beety.
    Look up: Stop Smart /SB649.
    Hayward is now getting it's smart water meters bringing more wifi radiation to our homes.
    You tube: Wifi, Microwaves and the consequences to our health by Dr. Barrie Trower.
    After checking out this material the public should be jumping up and down.
    In my opinion, we should impeach Quirk and Hueso.


  2. I say three months before someone catches Quirk mindlessly walking around Hayward in his bloomers.


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