San Leandro zoning board overturns city’s denial of medical cannabis dispensary use permit

A rendering of the Davis Street Wellness Center
retail area at its proposed dispensary on
Teagarden Street. PHOTO/DSWC

After several San Leandro zoning commissioners downplayed a city staff report opposing the issuance of a conditional-use permit for the Davis Street Wellness Center medical cannabis dispensary, the board voted, 6-1,Thursday night to overturn the city’s denial.

What was before the seven-person appoint board was not the efficacy of a medical cannabis dispensary in San Leandro, but whether the Davis Street Wellness Center’s choice of a site near the affiliated, but financially separate, non-profit Davis Street Family Resource Center, met the city’s conditions for use as a dispensary on Teagarden Street.

The city had argued the Davis Street Wellness Center’s proposed parking arrangement was not suitable because it was shared with another business and unsecure, along with an incompatible land use with neighboring businesses, especially the Davis Street Family Resource Center, which serves underprivileged families and children.

But the zoning board found few qualms with the parking arrangement, with some positively comparing it to a similar arrangement at Oakland’s successful Harborside Health Center. They also disagreed with the proximity of the dispensary, proposed to be located within the existing Davis Street Family Resource Center, but completely cordoned off as a separate unit from the non-profit, would endanger customers and children.

The only dissent came from Commissioner Rick Solis, who continually questioned whether customers of the dispensary would smoke cannabis in adjacent areas. “It is literally a hop, skip, and a jump from a neighborhood with lots of children,” he said. Solis was appointed by San Leandro Councilmember Lee Thomas, and who voted against the Davis Street Wellness Center’s original dispensary permit in July 2016.

But whether or not the controversy between the San Leandro city administration and the Davis Street Wellness Center over the Teagarden site is over is unclear. On Nov. 2, the city staff is scheduled to present the zoning board with a resolution containing terms of approval for the site, along with findings from a forthcoming environmental review.

In addition, the city says, as a condition of approving the conditional-use permit, it will require the Davis Street Family Resource Center to repay the remainder of $500,000 loan it received as part of a Community Development Block Grant to purchase the building at 3081 Teagarden Street. The outstanding loan is currently $330,000. Representatives from the Davis Street Wellness Center say they intend to pay-off the loan.

It has long been the city’s contention that opening a dispensary on the site is a unpermitted use within the loan agreement and subsequently puts it in a liable position with the federal government, which views cannabis as illegal. Furthermore, an entity could appeal the board of zoning’s decision, setting the stage for a contentious fight with the City Council, where the outlook of approving the Davis Street Wellness Center site plan is far less than certain, according to many observers.

3 thoughts on “San Leandro zoning board overturns city’s denial of medical cannabis dispensary use permit

  1. It is a lot easier for the New World Order to take over, when every one is stoned. Human brains don't develop until 25 years old.They are numerous studies which proves pot lowers children's IQs. People don't just smoke pot in a building. They smoke it on the sidewalks. California has done everything to reduce cigarette smoking every where. The fires in our state are adding more pollution. Do we need weed smokers puffing away on our sidewalks? We should make pot laws; “Not to smoke it outside the dispensaries, hospitals or homes.” The fluoride has lowered IQs and the metals in the vaccines. If everyone is doped up on weed or opium, the communist can take over. Agenda 21 depopulation will be easier to carry out as the population gets becomes more stupid and apathetic.In history, the communist leaders killed more of their own people than other types of governments. Chairman Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Rocketman in Korea etc…
    Our city councils belong to the ICLEI of the United nations. They are not following the constitution of the US. Councils added poison the the drinking water: chloramine and fluoridation, which increases cancer death rates. “Chloramine Causes Collateral Health Damage.” by Dr. Winn Parker.
    You tube: Dr. Dean Burk
    You tube: Dr. John Yamouyannis
    Wake up people!!!
    We are watching a repeat of the hippy movement and MK Altra of the 70's.


  2. Wait for the Justice Department will show up in San Leandro very soon. The City Manager tried to bury an illegal grow in the city run by the notorious Haborside, which has been under continual investigation by the Feds. The City Manager's attempts to block DSWC and manipulating the staff to come up with bogus reasons, smacks of his vendetta toward Davis Street (for what reasons?) in addition to his connection with Harborside. A Lot of disposable cash in the industry just may be flowing his way. Additionally,
    Lee Thomas seems to be the manager's puppet along with his appointee to the BZA. Solis is a clown, typical labor idiot who shoots his mouth off but is ignorant of the facts. One wonders if he protested too much to try to cover for himself and his appointer.


  3. By MW:

    Q: How seriously should we take the “reasoning,” “thinking,” “investigations,” and “research” engaged in by San Leandro's Zoning Board???

    A: A few months ago a member of the San Leandro City Council applied for permission to extend the fence between his property and a next door neighbor's property in such a way that it: one, would have been illegal in every imaginable way, AND INCLUDING BASED ON REGULATIONS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS, as far as height; two, also was both blatantly and flagrantly in violation based on past precedents in regard to requests, AND WHICH HAD BEEN DENIED, from ordinary and NON politically connected homeowners; and three, furthermore also would have created an extreme problem, and based on lack of visibility, when the next door neighbors backed their vehicles out of their driveway, and which could have led to small children being run over and killed.


    However the stooges and puppets on a string on SL's Zoning Board, and most likely since the person making the request was very politically connected, did the phony “research” to “prove” that the longer, higher, and greatly extended fence would not have been a safety and visibility hazard.

    And then when their lies, garbage, and nonsense were challenged, and rather than admitting they were wrong, instead they put a lot of time, money, and effort, and including hiring a professional pathological liar, but with an impressive resume “proving” he was an “expert,” in an attempt to feed the public even more lies, garbage, and nonsense so as to “prove that their original lies, garbage, and nonsense were “correct.”

    In other words, many of the East Bay's government agencies are full of liars, frauds, and professional pathological liars so extreme that they are even qualified to work for govt agencies in the city of San Francisco.


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