–OAKLAND– Regular council meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 17, 5:30 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–POLICE COMMISSION FILLS OUT– Mayor Libby Schaaf‘ had her appointments to the Oakland Police Commission ready to go two weeks ago. They are Thomas Smith, Edwin Prather, and Regina Jackson. Picks from a separate selection panel will be nominated Tuesday night. They include, Mubarak Ahmad, Jose Dorado, Ginale Harris, and Mike Nisperos.

–FOX THEATER LOAN ASSIGNMENT– The Oakland resident who prefaces his remarks at every Oakland City Council meeting with, “For the record” is going to flip. The city is proposing to assume the debt from the $47.8 million renovation of the Fox Theater from the former redevelopment agency. But in order to do that, the council must also approve 30 percent of the loan repayments. A city staff report acknowledges the debt, which could balloon over the life of the loans to nearly $130 million, may never be paid back. During an Oct. 12 committee hearing, its councilmembers expended three minutes on the agenda item.

–SECURITY CONTRACT– A 3-year, $2.5 million contract for security services at Oakland City Hall and other government building is up for grabs Tuesday night. The council will be asked to choose between ABC Security Services Inc. or the existing vendor, Cypress Security Services.

➤Rules Committee, Thursday, Oct. 19, 10:45 a.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]


–ALAMEDA– Regular council meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 17, 7 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–RENT BALLOT MEASURE COMING– On Sept. 5, the council decided to rescind its just cause ordinance, at the behest of the local renters group, rather than place a landlord-backed ballot measure before voters next year. It was a win for landlords. A second landlord-backed measure, this one to place the city’s existing rent stabilization ordinance in the City Charter was certified by the Alameda County Registrar in late September leading to the council on Tuesday to discuss whether to place it on the June 2018 or November 2018 ballot.

–CALL FOR REVIEW GETS CALL FOR REVIEW– As it stands, any single member of the community or a councilmember can issue a call for review on a zoning determination. In addition, no definitive reason is required. Councilmember Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft wants to amend the call for review process to require two councilmembers support it, along with a reason.

–CLOSED SESSION– Ominous, perhaps, but the council is again evaluating City Manager Jill Keimach‘s job performance amid accusations she made against elected officials and the local firefighters union over interference in the selection of a new fire chief.

–COMMISSION NAME CHANGE– An amendment to the city municipal code will change the name of the Commission on Disability Issues to the Commission on Disability.


–SAN LEANDRO– Regular council meeting, Monday, Oct. 16, 7 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–BAL THEATRE LOAN– In recent years, the city’s support for a thriving Bal Theatre on East 14th Street has blossomed. “The City Council has repeatedly stated that support for the BAL is in the public’s interest by supporting the performing arts, and the secondary effects to the City’s economy, especially to south San Leandro,” said a staff report. But the theater is still over $54,000 in debt. A proposed $400,000 loan from the city, along with a $100,000 forgivable loan might allow the theater to flourish. However, there is also concerns about the proposal and whether taxpayers will be made whole one day.

–“It must also be noted that the loans come with risk for the City. Almost by definition, said the staff report. “Curtain Call is a non-profit organization that is not well capitalized. Although both staff and the City Council are encouraged by the work being done by Curtain Call and the value it brings to the community, continued solvency is not a foregone conclusion. Thus, in reviewing this action, Council must balance the value of investing in a cultural asset with the risk that the loan may not be repaid in full.”

–DISPENSARY DIRECTION– Following the Board of Zoning Adjustments approval Oct. 5 for a medical cannabis dispensary to be located on Teagarden Street, the council is being asked to give direction on the city’s next steps. Keep in mind, the city administration opposes the dispensary site to be located at the non-profit Davis Street Family Resource Center and the staff report this week greatly highlights this stance along with references to the council’s deadline for a conditional-use permit is Oct. 20. The next BZA meeting on the subject is Nov. 2. An extension of the deadline is one possibility, said the staff report.

–ASSET FORFEITURE– The use of state and federal asset forfeiture funds, money and property confiscated by law enforcement from suspects, is often criticized for its lack of due process. On Tuesday, the council will likely approve the allocation of $185,000 in asset forfeiture funds to the San Leandro PD. The uses include $50,000 for firearms, $50,000 to upgrade its existing Automated License Plate Reader technology, $30,000 for office chairs, and $5,000 to purchase free weights for its gym.


–BERKELEY– Regular council meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 17, 6 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]

–PROTEST TAB– The council will ask for a detailed accounting of the costs associated with the numerous protests this year in and around U.C. Berkeley. A city staff report suggests that, for instance, the U.C. Berkeley announced a recent protests cost $600,000 to police, but extra spillover costs may also be costing Berkeley city taxpayers.

–HOVERING MEDIA– Similarly, the Battle of Berkeley protests have attracted massive media coverage. This include news choppers hovering over Berkeley during protests. The council will discuss whether to send a complaint letter to local television stations to remind them to “consider the noise impacts that news helicopters have on residents and whether aerial coverage is absolutely integral to a news story when deploying helicopters.”

-HEADS UP FOR HOMELESS PROVIDERS– “Adopt a Resolution directing staff to urge Berkeley homeless service nonprofit agencies that receive funds from the City of Berkeley, to prepare for funding cuts that could emerge as a result of funding decreases from the federal government or other entities. That Council urge homeless service agencies to engage in increased economic development efforts or partner with other agencies, for economic development purposes, if their agency is limited in resources.”

–HAILING TAXIS– Two agenda items Tuesday evening seek to aid the city’s taxi providers, or, at least, foster competitiveness with ride-hailing companies. The lowering of some fees will be discussed, along with other changes such as allowing taxi providers to purchase insurance collectively rather than individually.


–HAYWARD– Special council work session, Saturday, Oct. 14, 9 a.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–LONG-TERM FINANCIAL RETREAT– Fiscal sustainability is a growing concern in Hayward, a city that has yet to fully recover from the depths of the Great Recession. “In early 2017, as the City’s long-range forecast projection contained a growing structural deficit, staff recommended that the City engage subject matter experts to develop a more comprehensive and agile financial model and to complete an independent evaluation of the Model.” Saturday morning, the council will attempt to give direction for a path to greater financial stability.

➤Regular council meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 17, 7 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–POT ORDINANCE– For a city that has been conservative in recent years when it comes to medical cannabis, Hayward is now moving at a quick clip. The framework of a cannabis ordinance comes before the council Tuesday night that lays out numerous possibilities when it comes to potential cannabis businesses in Hayward. Although the number of possible permits is not mentioned in the report, the conclusion references three. Based on a recent council discussion, it’s possible the number of permits may ultimately be comprised of different segments of the industry, including cultivation, dispensary or even commercial retail. The council’s work Tuesday, if moved forward, entails a return of an amended ordinance at a special meeting on Oct. 30.

–AFFORDABLE HOUSING STRATEGIES– In two related work session items, the council will tackle affordable housing and anti-displacement strategies, and, later, in-lieu fees for developers building market-rate housing in Hayward, which is booming. Among the questions posed by a staff report: “Does Council wish to return to an ordinance that requires provision of on-site affordable units but allows for alternative means of compliance for all projects? Should projects only be allowed to pay in-lieu fees upon petition to the Council (except for those smaller projects identified in the report – less than 100 units for rental projects and less than 9 units for for-sale projects)?”


–FREMONT– Regular council meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 17, 7 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]

–RESIDENTIAL ZONING/SOLAR ORDINANCE– “Consider Planning Commission Recommendations for Amendments to Title 18 (Planning and Zoning) of the Fremont Municipal Code and the Citywide Design Guidelines, including: 1) an update to development standards, design rules, and design guidelines that focus on maintaining the character for single-family residential neighborhoods and further assist in achieving compatibility of new, expanded, or reconstructed homes with surrounding homes in the neighborhood; and 2) creation of a citywide Solar Access Preservation Ordinance so that any increase in the height of an existing building or that any new development does not excessively shade solar zones on adjoining properties.”


–GATHERINGS– Free screening of the documentary “Merritt College: Home of the Black Panthers,” Saturday, Oct. 14, noon, Alameda City Hall Council Chambers. Speakers include Rep. Barbara Lee, Alameda Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer and the film’s director Jeffrey Heyman.

–Know Your Rights work shop hosted by the City of Hayward, and presented by the Alameda County Immigration Legal and Education Partnership. The workshops will include information about people’s rights – regardless of their immigration or refugee status, as well as provide an update about the status of Hayward Sanctuary City policies, Tuesday, Oct. 17, 6 p.m., Hayward Main Library, 835 C Street.

–Rep. Ro Khanna town hall, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 7:30 p.m., Kennedy Middle School, 821 Bubb Road, Cupertino.


–COLISEUM JPA– Regular board meeting, Friday, Oct 20, 8:30 a.m.  (Meeting held at Oracle Arena Club Level) [AGENDA NOT YET POSTED]
— RAIDERS LAWSUIT– The Coliseum JPA board last month directed its staff to prepare for an up or down vote on whether they would join a proposed lawsuit suggested by the fan group Forever Oakland, that would sue the NFL and the Oakland Raiders for failing to follow their own bylaws leading up to approval for the team’s relocation to Las Vegas.

–EDEN HEALTH DISTRICT– Regular board meeting, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 5:30 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]

–ORO LOMA SANITARY DISTRICT– Regular board meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 17, 3 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]