Prototypes for President Donald Trump‘s border wall are nearly complete. The City of Oakland, however, believes it has its own prototype for stymieing the wall’s construction.

An Oakland City Council proposal to ban vendors from seeking city contracts who if they help design or construct the controversial border wall was approved Tuesday by the Financial and Management Committee.

Oakland is “putting our values where our dollars are,” said Councilmember Abel Guillen, the chair of the finance committee. “We should really be working on security here at home and our communities and not a wasteful wall that’s going to do nothing around immigration.”

Oakland Councilmember Abel
Guillen first proposed legislation
about a border wall in February.

The committee unanimously backed the proposal, which would amend the Oakland municipal code to forbid companies that contract with the federal government to offer services or construction of the border wall from applying for any city contracts.

If approved by the full council next month, the city administration wants to make it clear to prospective bidders that cooperation with the border wall’s construction is an automatic disqualifier.

The prohibition will included in the city’s procurement procedures and all contracts, including Request for Proposals, said Deborah Barnes, director of the city’s Compliance and Contracts Division.

Language from the proposed amendment will also be included on the city’s Web site, Barnes added. “We want to make it clear this is a policy before even contemplating seeking Oakland contracts.”

This iteration of Oakland’s “resistance” against the President began last March when the council approved a resolution opposing the border wall, while setting the stage for Tuesday’s proposed amendment to the city code.