Assemblymember Bill Quirk needs a
signature legislative achievement and
he needs it to happen soon.

➤I think the burgeoning scandal in Sacramento with legislators meting out punishment in secret to colleagues accused of sexual harassment in the workplace is going to result in some special elections across the state next year. 

➤I think if you have followed the East Bay Citizen Twitter feed (@eastbaycitizen) over the last week, you know that some East Bay state legislators, current and former, have been accused of sexual harassment in the past. Here’s more: On one occasion, taxpayers were forced to pay out a six-figure settlement with the woman who accused an East Bay legislator of sexual harassment in the workplace.
➤I think some current elected officials outside of the Legislature would be wise not to be tweeting many references to #MeToo. It could also be viewed as an admission of guilt. People, I literally have files on all of you guys. I know what you did last summer!
➤I think the antidote for encouraging more people to run for local office is to have them chat for five minutes with State Sen. Bob Wieckowski. Everyone’s first thought would be, “Geez, if this guy can be a state senator, I can be president!”

➤I think Hayward Assemblymemner Bill Quirk needs to focus on his district needs rather than doing whatever he’s been doing in Sacramento since 2012. Think about this: If Quirk were to retire anytime soon, what would be his signature accomplishment in the Assembly? I can’t think of anything. Hayward has housing problems, aging infrastructure and a large Latino community. Knit those three issue together and go from there. Or, he could lead the way in helping Castro Valley become a city. Being the Founding Father of Castro Valley is something for the history books.

Five more things I think on Wednesday including a glimpse of what will certainly be the root of corruption across the state in coming years…