Assemblymember Bill Quirk needs a
signature legislative achievement and
he needs it to happen soon.

➤I think the burgeoning scandal in Sacramento with legislators meting out punishment in secret to colleagues accused of sexual harassment in the workplace is going to result in some special elections across the state next year. 

➤I think if you have followed the East Bay Citizen Twitter feed (@eastbaycitizen) over the last week, you know that some East Bay state legislators, current and former, have been accused of sexual harassment in the past. Here’s more: On one occasion, taxpayers were forced to pay out a six-figure settlement with the woman who accused an East Bay legislator of sexual harassment in the workplace.
➤I think some current elected officials outside of the Legislature would be wise not to be tweeting many references to #MeToo. It could also be viewed as an admission of guilt. People, I literally have files on all of you guys. I know what you did last summer!
➤I think the antidote for encouraging more people to run for local office is to have them chat for five minutes with State Sen. Bob Wieckowski. Everyone’s first thought would be, “Geez, if this guy can be a state senator, I can be president!”

➤I think Hayward Assemblymemner Bill Quirk needs to focus on his district needs rather than doing whatever he’s been doing in Sacramento since 2012. Think about this: If Quirk were to retire anytime soon, what would be his signature accomplishment in the Assembly? I can’t think of anything. Hayward has housing problems, aging infrastructure and a large Latino community. Knit those three issue together and go from there. Or, he could lead the way in helping Castro Valley become a city. Being the Founding Father of Castro Valley is something for the history books.

Five more things I think on Wednesday including a glimpse of what will certainly be the root of corruption across the state in coming years…


  1. By MW:

    Regarding the post of 6:09PM, the scumbags in that sleazy cesspool which is Bay area politics once in awhile get infiltrated by a newcomer who is actually honest, or at least at first, however almost always they manage to eventually convert him into a crook, scumbag, parasite, and bloodsucking leech, in other words a creature just like the longterm and established members of the club, and which is one of the reasons that I am strongly in favor of term limits.


  2. Hayward politicians start out as “activists” or “do-gooders” then they end up not caring about the people that they are supposed to be serving. Much like real politicians. I remember when Quirky Bill bitched about the cost of beautiful and majestic City Hall many years ago. Funny how he was notoriously silent about the 90 million dollar new Library/Learning Center for the new millenium Downtown. From an Activist to a sellout. Halliday should run for Assembly so she could do even less for more money.


  3. If you keep that up, and go too far, you'll get dangerously close to equating lawyers with members of congress or politicians generally. that would be defamatory


  4. By MW:

    Concerning my earlier post, specifically of 11:23PM, in the last paragraph I referred to lawyer jokes and the fact that one of California's most prominent and most powerful lawyers wanted to make it illegal to tell lawyer jokes.

    However for those who want to make insulting comments about lawyers, it is not necessary to tell lawyer jokes, since it is much more effective to simply tell the truth about lawyers, and such as that: one, lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, divorce, domestic violence, and auto accidents, etc, etc, etc, of any major profession; and two, the so called legal profession is so extremely heavily infested with thieves, parasites, embezzlers, money launderers, and also virtually every other variety of sleazeball and scumbag, that therefor the California State Bar has a secret system of two sets of books, and which includes selling pardons and coverups for lightly disguised bribes, and which it pretends are fees for courses, in an effort to keep the general public from learning the truth about lawyers.


  5. “In the lead-up to his 2012 election, a dozen women active in San Fernando Valley politics submitted a letter to Assembly Rules Committee Chair Nancy Skinner asking for information related to the 2009 incident to be made public, but that information was unfortunately not released for consideration by voters. Elected in 2012, Bocanegra lost his re-election bid to Patty Lopez in 2014 before defeating her in 2016, again with the overwhelming support of the Democratic establishment.” http://www.dailynews.com/2017/10/30/assemblyman-raul-bocanegra-should-resign-over-sexual-misconduct/


  6. By MW:

    The fourth paragraph down has an interesting analysis of Bob Wieckowski.

    I myself am not familiar with his possible pluses and/or minuses, and until a few minutes ago, in other words after reading that paragraph and then quickly glancing at Wikipedia's article on him, the only thing I knew about him was that he was or had been a politician of some sort or other.

    However the Wikipedia entry on him says he is a lawyer and that he has a B.A. from UC's Berserkely campus, and that he is also a graduate of Santa Clara University's Law School. And as far as law schools go, Santa Clara's is fairly highly regarded.

    So since he was not only admitted to UC Berserkely, but also graduated from there, and was also admitted to Santa Clara University's Law School, and still furthermore graduated from it, theoretically he is a very intelligent man.

    So is this article asserting, and even if only indirectly, that a lot of people who are graduates of UC Berserkely and/or are lawyers are actually not extremely intelligent, and perhaps even in fact total phonies, and basically nothing more than “sophisticated,” fancy talking, and “highly educated” submental retards, in other words somewhat similar to lawyer/politician Nadia Lockyer?

    In fact back in the 1990'a the guy who was then the president of the California State Bar, and he was also a graduate of Harvard Law School, strongly came out in favor of having an “improved” form of “free speech” in which it would be illegal to tell jokes about lawyers. Perhaps we also need to have an “improved” form of “free speech” in which it would be illegal to make insulting remarks relating to the competence and intelligence of lawyers and politicians.


  7. By MW:

    Concerning the first paragraph of this article. For a number of years now the Democratic Party has not only had majorities in California's state legislature, but in fact huge majorities.

    And of the Democrats in California's state legislature, of course at least most of them pretend to be: one. liberals; two, committed to human rights, and including women's rights; and three, great humanitarians and defenders of the poor, downtrodden, and disenfranchised.

    Still furthermore, a high percentage, and probably the majority, of the Democrats in the state legislature are lawyers.

    So does Mr. Tavares actually mean to tell us readers that we can't trust, and in fact totally trust, the weasels, phonies, parasites, charlatans, demagogues, and big windbags in our state legislature to be honest, honorable, ethical, and to do what's right!!!


  8. Steve, I hella hope you made sure ur up to date with GoDaddy, anti-virus and firewall before you open the “bomb” bay. Also, go easy, MW's confidence in our local eminence may go through the floor. Do you really want “philiberal” to be one of the new words that make it into Year in Review 2017?


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